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Posted 12 October 2017 at 08:24

Rwf13bn to modernise pig farming, improve value chain

Source: The New Times

The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources will inject Rwf13 billion to improve the pig farming industry, especially by promoting new processing technologies to ensure standards.

Didace Rushigajiki, the livestock specialist at the ministry, said the money will also be used to build capacity of farmers and extension staff on pig breeding, as well as disease control and value chain development to enable market access.

Rushigajiki said policies that promote quality and market access were in the pipeline. The official was addressing pig farmers and other stakeholders on sector issues, including market access, standards and modern farming methods.

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Follow the link and see the experience from the farmers in piggery business: https://agriprofocus.com/search?keyword=newtimes

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Posted 19 December 2016 at 09:51

Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) Consultants For Pig Farming Project

Hivos call for Expression of Interest (EOI) Consultants to Develop Training Modules and Facilitate Training of Trainers (ToT) Workshop For Pig Farming Project
Vacancy Name:
Consultants to Develop Training Modules and Facilitate Training of Trainers (ToT) Workshop For Pig Farming Project
Number of hours:
January to March 2017 - 30 working days
Southeast Asia
Surabaya, West Flores, East Flores and Sumba Island areas

Background and Introduction

Since 2014, Hivos Southeast Asia has been implementing a Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) project on behalf of the DFAT-funded Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Promoting Rural Income through Support for Markets in Agriculture (AIP-PRISMA) program. The project, entitled “Commercial Pig Rearing in Nusa Ten

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Vision Agribusiness Farm LTD (VAF) is a company established in 2008 and legally registered on 6th February 2014 under the article 16 of law no 27/04/2009 relating to the company to address the critical needs from livestock and crop production to ensure food security. It is located in Northern Province, Gicumbi district.

Vision Agribusiness Farm Ltd started in 2008 as a project resulting to the inspirations of two family members; SHIRIMUMU Jean Claude and her wife KABANA Sabine. The initial objective was being a competent producer of eggs and meat chickens on the local market of Rwanda.

As academician skilled in rural development and project management, Jean Claude decided to leave public job to devote more time to the company. He took the responsibility of managing director of the organization, with a hardworking, determined, passionate and business minded personality.

The achievements have been made, breeding centers of pigs, training center for youth who want to be compet

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Thacien MUNYAMAHAME @VAF ltd keep improving the livelihood of local smallholder farmers and inspiring other farmer entrepreneurs of Rwanda!

3 months 3 weeks ago

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Posted 31 October 2015 at 03:49

We are making pig farm records easy to take and manage, give us feedback to make the work even more better. www.records.ugsites.com (Permanent URL to be communicated). Chrismulindwa@pigfarmers.co.ug | undefined | undefined.

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Posted 29 August 2015 at 06:16

Hello great people.

I am selling 3 month old female Large white piglets at 50,000. Approximately 40 available.

Call Germine on 0783 278677

Laurent ULIMUBENSHI Please provide your number or another line. The Germine's one is offline

2 years 3 months ago

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Just received this on Facebook...

"Very Sad indeed. Fellow Farmers I ventured in PIG FARMING, started with 20 healthy Piglets built a shelter for them, bought feeds (maize brand), gave them treatment, they reached Six months looking very healthy and almost ready for mkt, I would look at them & say God am out of poverty, Suddenly I woke up one morning I found 2 were dead I threw away the dead ones, called the Vet Dr. who came & treated them again but they all died without getting even a single penny of my investment am so disgusted, lost all my little savings & now back on zero."   One Alex Othieno - most probably from Tororo (where there is reported ASF!)

Wim Goris Said to hear about your loss (thumbs down). But, what where the signs of illnes on the piglets? What treatment was applied by the vet?

2 years 6 months ago

Christopher Mulindwa We can do something.....!

2 years 6 months ago

Nanyunja Prossy Mr. Mulindwa, what can we do? I am also a pig farmer who would love to know what can be done about the deadly ASF.

2 years 6 months ago

TAMALE JULIUS Its all about farm preventive measures because ASF has no treatment, you need to carry out periodic immunization and immune booster, clean environment, restrict visitors and animals, stop feeding pigs with leftovers among other precautions.

2 years 5 months ago

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Mission of the company

The mission of this company is to rear pigs using modern techniques, we are rearing races that are modern with excellent production.

Vision of the company

We envision extending the project so that the local population can benefit from this and rear pig as well. We expect the extension of the project to increase the income of local population

Location of the project

Recently, the project is situated at Gahinga Village, Karukungu Cell, Janja Sector within Gakenke District. We are planning to sensitize all interested people so that we can collaborate to increase the level of production.


The project is managed by Andre James, and at this time He is acting as the accountant of the project. In the near future, a

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Promotion of pig farming in Kenya ,Specifically Vihiga County.

Florence Wesonga Okwero There is need to create for a platform where pig farmers can meet and discussing the challenges they are facing in this industry.This platform is a serious need in western part of Kenya where farmers are in serious production but no laid out market links and a cottage industry for value addition. What do you think as a member of Agri focus.

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Deputy Secretary General Challenged Participants @ 1st East African Youth Conference on Pig farming as a solution to Poverty Alleviation in rural areas.

The 1st EAC Youth Conference gathered more than 200 youths and senior officers from EAC Countries with a theme "YOUTH: THINK.SPEAK.PARTICIPE". Participants have been inspired and agribusiness took a major place in constructive discussions. In the closing ceremony, DSG shared the power of pig farming for income generation. Following is a pitch on the project of pig farming in Huye District to be implemented by Youth Agri Business Co. Ltd.

Huye district has an estimated population of 328, 608; average population growth rate of 2.20%, inactivity rate of 19.3% and a labor force of 75.6% engaged in agriculture. About 300 million youth aged 16 to 30 years are unemployed around the world, though having potentials of becoming entrepreneurs, only less than 5% do due to lack of today’s labor market skills. More than 118, 000 youth population aged 14-35

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Didier MUYIRAMYE That is really woww! Congz to Youth Agribusiness Co. Ltd. Could you tell us other info on Youth Agribusiness Co.? is it a cooperative, company? Where is it based at?

3 years 1 month ago

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4 pregnant sows available at only USh. 800,000. Offer from Pig Production and Marketing Ltd, this festive season. Call now: 0773422445, 0703712828. Sales@pigfarmers.co.ug

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Several pig farmers have not been able to make profit from their pig farm businesses, is this a question of sector viability or poor approach and farm planning?


In this article, we want to discuss the profitability of pig farming and determine the factors why some farmers fail to meet their goals! Before the discussion can start, we have to put some facts in pig production down: 


  •        The average weaning weight of a piglet is 12kg.

  •        The average weaning age of a piglet is 2 months

  •       The average weight gain (ADG) of a pig is 0.6Kg per day.

  •       The average breeding age of a pig is 8 months.

  •       The gestation of a pig is 114 days.

  •       Rest time before next breeding is 14 days.

  •       Three types of feeds are available for the pigs, creep, grower and sow and weaner.

  •      The dressing percentage of a pig is 75%

  •      The current price of pork to city abattoirs is 6,000/=

In pig farming, feeding ac

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Daniel Bwette

thanks Christopher for this rich article about feeding. some clarity on whether the ratios above are without supplements like green. Bwette

4 years 1 day ago

Peter Mugagga

Hello Christopher,

Given the cost of fish, I had resorted to usage of soya bean which has considerably lower crude protein content comparable to fish (43 vs.60), but has a higher metabolizable energy (2,800 vs. 2,310) from the info you have shared.

1. Do I need to add a small amount of fish to compliment the protein content in Soya?

2. Is the rate of kcal/kg for Soya advantageous?

3. what would be the most suitable rations if I go ahead to use Soya instead of fish? I have grown and harvested my own soya and which costs about 1,700/= as compared to fish of 2,500/=

4. How about usage of crushed beans? I have harvested some and wanted to try out

5. I have not been segregating between creeep, Grower and sow+weaner. but have used same rations for all...doing the numbers, most of these are OK except I would not estimate the soya for fish...what do you advise would be the suitable quantities given the combination below?

Maize bran - 100kg

Soya - 40kg

Cotton - 20kg

shells - 8kg

salt - 0.5kg

vit mix - 0.5kg

6. Would you recommend roasted anthill soil as substitute for Bone Ash. I currently give - 2 - 3/100 kg of maize bran

Many thanks and I look forward to the training of Feb 14 - 15 on esp pork value addition, supply chain mgt and marketing



4 years 1 day ago

Christopher Mulindwa

Dear Peter, Soya is a very important alternative for fish.

1. It is better to add a small amount of fish, not only to supplement feed protein content but also making the feed more attractive to the pigs. We have already developed different formulas with soya as main protein source but have to test them before presenting to you. This may take some time! For fatteners, formulas may be available by July and for Sows by end of December this year. International Livestock Research Institute is also doing research on the different feedstuffs available locally to determine their effect on pig growth. All this will be very useful but later this year.

2. Of-course, that is why we have to test. Using Soya must have an effect on the quantity of a carbohydrate source used. All this can be concluded after close observation of pigs subjected to different formulas considering the energy content of Soya. Soon or later, we will come to this. Keep following.

3. Peter, the route you are taking is wright. We are preparing another blog on commercial feeds verses Own garden feeds. I believe the blog will prove you right given our findings.

4. From the plant foods, soya bean is the best protein source. For all beans, processing (roasting, cooking etc) is very important to remove factors that inhibit proper digestion. You cannot just crush and give to the pigs, the protein available will not be utilizable. Unlike Soybean, other beans must be cooked not roasted. This in one way or the other decrease their storage life hence may be not cost effective.

5. I will send you more information about this via email soon.

6. Relying on red soil as main calcium and phosphorus source needs some consideration and is not a reliable activity! Red soil is commonly used as iron supplement in pig feeds and the aim is to prevent anemia mostly in piglets. Iron is a vital component of the haemoglobin in the erythrocyte (red blood cells) that is the carrier of oxygen in the blood to the tissues. Even with iron, soil should not be considered a reliable source but only a supplement.The challenge is determining actual values of targeted minerals available.

4 years 20 hours ago

Peter Mugagga

GREAT! thanks for the feedback and quick response Christopher....I will absolutely wait for the different test results


4 years 11 hours ago

Peter Mugagga Dear Christopher, Was the study on usage of soya in place of fish ever published? Can I access a copy? Best, Peter

2 years 10 months ago