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Linking entre la société UNIPLAST et le Projet JEGE NI JABA

Voici le résultat du Linking-Learning-Leadership///Mise en relation-Apprentissage-Leadership

Quand votre réseau AgriProFocus met en relation la société UNIPLAST(spécialisée en emballage) et le projet Jègè Ni Jaba, ça donne cet emballage conçu pour la Coopérative des Producteurs de Semence (COPROSEM) .Grand Merci au projet
« Jègè ni jaba», autrement dit « poisson et oignon », est la dénomination du programme de renforcement des chaînes de valeurs agricoles pour la sécurité alimentaire au Mali.(PRCA-SA) est financé par les Pays-Bas. Il est exécuté par un consortium d’Ong : ICCO coopération, une Ong internationale néerlandaise spécialisée dans l’aide au développement rural dans le monde, et de SNC Lavalin, l’une des plus grandes sociétés d’ingénierie et de construction au monde basé au Canada et qui compte en son sein des partenaires comme Wetland International, Fair and Sustainable Advisory se

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Agri-Finance & Market Linkages in Muhanga

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  24 August 2017 to 25 August 2017 - All Day Event
  Muhanga District

Improving Agribusiness

AgriProFocus Rwanda seeks to support farmers to practice agriculture as a business, access innovative business development services and maximise profits. The availability of affordable and accessible credit is critical for the success of the agricultural sector. Credit enables agri- entrepreneurs to mobilise the resources required to support production and marketing activities, which are key to successful entrepreneurship. The growing interest in small scale farmers by financial institutions such as banks and MFIs has increased the number of financial products available. However, few farmers know of these financial and insurance products thus limiting their uptake and utilization.

Moreover, several agribusiness companies, cooperatives and farmers have various innovations, products and services they would like to show to farmers and buyers and thus increase their portfolio of sales. Increasing market linkages and visibility of agribusiness products will enhance pr

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Mise en relation Coopération des Pays-Bas et Partenaires

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  24 August 2017, All Day Event

Le réseau AgriProFocus Mali, fidèle à sa mission d’intermédiation reposant sur ses trois (3) axes d’intervention (linking, learning et leadership), se propose d'organiser le 24 Aout 2017 à la maison du partenariat, un atelier d’échange, de facilitation et de mise en relation entre la coopération des Pays-Bas et ses partenaires (AgriProFocus, les entreprises du secteur privé et les organisations de la société civile néerlandaise présentes au Mali), un cadre propice à la connaissance mutuelle, au partage des interventions, et la création de synergies entre elles.   


Visite de sites piscicoles

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  27 July 2017, All Day Event
  Ferme KAKARAKA - Djreregbe

AgriProFocus en collaboration avec Agro Business Center (ABC) a initié une visite d’échanges autour des innovations en aquaculture. L’objectif principal de cette visite est de permettre aux participants, d’échanger par rapport aux différentes innovations autour de l’aquaculture.

Cette visite est à l’intention des 40 jeunes ayant bénéficié du renforcement de capacité en pisciculture l’année passée auprès de ABC.

La visite sera organisée en 2 sessions : le 20 juillet et le 27 juillet. 

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Networking for success: forming new business contacts at the 8th Agribusiness Club meeting

On the 30th June,  65 people attended the business cocktail during the 8th Agribusiness Club meeting at City Blue Hotel - Kacyiru,  interacting and “networking”, a way to be updated on innovations & trends in the rwandan agribusiness sector and to be introduced to entrepreneurs, senior executives in various organisations, – government, NGOs, etc.

This AgriProFocus initiative which started more than 3 years ago

(1) Provides the Rwandan agribusiness practitioners with a platform to discuss, debate and learn about issues and opportunities along the different Rwandan agribusiness value-chains

(2) Provides agribusiness professionals an opportunity to expand professional connections and opportunities.

(3) increases agribusiness companies and practitioners’ visibility

During all these years, this networking cocktail has involved more than 300 professionals and entrepreneurs from va

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11ème Conférence de l'Alliance African Cashew

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  18 September 2017 to 21 September 2017 - All Day Event

   11ème Conférence annuelle de l'Alliance Africaine du Cajou


Du 18 au 21 Septembre 2017,  le Bénin abritera la 11ème Conférence annuelle de l'Alliance Africaine du Cajou. Placée sur le thème  «Une nouvelle vision pour le partenariat et les investissements», la conférence contribuera à la mise en place d'une plate-forme importante pour créer une nouvelle vision pour l'industrie africaine du cajou, en partageant les connaissances sur les meilleures pratiques et la mise en réseau.

Plus d'information

  11th ACA Annual Cashew Conference 

From the 18th to 21st of September 2017, Benin will hold the 11th African Cashew Alliance Conference! With the theme “A New Vision for Partnership and Investments”, "this year’s conference will serve as an important platform for creating a new vision for the African Cashew Industry, sharing know

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Linking Farmers to Markets in Africa

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  15 May 2017 to 19 May 2017 - All Day Event
  Accra, Ghana

Based on the success of previous training program editions on “Linking Farmers to Markets in Africa” conducted in both English and French, IFDC is proud to announce the seventh edition to be conducted in English in Accra, Ghana, May 15-19, 2017

Please feel free to pass this along to any colleagues that may be interested. Many thanks.


· Producer organizations and trade associations.

· Government officials dealing with formulating and implementing agricultural and trade policies.

· Service providers such as financial institutions, insurance companies, transporters, mobile phone services, ICT platform solutions, market information services, business development services, etc.

· Agribusinesses dealing with farmers: processors, exporters and importers, agro-dealers, etc.

· Representatives of national and international organizations involved in funding agricultural development and enterprise projects.


· Discuss the theo

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Geodata for Inclusive Finance and Food: let's connect!

On 16 February 2017, NpM Platform for Inclusive Finance, the Netherlands Space Office and Rabobank Foundation organised a conference on Geodata for Inclusive Finance and Food in The Netherlands. One of the important outcomes was that different stakeholders should be better connected.  

Recent developments in technological applications based on satellite data provide useful information to increase outreach of financial services to rural areas and for smallholder farmers. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs committed EUR 60 million for the development of applications based on geodata for the purpose of agriculture. 

The Geodata for Agriculture and Water programme (G4AW) is implemented by the Netherlands Space Office (NSO). Early evidence suggests that these applications offer great promise to produce a higher and more stable crop supply of increased quality. By this, the risk profile of smallholder farmers reduces which is an

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Regional AgriProFocus Country Coordinators meeting - November 2016

On 28-30 November 2016, three AgriProFocus country coordinators (Rwanda, DR Congo & Burundi) met in Kigali to discuss progress in their countries and look for possibilities of organizing some cross country activities among the 3 country networks in 2017. Among the topics discussed, ‘’Youth’’ and ‘’Potato’’ emerged as possible regional programs the 3 countries can focus on.


Engagement of youth in agribusiness is currently high on the agenda of development cooperation and the network approach applied in Rwanda in 2016 turned out very effective. The AgriProFocus approach regarding Linking and Learning really came out as added value. There is a need for the young of the countries to exchange experiences, evaluate the start of their businesses, hear successes and challenges on a regional level.


The participation of the DRC and Burundi teams in the Potato Week  (funded by Agriterra and co-organ

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