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Collaboration between SEAD and the Rwanda Poultry Industry Association (RPIA)

With the worldwide food security emerging as a major policy issue, strengthening and optimizing key agriculture value chains is of growing importance. SEAD is strengthening the capacities of the actors in 4 value chains, among which the poultry chain. 

For establishing the highest impact, it is important that the project engages with all actors in the chain, from service & input providers, to farmers, cooperatives, processors, traders and, not to forget, the customers. Having a single point of access into the value chains is a deliberate strategy of the project, witnessed by established collaboration with IMBARAGA Farmers’ Organisation and the Rwanda National Dairy Platform. For the poultry chain, the SEAD project engaged in a collaboration with the Rwanda Poultry Industry Association (RPIA), of which Mr. Jean Claude Ruzibiza is the president.

imageTo confirm our collaboration, that will be anchored in a Memorandum of

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68th Kienyeji Chicken Farming & Feed Formulation Training

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  27 January 2018, All Day Event
  Homerange Poultry Farm - Ruaka along Limuru road, Nairobi.

Training on Poultry Farming in Kenya | Poultry Farming Training in Kenya | Training on kienyeji Chicken Farming in Kenya | 68th Comprehensive Training on Poultry Farming | 68th Kienyeji Chicken Farming Training on Saturday, 27th January 2018; Charges Kshs. 3500 per person!!


Maximum participants: 10 participants

Topics covered:
1) Incubation and Hatching
2) Brooding of chicks
3) Poultry Housing
4) Poultry feeding and nutrition
5) Disease control and management
6) Marketing and distribution of your poultry products.
7) General farm management and record keeping.

You MUST attend our upcoming 68th Homerange training on Saturday, 27th January 2018 because we will be training in great detail and practically how to formulate and mix your own quality poultry feeds along with how to make your own small homemade feed mixer that can mix atleast 50kgs

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At the end of 2017, Ethiopia Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) had important platform meeting under the four agricultural sub-sectors: Spices, poultry, aquaculture, and legumes.

Please find the following newsletter to read highlights about their meetings and to find relevant information.

Download here: 5th platform meetings-Newsletter-ENTAG

If you want more info on ENTAG, visit www.entag.org

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Follow ENTAG Program on their social media outlets

ENTAG is Ethiopia Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth Program under the umbrella of #BENEFIT partnership. They are supporting, facilitating, and creating network on different value chains such as poultry, aquaculture, sesame, spice, legumes, and so on. ENTAG has been our partners since 2015 in jointly organizing the bimonthly Business Drinks.

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Posted 13 November 2017 at 09:48


The Mastercard Foundation and Michigan State University launch a 5 year program for youth which will benefit 15,000 youth in Nigeria and Tanzania aged between 18-24 years, named "Agrifood Youth Opportunity  Lab (Ag Youth Lab)". On 10th November the Agri Food Lab held a Focus Group Discussion for the program and joined together different stakeholders from agriculture sector(whereby AfriProFocus took part).

The Agri Youth Lab will ignite opportunities to youth in 5 agrifood sector which  are poultry, aquaculture, horticulture, cassava and oil seeds. Through training, youth will be able to employ themselves and get job opportunities in the agrifood sector.

To know on how to get involved in the project below is the link that will guide you through what to do to be part it and get into training session.

Read more about Agri Youth Lab HERE.  

Tatah Susan Victoria, connect to tell me more on AG Youth LAB, this would interest my German farmers. 

2 months 2 weeks ago


Agro Poultry East Africa

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  18 March 2018 to 20 March 2018 - All Day Event
  Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Agro Poultry East Africa is a 3 day event being held from 18th May to 20th May 2018 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 

This event showcases products like Agriculture Fibers, Tractors Toolbox, Animal Feeds, Agricultural Import & Export, Tractors Wheels Tyres, Animal Husbandry, Agro Chemicals, LED & HID Lights, Clinics, Agro Based Products & Commodities, Quick Hitch, Diagnostics, Dairy Products & Equipments, Pipes & Fittings etc. in the Agriculture & Forestry, Meat, Poultry & Seafood industries.

Read more about the event details  and visitors who are attending the event, including location and more HERE.


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The first edition of Poultry Africa 2017 event took place from the 4th to 5th at Kigali Convention Centre. It was a two days event which brought together over 1000 key stakeholders in poultry industry mainly from Europe, North America and Sub-Saharan Africa, to discuss the development of the poultry industry in Africa.

The event themed “Poultry Africa 2017” was organized by Netherlands - African Business Council (NABC) in close cooperation with VNU Exhibitions, the Dutch Poultry Centre and Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI). The Stakeholders of poultry industry from international and national level discussed about the poultry industry development on the African continent.

Mr. Jean Claude Kayisinga, the Permanent Secretary in MINAGRI, opening this global event noted that this is a rare opportunity to bring together poultry industry stakeholders across the value chain from farmers

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Posted 28 July 2017 at 01:32

AgDevCo invests $225,000 in Kingchick Poultry in TANZANIA

AgDevCo, a social impact agribusiness investor has announced a $225,000 debt investment into a Tanzanian poultry business. The company, Kingchick Poultry, is scaling up its operations with the aim of establishing a food safe, quality controlled source of chicken for the Tanzanian market.

Kingchick Poultry is a Tanzanian owned and run broiler producer, founded by Rose Sweya in 2010. Since 2010 the business has enjoyed significant growth. Initially rearing 200 broilers per cycle, today Kingchick produces over 130,000 broilers per year. AgDevCo's investment will support the business to grow production in the coming years through the modernisation and expansion of its facilities, as well as provide additional support to the governance and management of the business as it grows.

Through a live sales offtake with one Tanzanian's biggest poultry processers, as well as local direct sales through agents and an outlet stor

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Poultry Trade Mission to Rwanda and Uganda

(Message from Daphne Meijer-Willems | Program Manager Agribusiness at NABC)

Dear all,

Hereby I would like to inform you about the upcoming Poultry Africa 2017 Expo and Leadership Conference in Kigali. This expo will take place on 4 and 5 October 2017. During the same week NABC will organize a trade mission to Uganda and Rwanda from 1 - 6 October.

We would be pleased to see you at the expo and leadership conference and do not hesitate to invite contacts in the poultry sector. This will be the ideal place for them to meet Dutch companies (already 16 companies subscribed for the trade mission) and in total 70 exhibitors will be at the expo.

We hope to welcome you all at the Poultry Africa in Kigali and please let me know if you are willing to attend.
We will also organize a matchmaking session during the expo, so poultry farms/companies interested are welcome to subscribe via the attached form.

Thank you in advance.

With kind regards, 

Daphne Meijer

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Thacien MUNYAMAHAME The potential poultry companies and other relevant organizations like poultry feeds processors are encouraged to involve in this Expo and Leadership Conference in Kigali. It will be a good opportunity for their business improvement!

5 months 3 weeks ago


Fourth Poultry Platform Meeting at Bishoftu

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  01 August 2017, All Day Event

Dear poultry stakeholders

You are warmly invited to the fourth Poultry Platform meeting to be hold on Tuesday August 01, 2017 in Debre-Zeyit Bin international hotel. This, the 4th poultry platform meeting is organized by Ethiopia-Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) Program in cooperation with the Ethiopian Poultry Producers and Processors Association (EPPPA).

The theme of the forthcoming meeting will be:

• Discussion on current Challenges of Biosecurity and vaccine failure in and around Debre –Zeite area and possible solutions

• Introduction and field business tour of new poultry slaughtering and processing company.

• Experience sharing with one private poultry farm

Besides the poultry farmers and micro enterprises all important stakeholders of MoLF, Oromia livestock and fishery development bureau , Investment bureau, Debre Zeite city administration MoLF office and others important stakeholders in related to the a

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Anyone dealing in local chicken at a large scale please I need your contacts.


7 months 2 weeks ago

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Doing Business in Zambia Meeting - 26th April, 2017 

As part of the Dairy and Poultry Trade Mission, the Doing Business in Zambia Meeting was held on 26th April, 2017 at the Southern Sun Hotel. This meeting was held to give insight to the Dutch and Zambian Businesses on the business landscape and the opportunities that are in Zambia. This occasion was graced by the Director of Zambia Development Agency and we had presentations from Patents and Company Registration Agency (PACRA), Zambia Bureau of Standards, Zambia Revenue Authority, Poultry Association of Zambia and the Dairy Association of Zambia. Each of these institutions gave an insight on the rules and regulations in respect to their mandate in the event that the business would be interested in participating in doing business in the Zambian business environment.   



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  20 June 2017 - 08:00 to 22 June 2017 - 06:00
  Johannesburg, South Africa

Our Valued Customers we are happy to invite you to visit our Stand number 90 in the biggest poultry event in Africa. Sponsored by South African Poultry Association. AVI AFRICA 2017, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 20-22 JUNE 2017.

whats app : +201118033394

email : info@el-masreya.net

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Challenges of poultry sector in Ethiopia discussed

On April 28, 2017 at Azzeman Hotel, all stakeholders of the Ethiopian poultry sector were invited to discuss on the challenges and opportunities of poultry. This happened on the Poultry Platform Meeting organized by Ethiopia Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG), in collaboration with Ethiopian Poultry Producers Association.

Dr Thomas, advisor to the Ministry of Livestock and Fishery, made a speech on behalf of HE Minister Dr. Fekadu, indicating the current status of the sector and government plans. He said, " a lot of work is ahead of us."

Owner of a private poultry farm, Genene Tesfaye, made detail presentation explaining current challenges of the sector from the side of agribusiness owners. He mentioned that poultry challenge in Ethiopia lies in many areas such as market, feed, vaccine, lack of training, and legal system. He also said, "Government always promises, but no solutions yet."

The discussion continued with questions and answ

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woubshet mekonnen i cant find the challenges and difficulties asked by participants and business owners.please share us.

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Business to Business Meetings

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  02 July 2017 to 06 July 2017 - All Day Event
  Dar Es Salaam

The 41 st DITF, Buyer/Seller meetings aims at linking sellers and buyers of agricultural produce to establish business relationships for selected sectors. The sectors are:

i. Oil seeds – Sunflower and Sesame

ii. Dairy

iii. Horticultural produce (Cabbage, Vegetables, Tomatoes, Nutmeg, Mangoes, Black pepper, Chillies, Okra, Lime, Pineapples, Dried Cloves, Ginger, Onions and Water melon)

iv. Poultry

Both buyers and sellers will be provided with platform to discuss the sector and assess the product availability, quantity and quality, varieties, delivery logistics, sales agreements and new market opportunities.

Find More details HERE

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Do you want to optimize feeding for your livestock? Download the feed Calculator App Now

The feed calculator is an innovative smartphone app for livestock farmers in developing countries to make their own profitable feed mixes. It allows small-scale livestock farmers to optimize their own feed mixes. As you might be aware, many farmers do not have access to high quality and affordable feed for their livestock. Also tons of feed are wasted because farmers have neither the capacity nor the access to the knowledge and tools that are available in developed countries. The Feed Calculator is about to change this, and their lives.

In Tanzania, IITA, BRAC and Single Spark have piloted this app and the results are amazing. See the video HERE. To learn more about the app follow this LINK.

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Combatting the AMR Crisis in the African Livestock Sector

My colleagues Sylvia Natukunda business & partnership manager and Wim Goris network facilitator discuss steps needed to curb the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance in the livestock sector. This article appeared on FarmingFirst and the monthly newsletter of the World Farmers Organisation.

Antibiotics are crucial in human and animal health and yet growing levels of resistance to these drugs pose an increasingly serious threat to public health. One of the key contributing factors to such antimicrobial resistance is irresponsible use of antibiotics in the livestock sector.

AgriProFocus is a multi-stakeholder network with Dutch roots that promotes farmer entrepreneurship as a contribution to food and nutrition security in developing countries. Food quality is a growing concern in many of these countries. But the awareness of the threat of antibiotic resistance is still low.

Need for upscaling proper advice and monitoring

Dairy profess

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Grants for Grabs!

Prior to the Holland Pavilion at the Agritech expo, AgriProFocus Zambia organized a “Doing Business in Zambia” Seminar. The seminar was meant to highlight the status of the Poultry and Dairy sector in Zambia and the nature of the business environment with regards to the agriculture sector.

All the key stakeholder that were present including Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Zambia Development Agency, Zambia Bureau of Standards, Zambia Revenue Authority,  PACRA, Poultry Association of Zambia and Dairy Association of Zambia identified the potential investment opportunities in the poultry and dairy sub-sectors to be:

1. Feed additives and premixes

2. Vaccines and medicines for poultry and dairy

3. Improved poultry and dairy genetics

4. Diagnostic facilities

5. Commercial extension services as the government is slowly moving away from providing free extension services to farm

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Nathan Mwanaumo Hi Leah, the link doesn't open

9 months 19 hours ago

Chali Nyirenda

As part of the mission, the Doing Business in Zambia Meeting was held on 26th April, 2017 at the Southern Sun Hotel. This meeting was held to give insight to the Dutch and Zambian Businesses on the business landscape and the opportunities that are in Zambia. This occasion was graced by the Director of Zambia Development Agency and we had presentations from Patents and Company Registration Agency (PACRA), Zambia Bureau of Standards, Zambia Revenue Authority, Poultry Association of Zambia and the Dairy Association of Zambia. Each of these institutions gave an insight on the rules and regulations in respect to their mandate in the event that the business would be interested in participating in doing business in the Zambian business environment. Below are the presentations that were shared during the meeting    

Poultry Association of Zambia presentation 

Dairy Association of Zambia presentation 

Ministry of Livestock presentation  

Patents and Company Registration Agency (PACRA)/images.agri-profocus.nl/upload/Doing_Business_in_Zambia_Mission__PACCRA1498637286.pdf

Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) 

7 months 3 weeks ago

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Poultry: How to get started – meat or eggs?

Poultry farming can be profitable, but the prospective poultry farmer has to plan carefully beforehand.

Anyone who wants to produce poultry has first to find a market – even before acquiring land. A poultry farmer can produce for the meat market or the egg market. And don’t forget about by-products; farmers can recycle manure for composting, for instance.

Whichever market you choose, you have to know it is the right one. And to find it, you must know what you can produce and if there is a demand for it. Market research can supply this information.

Please read more here LINK

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Dutch Trade Mission: Bring Technology Closer to the Farmer

Given the potential of the agriculture sector, with particular attention to the small scale farmers on whom the sector's and the continent's economic transformation is premised, investments that empower farmers can help reduce poverty five times more than any other economic sector.

As AgriProFocus, we are committed to bring technology and information closer to the farmer. To this regard, AgriProFocus collaborated with the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Netherlands Export Combination and hosted 18 Dutch companies and knowledge institutions active in dairy and poultry at the 4th Agritech Expo in Zambia. The Dutch agricultural companies exhibited their products and were also present to provide information. It was an interesting 3 days program of learning about new technologies and linking.

The Holland Pavilion saw a thousand of farmers dedicated to acquiring expert knowledge in the sector. The government of the republic of Zamb

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