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Covenant Plant-Based Proteins 

Globally boosting sustainable production & consumption of plant protein

The production of high-quality plant proteins has overall much less impact on natural resources and the environment than production of animal proteins and contributes to public health. The urgency to act now is more relevant than ever. The ultimate challenge is to make sustainably produced high-quality plantbased proteins more readily available and more attractive for human consumption worldwide. We are inviting partners who want to work on these solutions in a coalition of experts, solution providers, supporters and market players.

How the covenant signatories want to address this issue:

- By fostering collaboration with national & global initiatives and actors which have similar ambitions

- By setting up and supporting projects & activities with (new) partners and doing it ‘first time right’

- By promoting a favourable international policy climate

- By strengthening local sustainabl

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Helene Ndindabo Tuyisenge Yes,I am firstly greeting to everyone.I believe that,night yield crop production will will make also the contribution of conserving our environment. Environment must be taken into account to reduce the impact of climate change.I also make my request ,university students need to be recognized in this program. We really want to be trained how Agri Pro Focus works.Especially to those who study rural development.I end by saying that projects to be sustainable, there must be an inclusiveness of rural interventions to reduce rural poverty. Thank you

1 week 6 days ago

ABDOUL RAZAK ISSAKA thank you for this informative post, it is important for developing countries like Niger to focus on more sustainable alternatives to fight against malnutrition, we must know how to diversify food and vegetable proteins are solutions. with us, we have legumes very rich in these proteins are very unfortunately put in the background.

1 week 5 days ago

Richard James Onyai I'm very interested in this program and would like to link up with the Uganda focal point. 

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Quick Scan Study: Youth inclusiveness in agricultural transformation

AgriProFocus, the INCLUDE platform (INCLUDE) and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (the F&BKP) present the results of a quick scan study providing some new insights into the challenges of the agricultural sector, food security and youth unemployment. It also looks at the extent to which current policies and programs are addressing these issues with the aim of stimulating constructive dialogue and debate.

Looking at the cases of Mali, Kenya and Ghana, the aim is to identify context specific approaches to stimulate constructive dialogue and debate with policymakers and practitioners.

Alinta and Alpha did the mapping in Mali and Kenya; the analysis is done by F&BKP and Include.

Read the full report here

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AgriProFocus Gender in Value Chains Resources page is updated! 

We've made a selection of the '12 must read' documents. All you want to know to be updated on the latest knowledge on Gender in Value Chains. From research to new tools. 

Have a look: // 

You can also download the English, French and Spanish versions of the AgriProFocus Toolkit on Gender in Value Chains on that page.   

We are still working on the online versions of the Gender in Value Chains Toolkit. Let us know your suggestions and ideas in the comments below!   


Did you know you can now follow updates on the Gender in Value Chain page in your personal stream? Just click 'subscribe' in the top right corner of the page when you visit Or go to your profile and click 'Edit what I see'. There you can now choose to follow the knowledge themes that interest you most, besides the countries you are interested in.

Georges Djodji Akibodé C'est cool. Bonne lecture à tous.

3 years 8 months ago

Georges Djodji Akibodé Plusieurs données montrent en effet que dans les pays Africains , la plupart des femmes sont employées dans les échelons les plus bas des chaînes de valeur et dans des positions souvent stéréotypées, lesquelles nécessitent un niveau minimal de qualification et ne sont pas bien rémunérées. Une chaîne de valeur fait référence à l’ensemble des étapes d’un processus de fabrication d’un produit. L’intégration économique des femmes dans une approche chaine de valeur sensible au genre consiste donc à trouver comment faire pour que les femmes soient associées à l’ensemble des étapes du processus de fabrication d’un produit, depuis sa conception jusqu’à sa vente au client final.

3 years 8 months ago

Sjors Bijen Great Inger. I will have a look at it together with some colleagues as we are working on action research about gender in the sesame value chain! ;-)

3 years 8 months ago

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Land and Water Use.

Land and water are key resources in sustaining agricultural productivity. Water is vital for plant growth and land is a base for all agricultural activities, irrigation development and enhanced management of soils. At a small scale level is what small scale farmers need to defect from rain-fed agriculture in this corner of Africa.