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Learning event Agricultural Development Strategy; From just another document to a successful living strategy

On 22 November 2017, Oxfam and AgriProFocus Myanmar facilitated a learning event about the Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS). The ADS is regarded as the most comprehensive new strategy for the agricultural sector in Myanmar. After an extensive consultation process, the ADS is now in its final stage of development and will be launched soon by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MoALI). We invited members of our network to discuss the key elements of the ADS, the consultation process and the critical steps toward successful implementation.

We invited Madelon Meijer, Policy Advisor Agriculture at Oxfam Novib to share her assessment of the ADS from her wider perspective. She has wide experience in supporting the development of agricultural strategies around the world and visited Myanmar to peer-review the ADS.

The development of the ADS started in August 2016, w

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Save the date: Learning event about ADS

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  22 November 2017, 15:00-17:00
  Diamond Condo, Pyay Rd, Yangon

Save the date:Learning event about Agricultural Development Strategy

           Oxfam and AgriProFocus would like to invite you to join our learning event about the Agricultural Development Strategy (ADS) on Wednesday, November 22, from 3 till 5 PM at Diamond condo, Pyay road, Yangon

           The ADS is regarded as the most comprehensive new strategy for the agricultural sector in Myanmar. After an extensive consultation process, the ADS is now in its final stage of development and will be launched soon by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MoALI). Do you want to learn what the ADS means for the agricultural sector? Do you wonder what happened with the consultations? Would you like to discuss what needs to happen to implement the strategy?

           Join our learning event with Madelon Meijer, Policy Advisor Agriculture at Oxfam Novib. She

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Financing Women Farmers:
The need to increase and redirect agriculture & climate adaptation resources

Oxfam analysis finds that governments and donors are failing to provide women farmers with relevant and adequate support for farming and adapting to climate change. Oxfam conducted research on government and donor investments in Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Tanzania. It found that funding in these countries is significantly lower than commitments that have been made, and there is little evidence of resources and technical assistance reaching women farmers. Resources are being diverted to priorities other than smallholder farmers, and for the most part governments lack the capacity to deliver funding to them. This paper presents the findings along with recommendations for governments.

Author: Pearl-Martinez, Rebecca
Publication date: 13 Oct 2017
Publisher: Oxfam

You can download the paper and summary of the paper here. 

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Organic Certification Workshop for Horticulture Value Chain in Rwanda

On Wednesday 30th August 2017, AgriProFocus Rwanda in collaboration with Oxfam in Rwanda and National Co-operatives Confederation of Rwanda (NCCR) organized a workshop “Organic certification for Horticulture value Chain‘’ at Umubano Hotel, Kigali Rwanda.

This workshop’s objective was to discuss on the issues challenges and gaps which limit the development of Horticulture cooperatives among which organic certification is major and discuss possible solutions to address the identified issues.

During this workshop, there were 31 different horticulture value chain actors and stakeholders. The participants came from Government Institutions (NAEB, RALIS, RSB and RCA), NGOs and INGOs (Oxfam, INADES-Formation, and DUTERIMBERE), PSF (Farmers and Companies), Horticulture Cooperatives federation including organic farmers (ROAM) and cooperative union.

This round table meeting brought in more awareness on what, why a

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#Highlight2016: Campaign: Young Agripreneurz Ambassador 2016

Tina Napitupulu, (former) Country Coordinator, AgriProFocus Indonesia:

“The Young Agripreneurz Ambassador is a competition and campaign organised by the Innovation and Learning Community Youth and Agriculture under the AgriProFocus Indonesia network. The goal of the campaign was to promote agri-entrepreneurship among youth and make agriculture more attractive as a source of income. The chosen ambassadors set up a campaign to show the young generation that agribusiness is cool and there are young farmer entrepreneurs who have been successful in developing their agribusiness, especially in Indonesia. The candidates who entered the competition were provided with a series of trainings and classes, including IT and business, value chain analysis, but also training in leadership and public speaking. We visited companies, a school, and even held a press conference with much media attention.

Our network involved various members and stakeholde

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Webinar about Agribusiness and the SDGs

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  12 July 2017, 14:30-16:00

You can also read in Myanmar language below.

Hi everyone.

Here is a webinar developed by Oxfam and funded by the Swedish Government. They cordially invite you to attend their free webinar on Agribusiness and the SDGs:

How the Agribusiness Sector in ASEAN can embrace the Sustainable Development Goals on Wednesday July 12th, 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm (MMT)

Register Here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/175152585818919939

The webinar is Developed by Oxfam and funded by the Swedish Government.In this webinar they discuss about the report ( http://www.csr-asia.com/report/Agribusiness-and-the-SDGs.pdf ) and this report is highlights the advantages of incorporating the SDGs into agribusiness planning across the sector. Companies can also use their presentation report as a tool to assess which SDGs are most relevant to their businesses and the impact they have, especially on issues such as smallholder inclusion and gender inequality, while also scoping opportunities to incorporate the SDGs

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Today is the start of the High-level Political Forum at the United Nations in New York! It is a central platform for follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals. This campaign by some of our Dutch members, raises awareness on Women Economic Empowerment.

Join the #HLPF2017 #FlowNL Twitter storm on women's economic empowerment from 10 to 14 July #genderequality #SDG5!  

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Our call to the next cabinet: Invest in Food Transition!

4th of July - Dutch Parliament - The Hague

A broad coalition of 45 parties urges the new Dutch cabinet in this manifesto to transition towards a sustainable food system, through which the Netherlands will contribute to green growth, healthy food for all, and a more peaceful world with less conflict and more stability. We ask the next government to invest in this, together with the private sector, consumers, civil society, farmers, education and science.

On July 4th a delegation of signatories presented the manifesto to the House of Representatives of the Committee on Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. You can watch the livestream (in Dutch) HERE.

Masterclass FoodTransition

The work does not stop here! This manifesto was an initiative of the Food Security Policy Group of the AgriProFocus network. In September we will organise a Masterclass FoodTransition for Members of Parliament. If you are interested to join, please contact Sander Mager (Chair of the Poli

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Loes van Dijk Great!

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Sajji RYAKUNZE really great!

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Finance for a Fruitful Future
Dutch Aid for Agriculture, 2005-2015

Dutch ODA for agriculture has been on the rise in the last five years. However, it remains unclear whether Dutch ODA expenditures on agriculture are reaching female smallholder farmers. Empowering smallholders, specially women, is a proven solution for reducing hunger and poverty. This is particularly true of the rural poor, who are the worst affected by the impacts of climate change. This paper calls on the Dutch government to combine a strong ODA budget for agriculture with a solid strategy for resolving hunger by 2030, to scale up climate finance for adaptations in the agricultural sector, and to supply improved data on the impact of agricultural investments for each target group and gender.

Oxfam Novib published this paper which you can find here.
Oxfam Novib works on sustainable rural livelihoods for all people, to make it possible for communities to grow or buy enough food, now and in the future.

Madelon Meijer, madelon.

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Akses Database Jaringan AgriProFocus

Untuk mempermudah anggota jejaring dalam melakukan kerja-kerjanya, semenjak kwartal akhir 2016 AgriProFocus mulai membangun database jaringan AgriProFocus di Indonesia. Database jaringan ini berisi informasi tentang program dan aktivitas, area kerja, isu pertanian yang dikerjakan, jaringan mitra lokal dan kontaknya, serta dokumen pengetahuan/pembelajaran. Kontribusi informasi dari empat organisasi yaitu Hivos, ICCO, Oxfam dan SNV menandai mulainya pembangunan database ini.

Setiap anggota jaringan AgriProFocus di Indonesia bisa mengkases database ini dengan menghubungi tim sekretariat AgriProFocus. Agar database terus tumbuh, setiap anggota yang mengakses diharapkan juga memberikan informasi tentang organisasi dan aktivitasnya.


Access AgriProFocus Network's Database

In order to increase member's networking accessibility, since fourth quarter of year 2016 AgriProFocus has been developing network database of AgriProFocus  Indonesia. This database contain informati

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Tiga Pengalaman Mengintegrasikan Gender dalam Rantai Nilai

AgriProFocus Indonesia menyelenggarakan Network & Learning Event kedua di tahun 2016 dengan mengundang Hivos Hub SEA, Swisscontact, dan Oxfam di Indonesia untuk berbagi strategi mereka dalam mengintegrasikan gender dalam rantai nilai. Acara ini berlangsung tanggal 01 Desember 2017, di Hotel Sahati, Jakarta.

Peran gender dalam rantai produksi dalam sektor pertanian sering kali belum diperhatikan. Ini berdampak pada banyak hal, seperti kurang tepatnya target penerima manfaat dari program peningkatan produksi, hilangnya kesempatan bisnis, pengelolaan usaha yang kurang efektif, hingga rendahnya kesejahteraan produsen (petani). Agar kinerja rantai nilai lebih efektif dan bermanfaat bagi perempuan dan laki-laki, perspektif gender sangat diperlukan dalam merancang program-program pengembangan bisnisnya.

Dari komoditas Kakao, kita belajar dari pengalaman Swisscontact membangun pendekatan yang sensitif gender. Di lapangan, perempuan pe

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Building Optimism Towards Sustainable Agriculture Through Youth Agripreneurs Ambassadors 2016

Young farmers only make up 12 percent of the total farmers in Indonesia. As informed by Ministry of Agriculture, food production has been dependent on farmers population, which in fact, is getting smaller each year. Data from the Indonesia Central Bureau of Statistics 2013 shows only 12 percents farmers is under 35 years old. This percentage is very low when considering their role for preparing and providing Indonesia on sustainable food, in 20 years ahead. In order to strengthen farmers regeneration issue, apart from study and meeting with agriculture experts, youth and farming working group which includes CSO and private sectors under the umbrella of  AgriProFocus Indonesia Network called Innovation Community Youth in Farming, we decided to organise campaign activity, entitled Youth Agripreneurs Ambassadors 2016, which is second time after 2014. This collective initiative is

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Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Thanks Mbak Andy for sharing this to all of us. It has been our pleasure to work with Oxfam in Indonesia through Innovation Community Youth and Farming. Let's keep the good work!

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A New Breed of Entrepreneurs!

AgriProFocus Zambia and its partners held its first Youth in Agribusiness Event from 1st - 3rd September. Our goal was simple: to link aspiring and current youth agripreneurs with each other and stakeholders in the sector to learn, share and grow.

It was a small event with a big goal, and even bigger potential to grow into a movement that would help harness our youth to grow the sector, and Zambia. Over 100 youths and 10 organisations participated in the event. 

The event comprised of presentations, panel discussions, a hackathon (using ICT for Agriculture), testimonials and a business case competition.

A special thank you to Young Emerging Farmers Initiative (YEFI), Oxfam, BongoHive, Agricomm, Agriterra, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, COMACO, and UNZA for their contributions towards making this event a success.  

Read more about our youth programme HERE
See more pictures from the event HERE

Check out the following hashtags on facebook and twitte

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RICHARD MUSOKWA I was part of this

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Exciting job opportunity at Oxfam - Learning Adviser on Women's Economic Empowerment

Oxfam GB is looking for a committed learning specialist with experience both of supporting those working on development programmes to reflect and apply learning from their own professional experience; and in leveraging that programme learning to influence policy and practice and contribute to change.

Job Purpose

This is an important post developed as part of Oxfam GB’s commitment to use and apply the learning generated by its programmes more effectively. The post will drive improvements in WEE programming within and beyond OGB through the development and delivery of strategic learning initiatives.

Key Responsibilites

  • Lead and drive Oxfam’s programme learning on women’s economic empowerment (WEE).
  • Accompany and support key WEE programmes to develop and deliver learning plans. This will include working closely with three multi-country programmes (WE-Care, Gendered Enterprise in Markets, and the Enterprise

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Inequality in Zambia: How banana farming is changing a community

A news item from Oxfam, which merits the attention of members of the AgriProFocus network in Zambia.



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Dialogue with the Farmers

On the 2nd Agricultural Extension and Finance Fair

Batu, 27 April 2016

On March 2015 AgriProFocus Ethiopia and OXFAM GB, in close collaboration with Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization, organized in Batu a successful agribusiness finance fair which farmers took the stage. Read more about the previous Finance Fair HERE.

Yesterday, April 27 2016, the 2nd Agricultural Extension and Finance Fair was organized in Batu with the objective of extending the dialogue started on last year’s Finance Fair between the farmers themselves and the relevant stakeholders. On this Finance Fair also the farmers were given to express their challenges relating to access to finance and agricultural extension services and to present their achievements with the support of OXFAM GB and Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization.

The event which included a panel discussion with two paper presentations and an exhibition by different organizations, opened

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2nd Batu Agricultural Extension and Finance Fair

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  27 April 2016, All Day Event
  Batu, Ethiopia

2nd Batu Agricultural Extension and Finance Fair

Batu, 27 April 2016

A year ago AgriProFocus Ethiopia and OXFAM GB, in close collaboration with Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization, organized in Batu a successful agribusiness finance fair which farmers took the stage.

In continuation of the results observed through that event the 2nd Agricultural Extension and Finance Fair will be held on 27 April 2016 in the same city with the focus of assessing agricultural extension activities and the challenges of access to finance for horticultural farmers.

This event will include paper presentations from key actors in relation to access to finance for smallholder farmers, discussions with relevant government and private stakeholders, and an Exhibition by horticultural agribusiness organizations and farmers’ cooperatives in the area.

This is for the 9th Agribusiness Finance Fair for AgriProFocus Ethiopia to organize in different parts of the country with active partners like OXFAM GB.


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Oxfam est une ONG internationale active dans plus de 90 pays qui s’emploie à trouver des solutions concrètes et innovantes pour que chacune et chacun puisse sortir de la pauvreté et se réaliser pleinement. En cas de crise, nous sauvons des vies et aidons les personnes touchées à retrouver leurs moyens de subsistance. Nous militons en outre pour que la voix des populations pauvres pèse dans les décisions locales et internationales qui les concernent. Dans toutes ses actions, Oxfam travaille avec des organisations partenaires et auprès de femmes et d’hommes vulnérables pour mettre fin aux injustices qui engendrent la pauvreté.

Pour sa mission au Burundi, Oxfam cherche à partir du 1er avril 2016 un(e) candidat(e) avec la nationalité Burundaise pour le poste suivant de Logistics Manager.

la date limite de dépot des dossiers est fixée au vendredi le 11 Mars 2016, 18.00 heures.

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Eat or Feed, that's the question

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  17 February 2016, All Day Event
  Royal Library, Brussels

Conference about (un) sustainable livestock policies and practices.

Simultaneous translation is foreseen in English-French and vice-versa. Participation is free of charge, but registration prior to the event is compulsory.To register, please do so online on the website of be-troplive (www.be-troplive.be) or send an email to info@be-troplive.be, before Wednesday February 10th, 2016.

Presentations and debate with the following speakers:

Thierry Kesteloot, Policy Advisor at Oxfam Solidariteit/Solidarité will focus on the direction the system of global food production and consumption is taking and how this affects farmers in both the North and the South. His approach will be based on the ‘right to food’.

Ced Hesse, principal researcher on climate change at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED, will focus on how drylands and dryland economics are evolving and what their importance is regarding climate change. Particular attention will be given to pastoralism and o

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I am pleased to share Oxfam's latest briefing:El Nino: The case for urgent action.

Millions of poor and vulnerable people face hunger and poverty this year and next because of record global temperatures, droughts and erratic rains in 2014 and 2015, compounded by the development of possibly the most powerful El Niño on record.The briefing calls for urgent humanitarian response in places already in crisis due to food insecurity, such as parts of Ethiopia. It also calls for early action in other places, where the crisis is currently unfolding, and where there is still the opportunity for rapid action to mitigate the worst impacts.It stresses, in particular, the unequivocal financial case for early action.

Whilst the warnings are clear, the international response is not demonstrating the urgency required, nor is it commensurate with the scale and severity of the crisis.  For example, although the dire situation in Ethiopia is well-understood, the food distribution pipeline is only funded to

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Wim Goris For more on El Nino (spanish for the Christmas child) see also this post http://agriprofocus.com/post/55dab944a93f25103ebf02b3

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