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Grow oranges and earn big:

Locally known as omuchungwa, oranges are eaten for as a source of vitamin c. The fruit is mainly used to make juices. The orange has its origin in Southern China, Northern and East India and South East Asia. It is
now universally grown in all of the six continents, in over 100 countries. The first introductions of oranges in Uganda were in 1900. The orange is a crop of economic importance and also a valuable source of vitamin C. It can be made into juices, concentrates, marmalade and jams. 

Oranges can be grown from as low as sea level to 200m above sea level. Areas of low humidity are most ideal. Such a climate is important for reduced disease intensity and for acquiring good orange colour. A dry hot day, cool at night climate also favours good color development. 

Citrus requires temperature ranges from 13oC-38oC. Optimum temperature is 25oC-35oC. Extremely high temperatures may be harmful especially during flowering o

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Lukyamuzi’s money grows on citrus trees:

Since his days as a marketing executive on radio, he has gone on to become the country sales manager of Harris International, establishing his own media agency, Felma before he quit the high paying job to become a member of parliament and now a farmer. Busujju county Member of Parliament, David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga, is a definition of a hustler.

He is no longer worried about when the rains will fall. Farming in Uganda is so much dependent on the weather but being creative is what matters now the 39-year-old, said

Unpredictable rains are now the norm in most parts of Uganda including the central region that used to be wet most of the year. Most maize farmers are enduring the pain of the army worm attack while coffee is wilting yet other crops do not get enough rain to give a substantial yield.

Lukyamuzi has beaten all this by farming oranges and guavas which can thrive in such dicey weather conditions.

Research-based farming

Soil needs to be upg

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Passion fruit, oranges are other planting materials on sale plus all other grafted seedlings.

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Marion Alyek Hello Rajab, Winnie Kirabo would like to learn how to grow passion fruits and pineapples. Is it possible to give her advise on how she can go about it? Shes not active online but you can reach her by phone on 0772417276.

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Kigenyi Rajab Thanks Marion I will be glad to take her through the process .

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The orange fruit season is on in Teso sub region and still no organized marketing. Anyone interested in buying? I want start growing okra for the market. Any tips?

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