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Network Results 2015: Youth Roadshow

Example Tanzania

Omary Iddi was one of the speakers during the Youth Roadshow held in Tanzania. He encouraged youth by sharing the story how he started his business with a capital of 7,000 Tanzania Shillings. “I now own a shop and a farm and sell and multiply cassava seedlings. My harvest is 16 tonnes of cassava seedlings per acre. I also offer training on how to grow cassava and how to control pests and diseases”. 

More network results can be found in our Annual Report 2015! Click HERE

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Typical deals and partnerships

AgriProFocus Network Results 2015

At the fairs in Choma and Chipata in Zambia, 15 % of visitors indicated to have closed a deal, e.g. 30 farmers in Chipata receiving loans from Vision Fund to purchase dairy cows.

Horti-processor Ronipam Enterprises was linked to Green Age International company at the horti fair in Rwanda. They reached an agreement to expand their operations. 

More network results can be found in our Annual Report 2015! Click HERE

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AgriProFocus Network Results 2015: Radio Talk Shows

Example: Rwanda

In 2015, AgriProFocus Rwanda organized weekly talk shows with Huguka radio. The main focus were hot topics from innovation communities - youth in agribusiness, agriculture financing and agri-insurance - and information on market opportunities.

The show reached 1,500,000 farmers and promoted a mind-set change with farmers to become more entrepreneurial. 

More network results can be found in our Annual Report 2015! Click HERE 

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AgriProFocus Network Results 2015: Finance Fairs

Example: Mbale, Uganda 

The Regional Finance Fair was organized with the Hunger Project, AMFIU, GIZ, SNV, Feed the Future, VECO and Financial Access. It attracted close to 400 participants and 30 exhibitors. A pre-event for 40 producer organisations increased their preparedness and confidence to interact with financial service providers. 15 of them made deals with Centenary Bank, Opportunity Bank and Pride Micro-Finance.

Since 2013 AgriProFocus collaborates with GIZ and Bank of Uganda to disseminate the Finance Year Book. The book features sub-sector oriented developments and information on the development of the agri-sector in general including access to finance.

During the Mbale finance fair, half of the first day was dedicated to disseminating this information in the form of a workshop. 

More network results can be found in our Annual Report 2015! Click HERE 

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AgriProFocus Worldwide Network Results 2015: Business Linking

Example Ethiopia: Regular Business Drinks (five in 2015) were co-organised with the Agri-Business Support Facility (ABSF). Visitors can have a one-minute pitch.

A distributor of Purdue Improved Crop Storages (PICS) presented the actual bags and made a deal for ETB 12.800 on the spot with Damot Wolayta Cooperative Union. Visitors indicated their prime motive for participating to be: funding; finding partners; market and visibility.

“I have been looking for the right person for 3 years, today I got the opportunity to meet, chat and made a formal appointment.” Ato Wagnew Ayalneh, from Wasa Mushroom Farm.

More network results can be found in our Annual Report 2015! Click HERE

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AgriProFocus Network Results 2015: Bankable Business Plans

FINAGRI in Segou, Mali

The Segou finance fair was organised in March 2015 with support of the Netherlands Embassy and with IFDC, Oikocredit and others. The event attracted 3258 participants and 40 exhibitors. AgriProFocus Mali organized a business plan training for submitters. 53 business plans were shared between 3 banks and 4 microfinance institutions, 56 % was financed!

The event opened up new relations with and between producer organisations in the region and various banks and microfinance institutions and with international agencies such as USAID.

More network results can be found in our Annual Report 2015: Click HERE

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AgriProFocus Worldwide Network Results 2015!

With pleasure the AgriProFocus global team presents the 2015 network results to its stakeholders: our Dutch partnership members, country network affiliates, and of course our public partners. 

Increased services and relevance for multiple stakeholders

2015 has been a good year for the network in terms of the outreach of its products and services. The number of events in the country networks - co-created with and for stakeholders - went up 30%. Online registered agri-professionals increased with more than 50%. 2015 saw a dynamic online information and knowledge exchange. Our ‘one-stop-shop’ online platform is working! 

Tangible results for agri-entrepreneurs from knowledge and business services

In terms of outcome: stakeholders have used the network benefits to build capacities in their organisation or business (notably staff skills and marketing), and improved the services they deliver to farmer entrepreneurs. They pointed out that the net

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