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Posted 3 October 2017 at 10:40

Formation ScopeInsight

ICCO Coopération a organisé une formation du 11 au 15 Septembre 2017 avec la facilitation de votre réseau AgriProFocus sur l’outil d’évaluation de Scope Insight basic.

L’objectif de cette évaluation est d’aider deux coopératives COPROKAZAN et COPROKASY qui sont des Coopératives de productrices de Karité de Zantièbougou et Siby à mieux comprendre les forces et les faiblesses de leur organisation et d’identifier les domaines essentiels dans lesquels des améliorations peuvent être apportées. Pendant une semaine, la formatrice Mme Bibiane Katu à initier les 10 participants sur les 08 dimensions de Scope Basic à savoir : les opérations, la gestion interne, les risques externes, la gestion financière,les approvisionnements, les marchés, l’environnement favorable et la durabilité.

Après avoir soumis l’évaluation à un contrôle qualité auprès des experts de scope, un premier rapport sera partagé avec ICCO et les Coopératives pour la vali

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Vlog #7: Making agribusiness work for development has everything to do with farmer professionalism! 

Eline Arnoldy, business development manager at our Dutch member SCOPEinsight, explains in this 2-minute vlog! 

Meet the other Dutch member organisations and what they can do for you on THIS PAGE


Free webinar on Scope Tools and how to implement them

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  16 May 2017, 15:00-16:30

Free webinar on the SCOPE tools and how to implement them

Would you like to get a preview of the SCOPE App by our member Scope Insight and understand how you can use the tools in practice in a few simple steps? Fill in the form below to sign up for our Webinar on 16th of May, at 3 pm – 4:30 pm CEST.

In this webinar we will give you:

  • A brief recap of the SCOPEinsight methodology and solutions.
  • A step-by-step process on how you can implement the SCOPE methodology in your program.
  • A preview of the SCOPE App, which is used to gather the actual assessment data.
  • A check list of what needs to be in place to maximize your results.

You can fill in the application form HERE

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Adapting to climate change: Dutch network members exchange

AgriProFocus Share-a-Slice meeting with network members - 20 April 2017

This informal gathering of AgriProFocus members was hosted by Heifer Netherlands and members exchanged experiences about their interventions to deal with the challenges of climate change in food and agriculture.


ScopeInsight’s Maryse Blom started with the statement that ‘professionalism is the key, also for climate smart agriculture’. ScopeInsight has developed several tools to assess the professional quality of agribusinesses (incl SMEs) and trains partners in LMICs to use these effectively. The organization is a business intelligence provider, scoring companies on 8 clearly defined dimensions. As a separate service, they facilitate aligned capacity building that is provided by a group of organisations in the AMEA alliance. This set of services to support capacity building of farmers and SMEs in the agrifood sector is key as a basis to also tackle

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ICCO Cooperation is launching a call for expression of interest for “COOPERATIVE ASSESSMENT “ using ScopeInsight tools. This assessment is in the framework of the STARS program “Strengthening African Rural Smallholders” implemented by ICCO Cooperation in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation in 4 African countries (Rwanda, Ethiopia, Senegal and Burkina Faso).

In Rwanda we have identified 23 cooperatives to be assessed in two selected value chains: rice(15 cooperatives) and maize (8 cooperatives).

The details are described in the Terms of Reference attached here with. We invite you to send in your expression of interest, a well written technical and financial proposals in English, properly bound and presented in two copies containing the following information: A cover letter, which should indicate the applicants’ experience in cooperative capacity assessments using ScopeInsight tools; copy of valid Sc

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Asesmen ScopeInsight VECO di Indonesia untuk Kopi dan Cokelat

Pertama kali di tahun 2016, VECO Indonesia melakukan asesmen untuk 14 organisasi petani mitranya menggunakan SCOPEinsight –penyelia alat asesmen dan analisis terkemuka- yang mengukur level profesionalitas organisasi petani. Alat ini menyediakan mekanisme langsung untuk mengungkap kekuatan dan kelemahan sehingga organisasi bisa lebih mudah menyikapinya. Alat asesmen SCOPE Dasar berfokus pada delapan tema utama, yaitu: Manajemen Internal, Operasional, Manajemen Keuangan, Suplai, Pemasaran, Resiko Eksternal, Enabler, dan Keberlanjutan. Khusus untuk organisasi petani yang menggunakan alat asesmen SCOPE Pro, ada penilaian tambahan yang menekankan Kinerja Keuangan.

Laporan yang dihasilkan oleh alat SCOPEinsight ini tak hanya digunakan oleh VECO Indonesia untuk mendapatkan gambaran tentang kemajuan para mitranya. Laporan ini juga bermanfaat bagi organisasi petani, misalnya sebagai dasar mengembangkan kapasitas anggota organisasi dan mel

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On the second day of FINAGRI, Victor van der Linden held a presentation on behalf of SCOPEinsight.

SCOPEinsight is a social enterprise with a dedicated mission to enable access to finance and access to markets for producer organizations in developing countries by agricultural credit ratings.

By rating the organizational performance of producer organizations, SCOPEinsight provides key insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the producer organizations. With its rating tool, SCOPEinsight introduces a common language between producer organizations, financial institutions, NGOs and value chain players, which increases market transparency.

By collaborating with partners, some of which focus on capacity building of producer organizations while others on capacity building of financial institutions, SCOPEinsight believes the joint interventions will have a systemic impact. Ultimately, SCOPEinsight contributes to the increase of agricultural productivity, improvement of livelihoods and

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Bonjour a tous,

Voici les liens qui vous permettent de télécharger les présentations de la deuxième journée du FINAGRI Édition Sikasso 2014 (PART I):

1. Lassina COULIBALY_BNDA_Financement des PME Rurales au Mali

2. Victor VANDERLINDEN_SCOPEINSIGHT_Presentation Scopeinsight Tool

3. Meghan LUCKETT_MYAGRO_Presentation My Agro

4. Salif SANGARE DNA_Le Fonds National d'Appui à l'Agriculture

5. Fatoumata Diakite BERTHE_ICCO Investments

Grand merci encore aux présentateurs et présentatrices, et les participants pour leurs interventions de qualité.

Agrihub Mali.

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To facilitate our growth in the region, we are looking for a: Regional Director (East Africa)

SCOPEinsight, the first agricultural assessment company in the world, is looking for entrepreneurial, mission driven talent who believe they can make a change in the access to finance challenge for agricultural producers.

Please find the full description here: Vacancy ScopeInsight

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Cooperative Bank of Oromia enters partnership with SCOPEinsight to create access to finance for agricultural SMEs in Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa, May 8th, 2012 – Agricultural Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Ethiopia have difficulties in getting access to finance. A majority of banks and other financial institutions refrain form availing loans to them because they are unsure of the creditworthiness of these organizations. Cooperative Bank of Oromia (CB
O) however sees the potential of SMEs and entered a partnership with SCOPEinsight to provide better access to finance for what is sometimes called “the missing middle” in Ethiopia.

CBO’s main target markets are cooperative societies based in Ethiopia. As a Cooperatives bank, CBO has also supported agricultural SMEs since its establishment. Not only does the bank finance these organization it also supports them in their effort s to professionalize and to be more competent in the Market. SCOPEinsight, the first rating

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Are you looking for a loan? 

Are you looking for good business partners? 


SCOPEinsight is looking for producer organizations who want to be linked to banks for loans and to traders for business opportunities. 


SCOPEinsight is the first rating organization in agriculture, dairy & livestock, forestry and aquaculture. We assess the creditworthiness and reliability of producer organizations by profiling their organizational performance. The resulting Profile is valuable for business partners like banks, traders, and input suppliers. Based on a profile, they can decide to conduct business with the producer organization. Another result from the assessment is the Assessment Report, which can be used for capacity building purposes.  


The profiles are offered on the SCOPEinsight Market Place, which will be launched in June 2012. The Market Place is a platform where producer organizations become transparent by showing their SCOPEinsight score and their track record, and where business partners l

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Three coffee cooperatives from the Jimma region received a loan from CBO, the Cooperative Bank of Oromia. The SCOPEinsight profiles supported both the cooperatives and the bank with clear and consized information to eventually 'seal the deal'.