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Youth agripreneurs join us in Accra, Ghana for a 2-day workshop on Trade and Partnerships Development. 

For more information, visit:

Akibodé Djodji Merci pour ce partage, nous en ferons une plus large diffusion dans nos réseaux partenaires.

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World Bank Group – WBG-NL Partnership “Food for All”

Article by Food & Business Knowledge Platform

In May 2015, the Netherlands and the World Bank Group signed a “Food for All” Partnership agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) to increase knowledge, support job creation, and secure the long-term sustainability of agriculture in developing countries. “Food for All’’ brings together the World Bank Group and civil society, academia, government, private sector, and other stakeholders from the Netherlands.

The agreement focuses on strengthening collaboration in key strategic areas such as food, nutrition and health; inclusive and sustainable agricultural growth with a focus on pro-poor value chains and market transformations that better link farmers to markets; and ecologically sustainable food systems for climate-smart, resilient agriculture.

The aim is to match cutting-edge Dutch technical expertise and private sector innovation with programs and investments by the World Bank and

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Making PPPs work

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  15 September 2016, All Day Event
  2515 VK The Hague

Making PPPs work: a practical day to make your PPP more effective

On September 15, PPPLab is organising a practical day of exchange, application and design for those working in public-private partnerships. Topics covered are to help you discover tools and insights to make your partnership more effective, whatever your role is. The day will consist of sessions covering themes like financing strategies, smart scaling, making your partnering process more effective and understanding the role of in-country public sectors in PPPs. A range of tools, feedback opportunities and planning concepts will directly be applied to your individual PPP, by offering 1:1 speed dates, small working group sessions and direct feedback from experts and practitioners. Attached is the programme with more information and a preliminary schedule. Feel free to share this invitation in your networks!

Venue: New World Campus, The Hague, The Netherlands

Costs: € 25

Interested? Please register through or for

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Taking the Dairy sector in Kenya to the next level! 

In May 2013,just a month after joining the network, i shared with one of our member organisations - SNV - dairy advisor about this innovative company in the Netherlands that i knew that offers dairy training courses at farm level - Cowsignals.  At the time it was a discussion around the corridors of whether there is a demand for such services in Kenya. SNV and its Dairy program have been working alot with Dutch expertise to improve the dairy sector at production and market and with a market led approach. Focus on quality is key but also with interventions on fodder to improve productivity. So this introduction at the time was to explore areas of synergy with their existing engagements. 

Proud to say the corridor discussion after three years has culminated in the development of CowSignals East Africa edition.  This is the 35th translation/adapted edition of the CowSignals book. The whole content has been revised and adapted to East Africa. Close to 100 illustrations have been changed with illu

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Eugene Ndwiga Hey Maureen, I want to raise funds for our SME which is venturing in agribusiness on this platform. How do I go about it?

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Wim Goris hi maureen, i just paged through this EAf edition. photography fit to context.

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The true network spirit - Results from AgriProFocus Kenya 2015

Partners and stakeholders I am proud to share RESULTS OF THE NETWORK IN 2015It was a fulfilling year of new strategic partnerships, bigger ownership of the network by you our partners and stakeholders and more co-creation of joint activities. That is the true spirit of a network. We are bigger and better together. Have a look at our achievements!

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RVO-EKN learning Event -- Report

Dear Partners;

With the links below find an insightful report from the RVO-EKN learning event held on 26-27th January 2016 and a video capturing key lessons.


As a knowledge network, we look forward to hosting more insightful knowledge sharing and experience sharing platforms.  

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EKN - AgriProFocus Kenya -- Exploring collaboration 

Insightful meeting with Agriculture counselor, Bert Rikken and Agriculture officer Liz Kiamba at the Dutch embassy in Nairobi during our Managing Director's Mr Sander Mager visit to Kenya accompanied by the network facilitator. 

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M&E Conference: Partnering for Success

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  17 March 2016 - 09:00 to 18 March 2016 - 17:00

Partnerships for development are crucial. Global efforts have focused on the Sustainable Development Goals, as the issues being tackled are increasingly recognised as complex. Collective action is unavoidable as the post-2015 UN development agenda stresses. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) can help strengthen multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs). M&E can support the learning and decision making processes, holding partners accountable or in assessing the functioning of partnerships and how they can reach more sustainable results.

This conference is the 8th annual ‘M&E on the Cutting Edge’ event organised by the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR,and Learning by Design, in collaboration with the PPPLab. The two-day conference (17-18 March) will connect the realities of those working in practice with ideas from people who are thought leaders on the partnership topic. Some 28 contributions from all over the world will ensure a lively and thoughtful opportunity to qu

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How to Design and Facilitate Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

Presentation of a new Guide by CDI – Wageningen UR

“Multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) are about changing something with others”, said Herman Brouwer, during the launch of a new book, “The MSP Guide: How to Design and Facilitate Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships” by the Centre of Development Innovation (CDI) of Wageningen University & Research centre on October 6, 2015. “When building a multi-stakeholder partnership, it is important to be clear about what you want to change, with whom, and how”, he added.This guide helps facilitating these multi-stakeholder processes. It links the underlying rationale for multi-stakeholder partnerships, with a clear four phase process model, a set of seven core principles, key ideas for facilitation and 60 participatory tools for analysis, planning and decision making. The guide has been written for those directly involved in MSPs – as a stakeholder, leader, facilitator or funder

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Financing for Development Conference

For all those interested in international and national policy, it is relevant to check updates on the Financing for Development Conference, now ongoing in Addis Abeba.

Hashtag on twitter: #FFD3

Article on collaboration between governments and businesses - by Mo Ibrahim and Paul Polman (the latter is CEO Unilever) -

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Brokering Development: Enabling Factors for Public-Private-Producer Partnerships in Agricultural Value Chains. Summary of Uganda case study

Nsamba-Gayiiya, E. and Kamusiime, H.

IDS-IFAD Case Study

Publisher IDS and IFAD

This is a summary of the Uganda Country Report, which was written by Eddie Nsamba-Gayiiya and Herbert Kamusiime of Associates Research Uganda. It is based on research carried out in 2014 in association with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) as part of an IFAD-funded programme on the role of PPPs in agriculture.

It is one of the four IFAD project-supported Public-Private-Producer Partnerships analysed for the research report ‘Brokering Development: Enabling Factors for Public-Private-Producer Partnerships in Agricultural Value Chains’. The report syntheses the four case studies and discuss the findings on how PPPPs in agricultural value chains can be designed and implemented to achieve more sustained increases in income for smallholder farmers and broader rural deve

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