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The lawyer who pleads for animals:

Julius Bataamye, 49, is an accomplished commercial farmer. But as executive secretary at Uganda Petroleum College, Kigumba, few can imagine him on the farm pushing wheelbarrow-loads of animal waste, collecting chicken droppings and tending gardens. When Bataamye was in primary school, his father often sent him to a one Mulungwa, a resident of Butansi who was married to his (Bataamye's) auntie, to borrow cash to pay school fees. He was a farmer.

The professional lawyer owns a multi-million JB Farm in Naminage, Kamuli district. Sitting on 102 acres, JB Farm has a piggery with 1,250 pigs, 62 heifers and 39 calves, 409 goats, 79 sheep, 150 turkeys, 10,000 layers, 40 exotic rabbits and a modern incubator that hatches 1,500 chicks every month.

The farm also has a six-acre banana plantation, 1,000 mango trees, 2,000 coffee trees, nine acres of rice and a fish pond with 5,000 mmale (catfish) and tilapia.

Early life

When Bataamye was in primary school, hi

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Meet Remy Rutayisire: A university student on a mission to build a livestock business empire

Jean Remy Rutayisire is quite different from most youths. Unlike the majority of young men and women who find agriculture unattractive, Rutayisire says that this is an industry that has fascinated him since his childhood.

Desperate to raise money to start up an agricultural project, the Chief Executive Officer of the Muhanga based Urugwiro Poultry Farm Ltd took up a part-time job in photography in 2015. Since he was a high school student by then, he was only able to work during holidays, earning a daily wage of Rwf2,000.

He used some for his pocket money at school and saved the rest. By December last year, he had saved up to Rwf200,000—inadequate to see him venture into a significant farming project.

He was looking for Rwf2 million. However, efforts to mobilise capital from friends and relatives were unsuccessful. With his meagre savings, he decided to start a small poultry farm. o his

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Aime Hagabimana it is a great achievement project as youth!!!! big it up...

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I am currently doing research on how best I can start a commercial urban poultry farm. I am more interested in keeping layers under the battery cage system as this is more plausible in the urban setting where land is so scarce a recourse. In my research, resource minimization is highly enveloped and I want to have the layer cages locally fabricated. Could anyone know of a place, person who I can contract to do this for me?

Jimmy Awuzu Angubo Please contact Staunch Machinery in Kampala on +256701500000

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Meet Pheonah; a passionate farmer!

The work place as we know is where we spend the most productive time of our working lives. It is also a place of immense growth and learning, if we choose to learn. One of the SNV Uganda staff Pheonah Omach has chosen to learn. 

Every work day she is in the office by 7am where she dons on her work hat as the Human Resources & Operations Manager for SNV Uganda. At the end of the work day, Pheonah takes off her HR hat and reverts back to her farming lifestyle. 

You see, Pheonah has a secret passion – farming. Living on a one acre piece of land in Buwate, one of the suburbs around Kampala, Pheonah and her husband explored ways to optimise their land and make additional revenue. They decided to rear chicken for eggs as well as for meat.

Their enterprise while promising however, soon became a source of irritation not only to her family but her workers who month after month would leave after being hired. Her chicken droppings were stinking up the

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A Hands-On Poultry Farm Site Training

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  26 November 2016, 09:30-15:30
  Homerange Poultry Farm, Ruaka along Limuru road - Nairobi



Saturday, 26th November 2016; 9.30am - 3.00pm at Homerange Poultry Farm Ruaka town along Limuru road, Nairobi. Charges Kshs. 2500 per person

Please visit our website for more details http://www.homerangepoultry.com/kariimprovedkienyejichicken_nexttraining.html

Take no more chances, come learn all the best practices required to be applied in poultry farming enable you achieve great success and financial returns!

The training will be held from 9.30am - 3.00pm, at our Homerange Poultry Farm, Ruaka town along Limuru road, Nairobi.

Having trained over 8,500 participants, come learn with the experts today and join the elite group of farmers who we have had the privilege of interacting with and mentoring!

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Battery Cage Vs Deep Litter System – Why Poultry Cages Are Better?

Here are some reasons why you should go for the battery cage system as a poultry farmer.

Deep litter Or Battery cage In commercial layers rearing, egg production is much higher in caged birds because movement of chickens is restricted allowing more feed conversion into egg materials. Th

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How to Start Poultry Farming

Different Breeds of Chicken There are 3 basic types of chickens – broilers, cockerels and layers. As a new business, I would recommend that you choose, and specialize in one breed to begin your farm. Once you have gained the knowledge of how to maintain a farm, breed and rear your poultry, you may consider diversifying your portfolio, and possibly introduce additional breeds to your business.

You should keep in mind that broilers require around 8 weeks to grow to table size while cockerels require 6 months, and layers need a minimum of 19 weeks in order to begin laying eggs.

Prepare Your Space Depending on how you have planned your business, firstly, you should acquire a piece of land, which can satisfy your current, and future demands. This is essential especially if you plan to grow your business over time.

Once you have purchased the land, all that is left is to build your poultry house, and to protect it with secure fencing. The main feature of a

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REPORT of the FSRE Poultry Event held on 31 May 2016 is available now!

The purpose of this Poultry Event was to present the results of a poultry survey AgriProFocus conducted with small-scale poultry farmers living in and around Debre Zeit, Ethiopia. This Poultry event brought commercial farms and several pre-selected small-scale farmers and other poultry experts together to discuss the challenges in the poultry business and to jointly find ways to improve the working relations between the commercial farms and the small-scale farmers.

Please click here to access the report.

You can also find the PowerPoint presentations of the day by clicking on the link below:


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Fruitful FSRE Poultry Event with small-scale farmers and commercial farms

On Tuesday 31 May, 2016, we held a successful Poultry Event in Debre Zeit in which commercial farmers and small-scale farmers were able to meet each other face-to-face and discuss the challenges and opportunities regarding the general poultry management of small-scale farmers and the relationship of small-scale farmers with commercial farms.

The purpose of this Poultry Event was to present the results of a poultry survey AgriProFocus conducted in and around Debre Zeit, and to stir a lively discussion around the results that came out of this survey.

The objectives of this poultry survey were to assess the challenges that poultry farmers face in the poultry business and the food security and nutrition situation within the household of the poultry farmers. The survey especially focused on the gender aspect by aiming to find out if there were any challenges related to the poultry business or food security that were

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Seeds of Gold Poultry Farmers Clinic at Wambugu Farm Nyeri

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  17 September 2015 to 18 September 2015 - All Day Event
  Wambugu Farm ATC, Nyeri - Kenya

The Seeds of Gold Poultry Farmers Clinic will take place on the 17th - 18th September 2015 from 9.00am at Wambugu Farm Agricultural Training Centre, Nyeri, along the Nairobi - Nyeri Highway.

Please note that for one to attend the event, they will be required to bring a copy of the Seeds of Gold, 12th September 2015 issue. Without this copy, please note that one will not be allowed to attend the event.

The two-day event will be a symposium where Poultry farmers from within Nyeri county and its surrounding regions will get to receive free training on the best practices to apply in poultry farming. The training will focus on the rearing of the indigenous kienyeji chicken though the best practices which will be covered are also applicable to the rearing of any other poultry breed such as broilers or layers.

An exhibition will also be run alongside the symposium to give various product and services providers an opportunity to showcase their products and service offering to the public and attendants of

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