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7th Edition Newsletter SEAD Rwanda Project

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Dear Agriprofessionals, Please read our latest newsletter, we hope this will help you to keep up to date on our latest news and  deals made during the 10th Agri-Finance fair and Market linkages event held at Kayonza.

We provide linking, learning and leadership opportunities for our members to be able to unlock the potential of the agri-food sector in Rwanda and overseases.

Did you already hear about the opportunities within the agri-extension services in Rwanda? Do you want to explore more about the thoughts shared during the workshops co-organized by AgriProFocus Network and its partners?

Please read carefully our Newsletter and learn more!

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Newsletter Food  & Business Knowledge Platform September 2018 (#5)

In its September newsletter the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) presents reports of several workshops, among them the session about the UNSC resolution 2417 on conflict and hunger; the Food Systems Approach workshop at the WUR SDG conference; and the CoP on Youth, employment and migration.

And information is shared about two calls under the NL-CGIAR partnership, one for senior experts and one for a PPP and Research Uptake expert.

Furthermore, the Platform refers to the evaluation 2013/2018 “Co-creating (Dutch) diamonds, gold (standards) and silver (bullets) in the food security and agricultural business maze” by Ton Dietz and Joep van den Broek, which is available at the F&BKP website.

Moreover, a new topic on the Knowledge Portal, is highlighted, where Food and Nutrition Security professionals can find relevant cutting-edge knowledge products on Food security & stability. To stay tuned to specific topics of t

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MUBARAK INUWA Thank you Nicole Metz,It is very important approach, to have such a Newsletter on food and business platform For September 2018#5.Alot of guidelines and principles on Agricultural skills and ideas would be derived.I hope, all the stalkholders on the themes would have a closer exchange of ideas on their deliberations.

3 weeks 22 hours ago

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Please check out AgriProFocus Ethiopia's latest newsletter

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Interview with Alban Singirankabo

Alban Singirankabo was offered a SEAD PhD scholarship at TU Delft, after a thorough selection process. As a lecturer at UR/CST-CGIS, with a Master from Twente ITC in Land Administration 2009-2011, Alban has already some experience from the Netherlands. He also knows Nuffic quite well since he was coordinator of a NICHE project implemented by ITC in Rwanda.

His research looks at the relations between land tenure security, agricultural productivity and food security. This is very relevant for the SEAD project. In particular, his research will assess the changes in agricultural productivity and ascertain their links with land tenure security and food security. Rwanda has been very successful in only 7 years to register all plots of land. Alban wants to find the reasons behind this success. His research will focus on plots and look at historical developments, linking plots to owners. To do this, the study will examine, archives, literature on land tenure and

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Workshop on Agribusiness

In order to strengthen education and improve agricultural development in Rwanda, the SEAD project makes use of several pillars, Curriculum revision is of them. UR-CAVM is currently engaged in an internal review of all programmes it offers, since these have not been undergoing a review since the merger of the institutes in 2014. It is in this regards that during the week of 16th-20th April 2018 at Fatima hotel, the SEAD project has provided support by offering its expertise for the revision of the programme of Agribusiness of UR-CAVM.

The process involved the education teams of UR-CAVM and other higher education institutions with higher learning expertise in agribusiness, government officials in strategic positions for agribusiness development, representatives of the private sector involved in the agribusiness and students & Alumni of the agribusiness programme at higher learning institutions.

The participants of the workshop assessed the current curriculum of the Bac

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Outreach Training on Feeding Management - Dairy Value Chain

In the week of 16-20 April, the SEAD project organized a community outreach training on feeding management facilitated by Mr. Mark Bos, Dairy Value chain expert from the consortium partner Q-point. During a 3-day training, eight trainers from UR/CAVM, IPRC Musanze and IMBARAGA Farmers’ Federation were engaged in a training of trainers in order for them to prepare the roll out to farmers. The training was developed using an active participatory approach in which trainers themselves developed training materials, contextualizing these to fit the needs of Rwandan farmers and cooperatives under the expert guidance of Mark. The roll out theoretical training to 25 small holder dairy farmers and cooperatives was conducted at Imbaraga Federation training centre in Musanze on “Managing the nutritional requirements of a dairy cow to ensure optimum milk production by healthy cows”. At the beginning of the training, farmers involved in dai

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Livestock look and learn tour

SEAD activities for April 2018 have been closed by the “look and learn” tour with participants from the livestock team. During the tour, the participants got insights on “Farming as an Enterprise concept” and learned various ways they can facilitate innovations within their respective institutions for agriculture development. The team visited different sites known for their remarkable innovations in agriculture namely: Rwanda Best, Lakeview, Musanze polytechnic and Burera Dairy.

At Rwanda Best the livestock team learned best practices for poultry production and poultry value chain management such as incubation, hatchery, feed production, feeding and feed management.

Fish farm and Lakeview is a private owned fish-farm located in Bugesera district in Gashora sector. The entrepreneur produces fingerling through fish egg incubation, fish hatchery and fish production exclusively on commercial basis. The participants learned from the entrepreneur not only how

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Outreach Training on Potato Value Chain - Planting and fertilizing potato

In the week 07-11 May 2018, the SEAD project organized a 5-day training for the potato value chain on potato plantation and fertilization. The training was facilitated by Mr. Mink Vermeer, a senior consultant and potato value chain expert from the international partner Delphy. The training was divided in two sessions: training of trainers (ToT) and roll out to farmers. A team of nine people involved in the potato value chain from partner higher learning institutions (IPRC-Musanze, INES-Ruhengeri, UR-CAVM) and participants from the private sector: Seed Potato Fund (SPF), Imbaraga Farmer’s Federation were engaged in 3-day ToT to get capacitated on various aspects of potato planting and fertilizing to prepare outreach to farmers.

During the ToT, the team visited exemplary farmer, SPF - Ikigega and input suppliers in order to familiarize themselves with the settings and adjust site training focus and topics to what is a

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MUBARAK INUWA Carole Larlage-Solanum tuberosum,(Irish potato).It is the third largest consumable food crop after wheat and rice in world.It contain large percentage of starch and sugar.In africa, its production from 2011 was between 8 to 24 million metric tons.However, its growth in africa, is not so significant, it only carry 9% of global production.

3 weeks 33 min ago

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SEAD Entrepreneurship Training

Starting on 21st of May 2018, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) facilitated a training on entrepreneurship to lecturers of various Rwanda knowledge institutes focusing on the 10 steps Valorisation toolkit. The week was filled with various activities ranging from practicing using tools such as the Business Model Canvas to receiving guest lectures from entrepreneurs in Rwanda.

Monday was all about the introductions and business ideation which was addressed by focussing on agricultural value chains. By looking at the various agricultural value chains e.g. potatoes it becomes easier to identify related challenges and to discuss and propose possible opportunities.

After encouraging the participants to suggest potential business ideas, on Tuesday, a number of organisations were invited to present their own business. An ideal moment to strengthen the ties between the knowledge institutes and the private sector, and to showcase innovative entrepreneurs a

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Received our latest newsletter yet?

Our newsletter which gets shared to our members on our mailing list, contains a summary of updates from interesting events we collaborate in, information on upcoming events (of AgriProFocus and other partners), it also shares jobs and calls for proposals; opportunities that you do not want to miss out on.

In this edition, we share an update on the Soil care consultative meeting that we hosted in July, news about the Youth Symposium, as well as a Q&A on our youth agripreneur and member of the month.

Access the June – July network updates in our newsletter HERE

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Did you see our latest newsletter?

We are so happy to share our latest Newsletter with you. If you didn’t get it yet: sign up HERE to make sure you never miss the next newsletter and new updates! 


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The 4th Edition of the Newsletter of Office of The Agriculture Attaché at the Dutch Embassy in Rwanda.

Did you know that the Dutch embassy in Rwanda and the Dutch organizations are making an impact with agriculture sector in Rwanda?Are you willing to learn from Dutch NGOs and Companies working in Rwanda?Here is your change to read more news and updates from the 4th edition of the newsletter of the Netherlands embassy’s agricultural office for Rwanda and Uganda, with news from June and July, 2018. 

Read the Newsletter Here

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Food & Business Knowledge Platform Newsletter July 2018

This newsletter includes interesting articles on the following issues:

- Dutch Food Security Policy Evaluation (2012-2016) was published by IOB and discussed in a multistakeholder dialogue in The Netherlands on 31 May. Blogs with outcomes of that dialogue, as well as links to the full Evaluation report can be found here.

Youth and Agripreneurship workshop, including the Youth caravan and Youth market, which the Platform co-organized together with AgriProFocus during the foodFIRST conference on 1 June.

- Studies on the Learning Platforms for land-based investments (Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda)

- Final report of a study on Agribusiness-Based Advisory Services by KIT, Agriterra, Moyee Coffee, and the F&BKP, which was discussed during a workshop on June 19.

- Report explaining the Food Systems Approach  (by Wageningen University Economic Research, commissioned by Ministry of Agricultu

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Our Latest Newsletter is now available!!!!

Dear Network members, We are pleasure to share with View our latest Newsletter HERE & sign up to make sure you never miss an important offer! We hope that you join AgriProFocus Network and find different opportunities with AgriProFocus New Strategy. Making Agribusiness work for development is our main duty!!!!

Read our Newsletter Here

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Our latest Newsletter for 2018 is out!!

Dear members, we are very happy to share with you our latest newsletter, we would like to share important updates and opportunities emerging from our network. These updates are meant to increase linking, learning and leadership between our members.

In this newsletter, you will read more about the Holland Village - Harvest money Expo, 2018 organised by AgriProFocus Uganda in partnership with the Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) that took place at Namboole national stadium, attracting a total of 1,495 participants!

Watch and listen to the video of the Holland Village impression at the Harvest Money Expo 2018 Uganda.

You will also find various important updates and opportunities emerging from our network and interesting articles that are shared in this update.

Happy reading!

Read our Latest Newsletter Here

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The 2nd Newsletter of 2018!

Do you know about the 23 June 2018 big event? As there are many Ethiopian Wageningen University alumni, the University asked AgriProFocus Ethiopia, in support of the Netherlands Embassy (EKN) and BENEFIT-Partnership, to organize a 100-year Celebration in Ethiopia around the theme "Access to healthy food in African mega cities" on June 23.

Do you want to participate on this big event? Or Are you looking for Job opportunities?


Alemnew Kassegne Great opportunity for actors of the field to network and share valuable experiences.

4 months 2 weeks ago

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6th Edition of the SEAD Newsletter is out!

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Strengthening Education for Agricultural

Development (SEAD) Newsletter. This bi-monthly publication will give you

the project news, updates, stories and upcoming events.

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Outreach training for the Potato Value Chain

Mink Vermeer, senior project manager and potato value chain expert of consortium partner Delphy, facilitated a Training of Trainers and outreach training from 19-23 February 2018 at the training centre of our valued partner IMBARAGA Farmers’ Federation in Musanze. The training covered aspects such as soil management, fertilisation, crop rotation, potato production, harvesting & storage as well as marketing. Together with trainers of IPRC Musanze, UR/CAVM, INES Ruhengeri, IMBARAGA and RAB, the understanding and skills of over 30 farmers, cooperatives and agribusinesses were upgraded.

At the start of the training, farmers were requested to indicate which questions they would appreciate to see answered in the training. From this, it became clear that most farmer had challenges around the identification of quality potato seeds, the best quality fertilizers on the market (affordable to farmers), the best affordable storage strategies and ways to protect

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Francois NKUNDABAGENZI i am Francois NKUNDABAGENZI ,i study in the year 4 soil sciences in college of agriculture animal sciences and veternary medicine CAVM/ BUSOGO Campus  i am keenly very happy to be and work with you  since you can take me as a volunteer in your programs

6 months 3 weeks ago

KWIZERA John I, JOHN KWIZERA 3 rd year student in University of Rwanda, College ofagriculture Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM), Busogo Campus, School ofAgriculture, Rural development and agricultural economics, Option of Ruraldevelopment, am very interested to join your program and when you take me as partner volunteer i will be there. thank you  

6 months 2 weeks ago

Fred MWUMVANEZA  am FRED MWUMVANEZA ,i studying in the year 4 agriculture Mechanization in college of agriculture animal sciences and veternary medicine CAVM/ NYAGATARE Campus  i am very very happy to be and work with you in order to share the ideas to develop my skills and knowledge .i am looking forward for good answer.i had an ward in liquid manure making

6 months 2 weeks ago

Anke Baselmans Dear all. We are happy to hear that you are interested in the SEAD Project! I unfortunately have to inform you that the we currently do not work with volunteers. Neither are we looking for any new colleagues. If this changes in the future, we will let you know through our social media channels. Best, Anke Baselmans -SEAD Communication Team

6 months 1 week ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thank you for the explanation Anke Baselmans! It is clear and understandable.

6 months 5 hours ago

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Outreach on Dairy Farm Record Keeping

SEAD organised an outreach activity, from 5-8 February, on Dairy Farm Record Keeping in the districts of Musanze and Gicumbi. The outreach was attended by large groups of dairy farmers and cooperatives and facilitated by Mark Bos, the dairy value chain expert of consortium partner Q-Point, in collaboration with trainers from Musanze Polytechnic, UR/CAVM and extension service providers from RAB. The training to farmers was organised at the training centre of IMBARAGA Farmers’ Federation in Musanze and at the AIKIB Training Centre in Gicumbi.

The training on farm record keeping was enthusiastically received by farmers, which confirmed the need for providing this kind of training, to improve their understanding of record keeping at farm level.

In Musanze District, a group of 20 Dairy Cooperative members from different sectors were trained on the significance of farm record keeping, emphasising the benefits of record keeping for improved decision making a

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Fred MWUMVANEZA it's good job that you have done, but i would like ask about the seed, i see you have talked to milk only but also i had the way that we could increase the seed value and demand through using liquid manure during planting until it's maturity but i don't have an access to that and no any support but it can help the farmers to develop but not only the farmers but also country in genenal.

6 months 2 weeks ago

Anke Baselmans Dear Fred, thanks again for your interest. The SEAD Project is not looking for new colleagues at the moment. When this changes, we will share any job vacancies on social media. Best,Anke BaselmansSEAD Communication Team

6 months 1 week ago