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Vacancy: SPARK Rwanda Project Officer IPoVaf

(Deadline: 22nd February 2018)

SPARK is a growing, young, dynamic development NGO with 80 staff members in offices in Amsterdam, Belgrade, Bujumbura, Juba, Kigali, Monrovia, Mitrovica, Pristina and Ramallah. SPARK develops higher education and entrepreneurship, so that young ambitious people are empowered to lead their post-conflict society into prosperity.

SPARK is achieving its mission by organizing business plan competitions, business skills training, SME coaching & mentoring, business incubation, SME financing, intensive higher vocational summer courses, curriculum development and quality assurance at universities and higher vocational education institutions.

SPARK is currently looking for a Project Officer Irish Potato Value chain Financing (IPoVaF). The Project Officer will be responsible to provide technical support on the implementation of the Irish Potato Value chain financing (IPoVaF) project under the direct supervision of the Pro

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Faustin Ntawugashira Hello?I am Faustin Ntawugashira from Nyarugenge.I would like to know farming of bees.Thank you

2 months 1 week ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Dear Faustin Ntawugashira, you can contact this person, he is an expert in beekeeping(//agriprofocus.com/profile/kelvin.odoobo.5768). They also do training for the people who are willing to do beekeeping project. For any other problem, please contact us. we ready to help you.

2 months 1 week ago

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Large scale Irish potatoe Farming

Good morning t u all. Am kindly asking for any knowledge about Irish potato farming. I would also like to know whether it can be intercropped with beans on a large scale and the yields for both will still be good. Thanks. 

Janine Schoeman Dear Eron, thank you for posting on the platform. Please make sure you place the text in the actual post and only use tags for individual words/ names. For you the tags could be potato, beans. I have amended your post this time. Kind Regards 

4 months 3 weeks ago

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Hello everyone,

 I am Byiringiro Boniface. I am a student at University of Rwanda-College of Agriculture, Environmental management and veterinary Medicine(UR_CAEVM). I am working with Twigire Muhinzi Rusebeya. Generally, I am a passionate farmer and i focus on potato farming.

I like farming and now am focusing on Irish potato farming. This network will help me in linking with other stakeholders involving in Potato value chain. I am very happy to join this network.

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Welcome on the platform Byiringiro Boniface! Use the search portal to meet different stakeholders with focus on potato value chain! Feel free to use the platform.

6 months 3 weeks ago

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Vacancy: SPARK Rwanda Project Manager IPoVaf

Deadline: 27 November 2017

SPARK is a growing, young, dynamic development NGO with 80 staff members in offices in Amsterdam, Belgrade, Bujumbura, Juba, Kigali, Monrovia, Mitrovica, Pristina and Ramallah. SPARK develops higher education and entrepreneurship, so that young ambitious people are empowered to lead their post-conflict society into prosperity.

SPARK is achieving its mission by organizing business plan competitions, business skills training, SME coaching & mentoring, business incubation, SME financing, intensive higher vocational summer courses, curriculum development and quality assurance at universities and higher vocational education institutions.

SPARK is currently looking for a Project Manager Irish Potato Value chain Financing (IPoVaF)

The Project Manager will be responsible for the overall management of the Irish Potato Value chain Financing (IPoVaF) project in order to ensure a successful implementation.

IPoVaF is a 2 years pro

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BARWANISHYAKA Jean de Dieu thank you thacien for your link

7 months 6 days ago

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Dans le cadre des journées portes ouvertes organisées du 26 au 27 juillet 2017 par l’Ambassade des Pays Bas au Burundi, les organisations IFDC et ICCO Coopération ont partagé leur approche de collaboration complémentaire pour développer la chaîne de valeur Pomme de Terre cas de la coopérative IMBANZAGUSERUKA de la Province de Kayanza.

Au Burundi, La Pomme de Terre est classé 1ère en terme de revenu pour les producteurs 22% et contribue à hauteur de 16, 7% à la sécurité alimentaire du Pays. Le programme Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) d’IFDC qui intervient dans le développement de l’entrepreneuriat semencier appui la coopérative IMBANZAGUSERUKA spécialisée en multiplication des semences à travers le système de précommande au niveau de l’ISABU. A son tour le Programme Microfinance, Agri finance and Value Chain (MAVC) de ICCO Coopération facilite La commercialisation

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Effectiveness of Networks in Seed Potato Sector Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Article by Food & Business Knowledge Platform

Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University has been granted funds by the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) to carry out a pilot study on the role of agro-based clustering in sustainable upscaling in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

The SustUpscaling project aims to understand the drivers of sustainable upscaling by Dutch firms in agribusiness in LMICs. The project investigates the impact of firm network characteristics and institutional conditions on sustainable upscaling performance in value chain clusters to understand the role of agro-based clustering in competitiveness.

The project encourages the active participation of private seed breeders and multipliers, farmer cooperatives/growers, local government representatives, NGOs and research institutes. It is piloted in the seed potato sector in Kenya and Ethiopia to:

  1. Measure the sustainable upsc

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F&BKP newsletter 2017 #01

Bulletin d'information Food & Business Knowledge Platform 2017 # 1

Link / Lien: http://knowledge4food.net/fbkp-newsletter-2017-01/


- Mapping of social entrepreneurs in food value chains within their supporting ecosystems

- Stakeholder perceptions & future outlook of Food & Business Knowledge Platform

- Potential of hybrid potato cultivars in East Africa

- RUAF analysis report “The role of private sector in city region food systems”

- Food for All Talk 01: "From production system to food system" (WBG-NL partnership)

- ARF Country workshop in Uganda

- GCP Call with CCAFS on Climate Smart Agriculture

- Upcoming study & learning project on poultry development in East Africa

- Learning Platforms on Land Governance and Food Security

Follow this link / suivez ce lien:


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Regional AgriProFocus Country Coordinators meeting - November 2016

On 28-30 November 2016, three AgriProFocus country coordinators (Rwanda, DR Congo & Burundi) met in Kigali to discuss progress in their countries and look for possibilities of organizing some cross country activities among the 3 country networks in 2017. Among the topics discussed, ‘’Youth’’ and ‘’Potato’’ emerged as possible regional programs the 3 countries can focus on.


Engagement of youth in agribusiness is currently high on the agenda of development cooperation and the network approach applied in Rwanda in 2016 turned out very effective. The AgriProFocus approach regarding Linking and Learning really came out as added value. There is a need for the young of the countries to exchange experiences, evaluate the start of their businesses, hear successes and challenges on a regional level.


The participation of the DRC and Burundi teams in the Potato Week  (funded by Agriterra and co-organ

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Janine Schoeman Great picture guys!

1 year 4 months ago

maureen munjua woooh i like this guys ... true team work 

1 year 4 months ago

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Final Report _ Potato Week (Musanze, November 29 - 1 December 2016)

The 6th edition of the "Potato Week" took place in Musanze/Northern Province of Rwanda, from November 29 to December 1, 2016 with “Market access and access to finance for potato producers in Great Lakes region” as the main theme. As usual, this annual event was jointly organized by Farmer Organizations involved in the potato value chain in the Great Lakes sub-region, with the support of their international partners.

For this 2016 edition, 12 Farmer Organizations from 4 countries in Great Lakes sub region were involved, including those from the Democratic Republic of Congo (FOPAC North Kivu, FOPAC South Kivu, LOFEPACO, UPDI, ASOP, COOCENKI and SYDIP), Uganda (Kisoro District Farmers, Mbarara District Farmers and UNSPPD), Burundi (CAPAD) and Imbaraga of Rwanda that led the organization and hosted the event.

Two Dutch organisations, Agriterra and AgriProFocus were also involved, and have funded the activities of the event. D

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Event posted by in AgriProFocus Rwanda
  29 November 2016 to 01 December 2016 - All Day Event

AgriProFocus, IMBARAGA et Agriterra organisent la «semaine pomme de terre», prévue  à Musanze du 29 novembre au 1er decembre.

La culture de la pomme de terre dans la région des grand lacs reste une culture très importante pour plusieurs raisons. Elle est à la fois une culture vivrière même temps une culture de rente.

Toutefois, sa production dans cette région n’est pas si bonne par rapport à la production maximale par hectare dans d’autres pays comme le pays Bas qui produit jusque a 44.7 t par hectare. Par exemple, au Rwanda, même si t le pays est le troisième producteur de l'Afrique subsaharienne, après l'Afrique du Sud et le Malawi le rendement maximale reste a 9 t par ha.

A l’instar de la chaine de valeur pomme de terre, les organisations paysannes de la sous-région évoluant en partenariat avec les institutions et organisations paysannes et/ou internationales organisent conjointement, chaque année, une rencontre dédiée à « la semaine pomme

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Workshop Kentang Nasional

AgriProFocus Indonesia bekerjasama dengan Wageningen University and Research, Fresh Dynamics Asia, and VegImpact mengorganisir Workshop Nasional tentang kentang. Workshop yang berlangung 27 Oktober 2016 di Gand Kemang Jakarta ini membuka perspektif lebih luas mengenai rantai nilai kentang. Mulai dari pembibitan, produksi, pengolahan, hingga pemasaran. Dengan mengajak berbagai pihak dari pembuat kebijakan, produsen, pengolah, perusahaan suplai, dan lembaga riset, workshop ini mengidentifikasi tantangan di sector kentang. Identifikasi ini penting untuk menemukan gap agar rantai nilai kentang baik di pasar segar maupun olahan dapat berkembang.

Workshop ini bertujuan menginformasikan pemangku kepentingan, pembuat kebijakan, dan pihak lain yang berminat tentang kondisi terkini sektor kentang di Indonesia. Selain menemukan gap dan kesempatan dalam rantai nilai kentang, workshop juga membuat road map nasional untuk menjawab berbagai tantangan sector kentang di masa depan.


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Mamat kpg saya tertarik dengan materi presentari workshopnya

1 year 7 months ago

Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Sudah kami kirim ya, keep sharing!

1 year 7 months ago

Latifahtun Nisa saya tertarik dengan materi presentasinya, kebetulan tahun depan mau coba untuk tanam kentang dataran rendah. email saya tiffa.nisa22@gmail.com

1 year 7 months ago

Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Sent ya Mbak.. keep on sharing :)

1 year 7 months ago

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am a Rwandan, we have a new technology of producing MINI-TUBER of Irish potato, by using AEROPONIC System.

am an expert in it, because am the first who learn to build an aeroponic, use it, all technology of it a was get it from the innovator of aeroponic system Dr victor otazz, an American originated in peru.

So, am an engineer in crop sciences, graduated whit a Bachelor's degree in crop production.

And also a have a knowledge on installation of aeroponic, installation of greenhouse use in healthy plant production.

Making an irrigation system in those greenhouse and aeroponic.

Didier MUYIRAMYE Dear Evariste, Thanks a lot for sharing with us this interesting innovation. Where are you based? Have you already installed (for farmers) some greenhouses with the aeroponic system? We would also appreciate if you could also share with us your contact details, and/or also update your profile (See more at: http://agriprofocus.com/post/57863de6a93f254ad2f8c604) Kind regards,

1 year 9 months ago

Lenny Gashugi Hi Evariste, we need you in GAB Group. Try to meet us for a discussion.

1 year 8 months ago

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Posted 21 June 2016 at 07:32

Two new evaluation reports of Product Market Combination (PMC) projects have been published. Learn more on how the vegIMPACT program connected small shallot farmers in Brebes to modern markets in Jakarta and how we upgraded a potato crisps home industry supply chain in West Java, from farmer to processer to trader and retailer. In the reports we share both challenges & results.

SHALLOT (Bawang merah)


POTATO (Kentang)


Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Thank you Marijn for keeping us updated with insightful experience from VegImpact! Is the reports also available in bahasa version?

2 years 6 hours ago

Marijn van der Laan No it is unfortunately only available in English.

2 years 5 hours ago

Marijn van der Laan As all full PMC reports are only available in English, I now have added the Bahasa Indonesia version of the PMC leaflets online. Summary of lessons learned in all PMC's are described in the leaflets. Below a link. http://www.vegimpact.com/en/component/attachments/download/39

2 years 4 hours ago

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10th Triennial African Potato Association (APA) Conference  

Become a sponsor of APA 2016 ! You do not only support an international conference of a well-established, highly respected and successful Association, but can also benefit in multiple ways:

· You get beforehand attention of your sponsorship for APA Conference thanks to the implementation of your logo on the APA website which links automatically to your Website whenever clicked on.

· You profit from APA’s marketing campaigns and are highly visible in related media like Facebook

· You meet influential opinion leaders who spread important outcomes of the Conference in their countries and thus act as important agents for your work be it in research or business.

· You showcase your work through exhibition booths and address your target group directly

· You gain extraordinary attention within your target group

Read More on the Event Post

Visit the Website

Janine Schoeman Dear Gabriele, Thank you for sharing this on the platform. I have seen you have created a personal profile and a organisation profile (African Potato Organisation). This is very good!! You can link the oganization to your personal profile. To do this please click on your name (top right of page). This will open up your personal profile. On the lefthand side you will see an option: add organization. You can now select African Potato Organisation. Any questions, please let me know!

2 years 4 weeks ago


10th Triennial APA Conference

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Ethiopia
  09 October 2016 to 13 October 2016 - All Day Event
  Addis Ababa UN Conference Center

The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) and the International Potato Center (CIP) will be co-hosting the 10th Triennial Conference of the African Potato Association in Ethiopia. It will be held October 9th to 13th, 2016 in Addis Ababa at the UN Conference Center.


The 10th Triennial Conference brings together researchers, development agents and the private sector to exchange experiences and recent research findings on potato and sweetpotato in Africa. The major focus of the international conference will be the potential of potato and sweet potato to address food security and malnutrition in Africa, in particular, the promising contribution of the two crops to rural economic growth in Africa and its promising economic value for farmers and entrepreneurs.


Close to 200 participants including researchers, development practitioners, policy-makers and entrepreneur

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Dialogue with the Farmers

On the 2nd Agricultural Extension and Finance Fair

Batu, 27 April 2016

On March 2015 AgriProFocus Ethiopia and OXFAM GB, in close collaboration with Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization, organized in Batu a successful agribusiness finance fair which farmers took the stage. Read more about the previous Finance Fair HERE.

Yesterday, April 27 2016, the 2nd Agricultural Extension and Finance Fair was organized in Batu with the objective of extending the dialogue started on last year’s Finance Fair between the farmers themselves and the relevant stakeholders. On this Finance Fair also the farmers were given to express their challenges relating to access to finance and agricultural extension services and to present their achievements with the support of OXFAM GB and Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization.

The event which included a panel discussion with two paper presentations and an exhibition by different organizations, opened

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Quality and innovation in food chains.

Lessons and insights from Africa

Editors: Jos Bijman and Verena Bitzer. Published: 2016 Pages: 274.

Improving product quality has become essential for food chains in developing countries. Quality and innovation in food chains: lessons from Africa presents a set of case studies on food quality improvement and innovation in African food chains, with cases from South Africa, Ethiopia, Benin, Uganda and Senegal.

The book is based on interdisciplinary collaborative research projects. An interdisciplinary approach leads to better insights in the opportunities and constraints for quality improvement, and helps public and private actors in seizing the opportunities and removing the constraints.

This publication shows how a co-innovation perspective can be developed and applied. Co-innovation entails the combination of technical, organisational and institutional changes, the involvement of various chain actors, and the introduction of complementary innovations at

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Georges Djodji Akibodé La qualité et l'innovation dans les chaînes alimentaires. Leçons et perspectives de l'Afrique Editors: Jos Bijman et Verena Bitzer. Publié: 2016 Pages: 274. L'amélioration de la qualité des produits est devenue essentiele pour les chaînes alimentaires dans les pays en développement. La qualité et l'innovation dans les chaînes alimentaires: les leçons de l'Afrique présente un ensemble d'études de cas sur l'amélioration de la qualité des aliments et de l'innovation dans les chaînes alimentaires africaines, avec des cas en provenance d'Afrique du Sud, l'Ethiopie, le Bénin, l'Ouganda et le Sénégal. Le livre est basé sur des projets de recherche en collaboration interdisciplinaires. Une approche interdisciplinaire conduit à de meilleures perspectives dans les opportunités et contraintes pour l'amélioration de la qualité, et aide les acteurs publics et privés à saisir les possibilités en éliminant les contraintes. Cette publication montre comment une perspective de co-innovation peut être développée et appliquée. Co-innovation implique la combinaison de modifications techniques, organisationnelles et institutionnelles, la participation des différents acteurs de la chaîne, et l'introduction d'innovations complémentaires à différents niveaux de la chaîne alimentaire. La qualité et l'innovation dans les chaînes alimentaires: les leçons de l'Afrique est une lecture essentielle pour toute personne impliquée dans l'étude, le soutien et la mise en œuvre des améliorations de la qualité et des innovations dans les chaînes alimentaires. La publication complète, aussi comme des chapitres distincts, disponible en ligne (Open Access). http://www.wageningenacademic.com/doi/book/10.3920/978-90-8686-825-4 - Voir plus: http://www.agriprofocus.com

2 years 1 month ago

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Posted 11 April 2016 at 07:51

The potato transformation for food security

Faced with a number of challenges like high cost of labor, dependence on rain fed production, inability to enforce the 50 Kg packaging standards amongst others, potato still feeds a greater percentage of Kenya’s population.

For one to have better results, we have to start from quality seed production. Start by implementing ideas now because tomorrow is too late.’ Mentioned James Karanja from Kevian. Mr. Karanja was speaking at the national potato conference and exhibition that was held on 31st March 2016 at the KARLO headquarters and from his words you could tell that Potato is one of the most important food crops for nutrition as well as the next food crop after Maize.

The event brought together, producers, processors, input suppliers, financial institutions and all the stakeholders involved in the potato value chain. Being a first event of its kind, there was much to take home for all the participants.

AgriProFocus Kenya and Glo

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FSRE Learning Event: Potato Value Chain

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Ethiopia
  26 April 2016, All Day Event
  Addis Ababa

FSRE Learning Event: Potato Value Chain

Invitation Only

Financed by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and managed ICCO Cooperation, on behalf of AgriProFocus, FSRE Fund has been supporting 68 projects in Ethiopia in different value chains with two windows of Call for Proposals – Innovation and Matching Grant Facilities.

AgriProFocus Ethiopia will organize a Learning Event for FSRE Fund projects engaged in the potato value chain on April 26, 2016 in Addis Ababa.

AgriProFocus Ethiopia has been organizing various Learning Events for the winner projects based on rounds of Calls. Recently, Learning Events were themed to target projects with similar value chains. Accordingly, poultry projects were joined to share experiences and learn together from existing challenges. There will be a Learning Event for projects in horticulture sector on 14 April 2016.

Afterwards, on 26th April, AgriProFocus will bring together most relevant stakeholders and actors who are working on potato.

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Posted 3 February 2016 at 04:25

The vegIMPACT program has published 2 new reports on their potato activities in Indonesia. The reports can be downloaded from www.vegimpact.com or by clicking on below links.

vegIMPACT report 17: Agronomics and economics of potato production in Indonesia
vegIMPACT report 18: Results of potato late blight demonstration in Indonesia

If you would like to follow our activities in Indonesia more closely, 'like' our facebook page.



vegIMPACT, improved vegetable production and marketing for small farmers in Indonesia

AgriProFocus Indonesia Thank you for sharing Marijn! The reports will be a valuable information regarding the potato sector in Indonesia.

2 years 4 months ago