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Agricultural finance fair 2017 - Kabale

 “I am a potato farmer and have been having a challenge of accessing good seed, however during this event i have had access and got contacts of good quality seed producers. Thank you Agriprofocus and partners of this event.” - Tumukunde Annet, a female farmer.  

On the 12th and 13th of July 2017, AgriProFocus in partnership with SNV, Bank of Uganda, Trias, AMFUI, ISSD, IFDC, aBi Finance, GIZ, LADA, Excel Hort, Kabale Traders Association, Reign Business Development Agency (REBDA), KAZADI and Uganda National Seed Potato Association held an Agribusiness fair in the Kigez region covering (Kabale, Kisoro, Kanungu, Rukungiri, Rukiga and Rubanda) Districts. The event under the theme; Investment in New Technologies for Increased Market –Oriented Production was organised with an overall objective of facilitating a platform for building business & market linkages and between farmer entrepreneurs and Agribusiness Development Services provide

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Anne Marie Kortleve Thanks for the great overview Jacob! Do you have a picture as well, would love to see how it looked :)

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A good crop starts with good seed!

Every farmer will tell you that a good crop starts with good seed. Whatever the size of the company, the type of product or the type of consumer – the seed needs to generate a good yield, be resistant to diseases and produce a nutritious harvest. 

The Dutch seed sector is active throughout the world. Dutch companies are the world’s number-one supplier of vegetable seed, seed for ornamental plants and seed potatoes. This success is a result of the unique Dutch approach of strong collaboration between businesses, government, inspection bodies and the research and education sector, creating a conducive climate for innovation and production.

Have a look at this brochure that contains examples of cooperation at the crossroads of aid and trade compiled by the Dutch government. It will give you an overview of all the aspects involved in making quality seed available to farmers worldwide.

Download the brochure!

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Akibodé Djodji

Seeds are the key to sustainable and productive agriculture. With a seed you can feed the world.

The importance of seed as a factor in improving agricultural productivity and production is clear. The use of quality seeds contributes to a large extent to the increase in crop yields (30-40%). In Mali, we can recognize the essential place of Dutch seed companies like Bejo Seeds, which has become a reference through the quality of its seeds. The AgriProFocus network has positioned itself for the organization of seed fairs with Partners such as the Mali Seed Association and the Bejo Corporation.Thanks Anne Marie for sharing

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Nicole Metz For all with an interest in seed systems, seed sector development, etc.: please also visit this knowledge portal:

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Mahamadou Guindo You're right. No ood seed no good yield

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Job opportunity for Myanmar National at Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) Myanmar project

Executive Assistant – ISSD Myanmar Project 

Department of Agriculture (DOA), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MOALI) Integrated Seed Sector Development Programme in Myanmar (ISSD Myanmar) 

Duty station: Seed Division, DOA, Nay Pyi Taw 

Closing date of application: 29 May 2017 

The position 

The job advertised by this vacancy is for the position of Executive Assistant in the Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) in Myanmar Project. You will work in a small team based at the Seed Division, consisting of a national project coordinator (fulltime), a project officer early generation seed (EGS) production (fulltime), two EGS advisors (part-time), a platform advisor (part-time) and a project advisor (part-time).The team closely collaborates with a second team based in Mandalay, consisting of four seed business experts (full-time). You will be supervised by the

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Job opportunity for Myanmar National at Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) Myanmar project 

National Project Coordinator ISSD Myanmar 

Department of Agriculture (DOA), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MOALI) Integrated Seed Sector Development Programme in Myanmar (ISSD Myanmar) 

Duty station: Seed Division, DOA, Nay Pyi Taw 

Closing date of application: 29 May 2017 

The position 

The job advertised by this vacancy is for the position of national project coordinator. You will lead the project on a day to day basis. You will provide guidance and oversight to a small team of fulltime and parttime staff based at the Seed Division. Staff include a project officer early generation seed (EGS) production (fulltime), two EGS advisors (part-time), a platform advisor (part-time), a project advisor (part-time) and an executive assistant (fulltime). Moreover, you will ensure close collaboration with another project team based in Mandalay, consisting of four

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ISSD Africa has engaged in action research and network building on Integrated Seed Sector Development from 2014-2016. The results of these efforts are published in a first series of 9 working papers, in the KIT Working Paper Series, focusing on 3 themes:

1. Promoting seed entrepreneurship

2. Increasing access to varieties from the public domain

3. Matching global commitments with national realities

The Working Papers can now be downloaded from our website! 

KIT Working Papers aim to share the results of work by KIT and its partners with development practitioners, researchers and policy makers. We welcome your feedback. Readers are encouraged to reproduce, share and quote this paper, provided due acknowledgement is given to KIT.

Anne Marie Kortleve Thanks for sharing Annelie! We will make sure the papers are spread througout our networks, looking forward to more working papers.

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Annelie Wambeek Thanks Anne Marie Kortleve - looking forward to sharing more updates soon!

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Netherlands partners with Uganda to boost agriculture

The Royal Dutch Embassy has partnered with Uganda to create opportunities for increased income and food security through market linkages and access to quality seed for rural households in Uganda.

The integrated Seed Sector Development Plus(ISSD Plus) project and the resilient Efficient Agribusiness Chains(REACH Uganda) project under the international fertilizer Development Center will run for a period of 4years.

Speaking at the official launch of the two projects at his residence in Kololo Hank Jan Bakker, the ambassador of the Netherlands highlighted that the two projects will follow the agricultural value chain right from inception, by providing access to quality seed to mainly rural farmers and to end chain of providing market linkages for the farmers to the consumers of their produce.

The ambassador added that this will particularly be achieved through the promotion of quality declared seed(QDS) which is high quality seed produced pr

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Dutch government unveils Shs80b to support Uganda’s agriculture

Article by Mark Keith Muhumuza

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has launched two agriculture support programmes valued at €22m (Shs80b) for improved seed quality and market linkages for farmers.

The two programmes set to run for the next five years, are targeting the entire value chain in the agriculture sector right from seed distribution to linking farmers to the private sector buyers of the produce.


“Uganda’s agriculture sector has a great potential to transform the country and the livelihood of Ugandans. Using our Dutch experience and success in agriculture, we believe that by end of 2020, at least 350,000 households will be positively impacted by the projects,” said HE Henk Jan Bakker, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands told reporters on the sidelines of the launch at his residence in Kololo, Kampala on Wednesday evening.


The Integrated Seed Sector Development Plus (ISSD Plus

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Making Agribusiness Work For Development: Access to Seed - Uganda

There are many initiatives of AgriProFocus members in Uganda that aim to improve farmers’ access to seed, seed production, quality and affordability of seeds etc. These are for example: the Integrated Seed System Development programme (ISSD) who promote Quality Declared Seed (QDS) and have organized and empowered market-oriented farmers into Local Seed Businesses (LSBs) in Uganda. NGOs Hivos and Bioversity International work together on Community Seed Banks (gene banks) and towards an Open Source Seed System. Seeds remain freely available without patents and an open source seed systems leads to ‘protected commons’, increasing access to seed and biodiversity, safeguarding free access and diverse food systems. 

Meet Taban, Gloria and Mary, who will tell their story and see how Agribusiness Works for Development!  

Dorina Prech Great video and insightful information there!

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Vacancies at ISSD Uganda

The lSSD Plus project aims to strengthen the development of a vibrant, pluralistic and market-oriented seed sector that is able to address key challenges that hamper the seed sector development such as seed quality assurance and availability of foundation seed. In addition, the project has four field based stations at 4 NARO zonal offices. The project supports farmer groups to become local seed businesses producing quality declared seed in those zones.

The International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) is a Public international Organization governed by an international board of directors with representation from developed and developing nations. IFDC is implementing a 4-year REACH-Uganda Project, funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kampala.

These two projects are cohoused in the same building at Studio House plot 5 Bandali Rise Bugolobi.

Wageningen UR Uganda is recruiting:

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Duty Post: Kampal

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Presentations from Amhara Agricultural Forum

Are you interested to be a Committee Member to the Forum?

Small Scale and Micro Irrigation Support Project (SMIS) is one of the projects funded by the Dutch Government through the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ethiopia. SMIS aims to support the Government of Ethiopia (GOE) through the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) with the implementation of the adopted Small Scale Irrigation (SSI) Capacity Building Strategy.

On December 8, 2016, SMIS organized the Amhara Agricultural Forum 2016 (AAF ’16) in collaboration with AgroBIG and One Acre Fund. The aim of the Forum was to improve collaboration between organizations working in agriculture in Amhara.

There were a number of important presentations from different agricultural programs working in the region. Please find the presentations below:

One Acre Fund – Developing Appropriate Technology for Smallholders

SNV – Improving Extension services

Koga Veg Ethiopia – smallholders inclusion

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Strengthening Climate Change Resilience through Local Seed Businesses

Short video explaining how ISSD Uganda contributes to the effective use of improved seed varieties by Ugandan farmers. Crops mentioned in the video a/o. cassava, groundnut, pigeon peas.

ISSD Uganda is helping farmers to adapt to climate change by supporting local seed businesses to produce affordable certified quality seed of improved varieties of food security crops which perform well under changing climate conditions.

ISSD is a collaborative effort of NARO, WUR, EKN Kampala.

Published on Nov 23, 2016

License: Standard YouTube License

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Dutch Seeds Debate

Support small farmers with seeds, services and education

This is the report of a debate organised by Agriterra in April 2016 in the context of the Small Farmers, Big Deal campaign.

One of the action points listed at the end of the report: “Developing the seed sector needs an integrated supply chain approach with better products (seeds) but also education and services that stimulate good farming practices, financing and market linkages. “


Course on Integrated seed sector development

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  15 May 2017 to 02 June 2017 - All Day Event
  Wageningen, The Netherlands

Fellowship opportunity

In this course participants can broaden their international experience and strengthen their competencies to support seed sector development, taking an integrated perspective. The overall objective of the programme is to enhance the capabilities to translate the ISSD concept into strategies for making seed programmes and policies that seek enhancement by connecting to present practices. The training is experience-based and task-oriented and highly interactive. It includes lectures, visits to different Dutch seed companies and organisations, case studies, group discussions, assignments and field work.

For more information and online application:

How to apply:

More information on fellowships: http://www.w

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Course ‘Integrated Seed Sector Development'

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  23 May 2016 - 09:00 to 10 June 2016 - 17:00
  Wageningen, The Netherlands

- NFP Fellowships available – apply before 20 October 2015 -

Creating vibrant, market oriented and pluralistic seed sectors

Seed is an essential input for crop production. Access of farmers to affordable quality seed of superior varieties is key in increasing agricultural production and productivity. ISSD recognizes that farmers obtain their seed from different sources or systems, and builds programmes upon a diversity of seed systems. ISSD programmes strengthen farmer and community based seed systems, businesses operating at local and national level, but also engage in partnerships with international companies producing seed or providing seed related services. In addition ISSD works on institutional bottlenecks and strengthens seed sector governance. Supporting the development of a vibrant and pluralistic seed sector can substantially contribute to increasing food security and prosperity in developing countries.

In this course participants can broaden their international experi

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ISSD: TOR for Horticulture Sector Assessment

Deadline: 26th June, 2015 

The ISSD Uganda programme aims to support the development of a vibrant, pluralistic and market-oriented seed sector, providing smallholder farmers access to affordable quality seed of superior varieties. This will contribute to an increased income of small-scale farmers and an increased number of rural households that are seed and food secure. The government of Uganda prioritizes Agricultural development as the key approach for poverty reduction, food security and economic development. In its Agricultural strategy (DSIP), it focuses on enhancing agricultural production and productivity, access to markets, creating an enabling environment and institutional development

It is against this background that ISSD is looking for a consultant who can deliver on the following assignments;

1. Provide a general overview of Uganda’s horticultural sector

2. Describe the dominant farming systems (at farm l

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    Date: 26th February 2015

    Venue: Kati Kati Africa

    Theme: "Access to Quality Seed for Improved Livelihoods"

    Event Report: View details here

    Sneak peek: View more photos of the event here

The seed sector continues to face several challenges such as; low quality seed, limited availability and accessibility of foundation seed. Overcoming these challenges requires collective actions from the different stakeholders in the seed sector. It is therefore against such a background that AgriProFocus Uganda in partnership with Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) Uganda organized the national seed event with the objective of (I) raising awareness amongst stakeholders on production and access of quality seed (II) providing networking and product promotion opportunities to stakeholders in the seed sector. The event drew over 300 participants out of which 170 were male and 130 female pa

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