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Posted 24 August 2018 at 02:14

Grafting will reduce tomato bacterial wilt:

Tomatoes are one of the widely grown vegetables in the world. In Uganda, it is estimated that about three million homesteads grow tomatoes, some for home consumption and others, for sale.

Speaking at the launch of a key turning innovation, where tomatoes are grafted to keep away pests including the deadly wilt locally known as kiwotoka. The tomato wilt is the devil that threatens to destroy the souls of the tomato growers.

When we are planting our tomatoes, we pray that they are not visited by this devil, John Nsamba, a tomato farmer says. Nsamba grows tomatoes in Busiika in Luwero district. The wilt destroys tomato farms if infected plants are not isolated and identified early. Farmers want the right seeds and knowledge to achieve better yields and eliminate diseases, Karugu Macharia, the regional director of Solidaridad says.

For the plants to be grafted and to remain healthy, they should be watered the previous night so that when cut or graft

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