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5th Edition - SEAD Newsletter

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Strengthening Education for Agricultural
Development (SEAD) Newsletter. This bi-monthly publication will give you
the project news updates, stories and upcoming events.
                                                                                                 - The SEAD Team -

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At the end of 2017, Ethiopia Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) had important platform meeting under the four agricultural sub-sectors: Spices, poultry, aquaculture, and legumes.

Please find the following newsletter to read highlights about their meetings and to find relevant information.

Download here: 5th platform meetings-Newsletter-ENTAG

If you want more info on ENTAG, visit

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Check out our latest Newsletter for 2017 is out!!

Dear members, we are glad to share with you our our latest newsletter, we hope this will help you to keep up to date on our latest news.
In this newsletter, you will read more about the outcomes of the 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival that took place on 22nd November 2017 at the UR-CAEVM, Nyagatare Campus. This year, Youth in Agribusiness Festival themed "Youth as Catalyst for Agribusiness Development in Rwanda"
You will also find various important updates and opportunities emerging from our network that are shared in this newsletter. 

AgriProFocus Rwanda wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018.

Read our Latest Newsletter Here

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Food & Business Knowledge Platform newsletter

In the November 2017 newsletter of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) readers based in the Netherlands are invited to register for the conference “Research & Policy: two peas in a pod? A dialogue for food security impact” and (all readers) to vote for one of the three finalists of the Agrofood Broker of the Year 2017 Award. Furthermore, readers are asked to complete the evaluation survey of the Knowledge Portal, and the newsletter informs about workshops, reports and events related to Food and Nutrition Security (FNS), on the following topics:

- Climate Smart Agriculture - eight new GCP-4 projects granted

- NLandscape - a network on Landscape Approaches

- Mozambique Learning Platform on Land Governance and Food Security

- SES4Food: social entrepreneurship in the agrifood sector

- WBG-NL FFA talks: addressing overuse of antibiotics in livestock sector

- Global Database on city and regional food policies

- Dutch Development Results in p

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Our October 2017 Newsletter is out!

We are pleased to share our October newsletter, with lots of interesting updates!

Read about the Youth in Agribusiness Festival 2017 that will take place on 22/11/2017 at the UR-CAVM Nyagatare CAMPUS. This time, Youth in Agribusiness Festival will be themed "Youth as Catalyst for Agribusiness Development in Rwanda"

You will also read more about the ''Contract farming in Rwanda'' workshop, we co-organized with MINAGRI and Private Sector Driven Agricultural Growth Project (PSDAG) held at Kigali, Rwanda.

In the October newsletter of AgriProFocus Rwanda readers are invited  to read more news concerning different activities conducted in third quarter of 2017 in SEAD Project.

Finally, a big announcement about our YOUTH IN AGRIBUSINESS FESTIVAL 2017!

Happy reading! :)

Read our October Newsletter Here

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Newsletter du mois de Septembre 2017

Très Chers membres et partenaires du réseau , c'est avec un réel plaisir que nous partageons avec vous notre newsletter N°9 de l’année 2017. Ce bulletin est constitué de six articles intéressants à lire dont :

1. La participation de l'équipe AgriProFocus à la Formation ScopeInsight

2. Le lancement du Consortium ICCO,UMOCI,SOATAF sur la Chaine de Valeur Karité
3. La formation sur le plaidoyer et le reseautage avec le Bureau d’Emploi de Don Bosco
4. La participation du Coordinateur au Core Group tenu du 25 au 29 sept à Ede Pays – Bas,

5. Le Résultats du Développement néerlandais en 2016, cas du Mali

6. Le parcours d'une jeune entrepreneure .

Alors lisez et faites lire, vous découvrirez en plus des activités à venir du réseau et comment s'inscrire sur notre plateforme en ligne.

Cliquez sur ce lien

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Our September Newsletter is out!

Dear members, we are happy to share with you our latest newsletter for this september which has updates for you to learn, explore and opportunities.

In this newsletter you will learn about the event Meru Farmer's Fair, the IFCD training and more events. Also get to meet a young lady from Kilimanjaro who goes beyond Agribusiness into making spices.

And what's interesting is the vlog made by our Communication expert Anne Marie and the Food Challenge video.

Read the newsletter HERE.

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Our latest Newsletter is out!

Dear Members,

We are pleased to share our latest newsletter, there is a lot of interesting updates!

Through this newsletter, you will read about the agri-finance fair and market linkages event conducted in Muhanga district. You will also learn about the role of financial institutions vis-à-vis agriculture sector as well as some business deals made by the farmers during the fair.

While reading this newsletter, you will learn about the fruitful discussions from the round table meeting on organic certification for horticulture value chain in Rwanda. The participants of this workshop elected the steering committee which will moderate this activity in order to value the organic horticultural products and motivating the farmers as well.

Learn about the success stories from other model farmers, you will be inspired by the success of their farming projects.

Finally, there is also some job opportunities related to agriculture sector!!

Glad reading!!


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Our August 2017 Newsletter is out! 

We are pleased to share our August newsletter, with lots of interesting updates!

Read about the learning journey by Food security experts from 12 Dutch embassies from Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe and what they learned about the Kenya horticulture sector and the next steps in terms of supporting and developing the sector.

We also share with you outcomes of an exciting webinar that we recently announced here, which brought over 80 young people in agriculture from across the continent. The question was whether we can consider agribusiness as a silverbullet to youth unemployment. Read and listen to the recording. 

Learn about the farmer field days we recently organised across the country, and what the farmers considered as the most critical factor to the success of their farming. 

Finally, a big announcement about our NETWORK DAY 2017! 

Happy reading! :)

Read the newsletter

PS: If you like to receive the newsletter straight to your inbox eve

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In case you missed it!

Please find the newsletter in the link below.

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Newsletter du mois de Juillet 

Chers membres, nous partageons avec vous, notre bulletin mensuel N°7 de l’année 2017, dans lequel nous détaillons les activités du mois. Alors lisez et faites lire, vous découvrirez les événements du réseau à venir, notre place du marché et comment vous inscrire sur la plateforme.

Cliquez sur ce lien pour accéder au Newsletter N°7

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F&BKP newsletter 2017 #01

Bulletin d'information Food & Business Knowledge Platform 2017 # 1

Link / Lien:


- Mapping of social entrepreneurs in food value chains within their supporting ecosystems

- Stakeholder perceptions & future outlook of Food & Business Knowledge Platform

- Potential of hybrid potato cultivars in East Africa

- RUAF analysis report “The role of private sector in city region food systems”

- Food for All Talk 01: "From production system to food system" (WBG-NL partnership)

- ARF Country workshop in Uganda

- GCP Call with CCAFS on Climate Smart Agriculture

- Upcoming study & learning project on poultry development in East Africa

- Learning Platforms on Land Governance and Food Security

Follow this link / suivez ce lien:

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Newsletter Food & Business Knowledge Platform (16)

Please find herewith the latest Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) newsletter filled with updates on F&BKP related research, calls and events. 

Themes of interest to AgriProFocus members in this newsletter:

- Social entrepreneurship

- Capability assessment tool for agribusinesses in developing markets

- Lessons learned Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Facility

- ARF workshop in Benin on enhancing research impact for food security completed successfully

- Agriculture to nutrition linkages (public seminar Benin)

- The role of consumers in sustainable food systems

- and several interesting other references and announcements

Click this link:

Famory SINABA Merci Nicole pour ces docs

11 months 3 weeks ago

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Parcours d'un jeune entrepreneur pisciculteur

1- Qui est Dramane Traoré ?

Dramane Traoré est détenteur d’un brevet de technicien d’élevage, spécialiste en pisciculture, promoteur d’une entreprise nommée KISSA SERVICE qui est dans la production et active dans la prestation de service.

2- Pouvez-vous nous parlez de votre métier ?

J’interviens dans des installations de fermes piscicoles (étangs, cages flottantes, baques hors sol, etc.) et la mise en place des écloseries, la production de poissons marchands et des alevins aux producteurs locaux.

3- Quel est votre parcours professionnel ?

Après ma spécialisation, j’ai commencé mes activités avec l’Ets Traoré et frères (une société spécialisée dans la vente des articles de pêche) pour la mise en place d’une structure piscicole nommée Ets N’KERE dans laquelle j’ai évolué pendant 14 mois étant le responsable des activités de la structure. J’ai aussi participé à la mise en place de SAM (sociét

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mohamed lamine diarra Un jeune a qui toute le monde doit prendre exemple sur lui bonne chance mon frère Dramane Traore

1 year 1 month ago

Daoulata MAIGA Oui Mohamed, ce parcours est salutaire , nous espérons que la jeunesse prendra conscience tôt ou tard  que entreprendre est le meilleur des chemins à suivre pour lutter contre le chômage et contribuer au développement de son pays .  On est ensemble

1 year 1 month ago

Dramane Traoré Bien dit Daoulata, je tiens à remercier l'équipe agriprofocus

1 year 1 month ago

Dramane Traoré  nous qui sommes le Mali de demain 

1 year 1 month ago

mohamed lamine diarra Nous avons un challenge devant donc faut qu on se batte pour un demain qui arrive bientôt. Vive l entrepreunariat jeune

1 year 1 month ago

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Newsletter Food & Business Knowledge Platform (no. 15)

The September newsletter of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) is filled with nine news items on results of F&BKP affiliated research, calls and events:

- Report regional workshop on Compost for Sustainable Agriculture

- Research project Measuring effects of agri-development on nutrition

- Literature review Social entrepreneurs as change makers for food security

- Applied Research Fund  (ARF): third call second round with deadline December 6, 2016

- Research findings & takeaways expert meetings Finance for Smallholders

Further, on the Food & Business Knowledge Platform website you can also read an update on food and nutrition security policy highlights as part of the Dutch Development Results 2015 magazine.

For more detailed background information and to download our reports and studies, please explore this website An additional way to make sure you don’t miss any Platform updates is to follow us on Twitter

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CASTORY WILLIAM thanks madam

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AgriProFocus Ethiopia, July Newsletter

Please find our July Newsletter

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Posted 11 July 2016 at 12:31

Newsletter Food & Business Knowledge Platform

News about CGIAR, Global Nutrition Report, land governance and the East African floriculture sector.

This newsletter includes news about activities by network partners within the Platform:

* A discussion paper on the importance of an integrated approach to food and agriculture systems, including food production, distribution, access, utilization and stability.

* News about four CGIAR Research Programs that have been identified within the NL-CGIAR partnership. These programs most clearly target the shared Priority Knowledge Domains, which include Agriculture for Nutrition and Health; Climate Change; Agriculture and Food Security; Policies, Institutions and Markets; and Water, Land and Ecosystems.

* Information about the updated LANDac country fact sheets on land governance and food security.

* News about the six Ghanaian companies that have been selected for the Food Connection Challenge, in the area

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                   Interview du mois de Janvier

1- Présentez vous à nos membres?

Je suis Mme Aissatou Nobre,Sociologue de formation avec entre autre comme expertise le coaching. À cet effet, j'ai assuré sur le projet "Développement Economique à la Base par les Pôles d'Entreprise Agricole" financé par l'Ambassade du Royaume des Pays Bas Mali, le coaching des partenaires acteurs des Pôles d'Entreprises Agricoles (PEA) pour la mise en œuvre et la coordination des activités de constitution de 50 Pôles d'Entreprise Agricoles ayant développé 25 chaînes de valeurs.

2- Parler nous de la formation des coach en entreprenariat que AgriProFocus et FSAS ont organisé en partenariat avec l’ambassade du Canada?

L'absence de certains services est un frein pour le développement des MPME. Ce qui fait que la plupart des jeunes entrepreneurs (Start up ) n’ont pas d’expérience dans le domaine d'entreprenariat, quand bien même leurs b

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MARIAM SIDIBE Merci Mme Nobre, ce fut une expérience très enrichissante!

1 year 11 months ago

Georges Djodji Akibodé Merci notre chère maman PEA,. Faisant suite à la formation des formateurs(coach), votre réseau AgriProFocus a lancé dans les régions du Mali, le projet de Business Plan Coaching qui stimule les participant(e)s à développer leur produit ou service dans un contexte d'économie de marché. Les entrepreneurs agricoles confrontent ainsi leur projet à la réalité économique afin de s'assurer que le projet est rentable et éligible au Salon du Financement de l'Agriculture les 08,09 et 10 Mars 2016 à Sikasso. Avec ce nouveau concept de Business Plan Coaching ,les entrepreneurs acquièrent des connaissances sur les principes, les concepts et les théories fondamentales de la gestion d'une entreprise et du plan d'affaires. Ils développent un vocabulaire et un système de référence appropriés à un plan d'affaires. L'impact sera donc mesuré après la FINAGRI. ON EST ENSEMBLE

1 year 11 months ago

Aissatou Nobre Merci Georges pour cette précision. C'est bien l'occasion pour les jeunes entrepreneurs de mettre en application les connaissances acquises au cours de leur formation. Et qu'ils saisissent cette opportunité pour monter de bons projets bancables

1 year 11 months ago

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SBN Newsletter

We are glad to share with you this special issue of the SBN newsletter, which marks the transition from the first to the second phase of the Sesame Business Network and its Support Project. In this issue, we highlight the main activities undertaken and results obtained in the past three years and herald the start of the second phase of the Support Project as per January 2016.

In its next phase, the SBN Support Project will intensify collaboration with other projects in order to improve coordination and synergy. The SBN Support Project is one of the four projects that collaborate under a new partnership known as BENEFIT, which stands for ‘Bilateral Ethiopia-Netherlands Effort for Food, Income and Trade’. The other three projects are CASCAPE (Capacity Building for Scaling Up of Evidence-Based Best Practices in Agricultural Production), ISSD Ethiopia (Integrated Seed Sector Development in Ethiopia) and ENTAG (Ethiopian-Netherlands Trade Facility for Agribusiness). Working together o

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Food & Business Knowledge Platform, 10th newsletter.

Interesting updates about inclusive agribusiness, horticulture, World Bank knowledge programme, etc.


This December newsletter presents various reports on events, new studies and expert opinions developed within the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) in the last months.
In addition to the articles below, on the F&BKP website you now can find a description of all granted 
GCP and ARF research projects, including from the latest Calls. In that website section you can also read about the supporting role of the Platform and NWO-WOTRO in knowledge sharing and research uptake of all awarded Food & Business Research projects.

Please enjoy reading this newsletter and exploring our website at To constantly stay updated on the activities of the Platform, you can follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page.

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