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ANGIN and UNDP Roadshow

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  22 February 2018, All Day Event

Punya usaha di sepanjang mata rantai pertanian yang memecahkan masalah sosial dan/ atau lingkungan?

Datang ke Roadshow kami!

Februari ini, UNDP Indonesia, Government of Canada, dan ANGIN akan berkunjung ke Lampung dan Manado! Kami mengadakan workshop dan talkshow yang ditujukan untuk membantu para wirausawahan lebih siap dalam mencari pendanaan.

Khusus untuk workshop kami, hanya terbatas untuk 20 peserta terseleksi. Peserta workshop terbaik akan mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mendapat konsultasi 1-on-1 mengenai fundraising dengan tim ANGIN!


Tempat dan Tanggal

Kamis, 22 Februari 2018: Manado, tempat akan di-email

Jadwal Acara (sama untuk Lampung dan Manado):

11.45-12.00: Sambutan dari UN Resident Coordinator/ UNDP Resident Representative, Anita Nirody

12.00-13.00: [Talk Show] Tantangan dan Kisah Sukses dalam Mengembangkan dan Mendanai Usaha Tahap Awal

14.00-16.00: [Workshop] Kesiapan Investasi: Hal-hal yang Harus Dipersiapkan dan Diperhatikan dalam Fundraising

16.00-17.00: [Workshop] Sca

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Posted 7 September 2017 at 03:27

Newsletter Food & Business Knowledge Platform - September 2017

In the September newsletter of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) readers are invited to nominate candidates for the Agrofood Broker of the Year 2017 Award. Furthermore, the newsletter refers to learning reviews, studies, workshops, reports and events related to Food and Nutrition Security (FNS).

The nomination round for the Agrofood Broker of the Year 2017 award is open! Until Tuesday October 17, anyone can nominate a professional who has undertaken significant brokering activities in 2016/2017. In November, the public can vote for one of the three final candidates selected by the jury, via an open online poll. The winner will be awarded during the “Food & Business Research – Policy Dialogue Conference” on December 1.

Professionals are also encouraged to browse the Knowledge Portal, which provides carefully selected Food and Nutrition Security items focusing on newly obtained knowledge, interesting developments a

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Daoulata MAIGA Bonjour Samuel Nicole Metz va vous aider pour l' inscription ! Merci

9 months 4 days ago

Daoulata MAIGA Merci @Nicole Metz pour ce partage, vue l’importance du bulletin, je vais faire une petite traduction pour nos membres francophones.Dans le bulletin de septembre de la plate-forme Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F & BKP), les lecteurs sont invités à désigner des candidats au Prix agroalimentaire de l'année 2017. En outre, le bulletin se réfère à des examens d'apprentissage, des études, des ateliers, des rapports et des événements liés à la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle (FNS).Le tour de nomination pour le courtier agroalimentaire de l'année 2017 est ouvert! Jusqu'au mardi 17 octobre, tout le monde peut nommer un professionnel qui a entrepris d'importantes activités de courtage en 2016/2017. En novembre, le public peut voter pour l'un des trois derniers candidats sélectionnés par le jury, par le biais d'un sondage en ligne ouvert. Le gagnant sera décerné au cours de la conférence "Food & Business Research - Policy Dialogue Conference" le 1er décembre.Les professionnels sont également encouragés à parcourir le portail de connaissances, qui fournit des éléments de sécurité alimentaire et de sécurité sélectionnés avec soin, axés sur les connaissances nouvellement obtenues, les développements intéressants et les bonnes pratiques. La plate-forme invite les professionnels à contribuer au portail en transmettant des articles pertinents, tels que des rapports, des mémoires, des trousses d'outils et des articles qu'ils rencontrent dans leur travail professionnel. Si vous êtes intéressés, les professionnels peuvent également s’ abonner à nos alertes par courrier électronique pour recevoir des notifications mensuelles sur des sujets spécifiques du Portail de connaissances. Pour informer en permanence les professionnels intéressés sur ce qui se passe au sein de la plate-forme, les chaînes de médias sociaux F & BKP Twitter et Facebook sont mises à jour quotidiennement. Veuillez suivre ce lien vers le bulletin de septembre 2017 de la plate-forme; profitez de la lecture! Pour toutes Informations complementaires cliquez sur ce lien:    

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Nicole Metz Bonjour Samuel et Daoulata, merci pour vos réactions et traductions. Il est important de clarifier que le Prix 2017 est pour 'knowledge brokering' or 'le courtage des connaissances'. Si vous voulez etre candidat, il faut que une autre personne vous recommande, avec le formulaire.  

9 months 2 days ago

Daoulata MAIGA Merci Nicole pour la précision, je pense que Mr Samuel est bien orienté maintenant ! Bonne journée 

8 months 4 weeks ago

Paul Marivate I am a training consultant and would love to participate in your projects 

7 months 21 min ago

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Posted 9 August 2017 at 03:47

Applications have opened for Hivos Residency Program at Impact Hub Jakarta!

Are you a social entrepreneur? Do you have an organization or a business and are you looking to make sustainable social impact? The Hivos Southeast Asia Residency Program might just be for you!

The program will recruit two fellows whose business ideas focus in addressing renewable energy or sustainable food issues. Within a 3-month period (September – November), the fellows will be closely mentored by Hivos Southeast Asia and Impact Hub Jakarta professionals as well as able to enjoy free access to a coworking space, networking opportunities, events, and trainings. A tailor-made Sustainable Social Impact guideline support is also developed to help shape and develop initiatives of those fellows into sustainable ventures

If you are working on solutions in renewable energy or sustainable food issues, learn more and apply before 21 August via here

AgriProFocus Indonesia Hi Queen, thanks for your post! Its very interesting opportunity, will spread it out whitin our network. Keep posting :)

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Posted 6 July 2017 at 07:36

Call for Application: The Agro Market-Linkages SDG Fund

Apakah Anda memiliki usaha di bidang agrikultur? Apakah usaha tersebut menciptakan dampak sosial dan lingkungan? Dapatkan kesempatan untuk mendapatkan pendanaan dan mentoring dari The Agro Market-Linkages SDG Fund.

The Agro Market-Linkages SDG Fund adalah pionir perdanaan di Indonesia yang menggabungkan sumber dana publik dan swasta. Berbentuk direct debt investment, dana ini dialokasikan kepada usaha-usaha sosial di bidang agrikultur untuk memperbesar potensi pasar dan dampak sosial mereka di Indonesia. The Agro Market-Linkages SDG Fund diinisiasi oleh UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), ANGIN (Angel Investment Indonesia), dan Challenger 88, serta didukung oleh pemerintah Kanada.

Klik di sini untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

Klik di sini untuk mendaftar.


Call for Application: The Agro Market-Linkages SDG Fund

Do you have any business in agriculture sector? Does the business create social and environmental impacts? Try

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Posted 23 March 2017 at 02:53

F&BKP newsletter 2017 #01

Bulletin d'information Food & Business Knowledge Platform 2017 # 1

Link / Lien:


- Mapping of social entrepreneurs in food value chains within their supporting ecosystems

- Stakeholder perceptions & future outlook of Food & Business Knowledge Platform

- Potential of hybrid potato cultivars in East Africa

- RUAF analysis report “The role of private sector in city region food systems”

- Food for All Talk 01: "From production system to food system" (WBG-NL partnership)

- ARF Country workshop in Uganda

- GCP Call with CCAFS on Climate Smart Agriculture

- Upcoming study & learning project on poultry development in East Africa

- Learning Platforms on Land Governance and Food Security

Follow this link / suivez ce lien:

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Posted 2 December 2016 at 11:47

Newsletter Food & Business Knowledge Platform (16)

Please find herewith the latest Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) newsletter filled with updates on F&BKP related research, calls and events. 

Themes of interest to AgriProFocus members in this newsletter:

- Social entrepreneurship

- Capability assessment tool for agribusinesses in developing markets

- Lessons learned Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Facility

- ARF workshop in Benin on enhancing research impact for food security completed successfully

- Agriculture to nutrition linkages (public seminar Benin)

- The role of consumers in sustainable food systems

- and several interesting other references and announcements

Click this link:

Famory SINABA Merci Nicole pour ces docs

1 year 4 months ago

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Posted 1 November 2016 at 08:46

Climate Smart Greenhouse Building 

What happens when you take a concept, add a generous amount of seed funding and a dash of well-targeted mentorship to it ?

Chaos…the organised variety, that is.

6 months post-GCARD 3 and the desert greenhouse that I made my YAP proposal about is finally taking shape. Here’s a brief look into its genesis.

Partner Canvassing

There would be no use building the greenhouse if we had no potential customers lined up. Our thoughts on who would make the best early adopters were centred around;

Whether the school was within a drought prone region – to be a candidate, the school would have to either be within an already established feeding program or suffer from the fluctuation of food prices within periods of drought.

Distance from Nairobi and accessibility – a closer site would allow us to make regular visits during the trial period.

Whether the school incorporated Agricultural and Business studies within its curriculum – having the greenhouse would be a unique

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Posted 6 October 2016 at 08:54

Social Entrepreneurship Forum Outreach Accelerator Program 2017 for Social Entrepreneurs- Stockholm Sweden ( Fully Funded)

Dear All,

The SE Outreach Accelerator is a scaling program for social entrepreneurs running businesses that address social and environmental challenges facing the developing world.

The program consists of three parts and runs over a period of six months. You will spend 3 x 2 weeks in Stockholm attending seminars, workshops and individual coaching sessions. An experienced mentor will also be assigned to you to help support you throughout the program. In between the two sessions in Stockholm you will return to your home country for a practical implementation phase.

The SE Outreach Accelerator is designed to ensure that you leave Stockholm with the skills and confidence required to scale up your social enterprises and increase your impact on the world!

we encourage motivated applicants to read through and possibly prepare answers to these questions beforehand.

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Lenny Gashugi Good to know that opportunity!

1 year 8 months ago

AgriProFocus Indonesia Thank you, will spread the words..

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Posted 5 October 2016 at 07:53

Newsletter Food & Business Knowledge Platform (no. 15)

The September newsletter of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) is filled with nine news items on results of F&BKP affiliated research, calls and events:

- Report regional workshop on Compost for Sustainable Agriculture

- Research project Measuring effects of agri-development on nutrition

- Literature review Social entrepreneurs as change makers for food security

- Applied Research Fund  (ARF): third call second round with deadline December 6, 2016

- Research findings & takeaways expert meetings Finance for Smallholders

Further, on the Food & Business Knowledge Platform website you can also read an update on food and nutrition security policy highlights as part of the Dutch Development Results 2015 magazine.

For more detailed background information and to download our reports and studies, please explore this website An additional way to make sure you don’t miss any Platform updates is to follow us on Twitter

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CASTORY WILLIAM thanks madam

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Posted 2 September 2016 at 10:33

School Cows for Child Nutrition

Out of concern for the huge rates of malnutrition and stunting among school-aged children in Ethiopia, many of whom have no breakfast and empty lunchboxes, social entrepreneur Frealem Shibabaw decided to take action. Rather than buying milk for schoolkids as her friend suggested - that would be too expensive, and involve transportation, cool storage, etc - she decided to bring the cows to the schools: The cow herself serves as sterile storage and removes the need for refrigeration! If the cow is on site, the end users can reduce costs of care, and there is no issue of transportation.

Milk is a near-complete food, only lacking roughage and iron from all the key nutrients that the human body requires. It is a great boost to the nutrition of children. 

Read more about Frealem Shibabaw and her work and philosophy HERE.

It was fantastic to hear her speak in person at the Social Entrepreneurship forum launch yesterday, at the Swedish Embassy in Addis.


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Posted 2 April 2015 at 11:50

Newsletter Food & Business Knowledge Platform

In its fifth newsletter, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform proudly presents the newly launched Knowledge Portal, where you will find continually updated references to knowledge items and innovations in Food & Nutrition Security on selected topics. The knowledge presented is expected to be of relevance to AgriProFocus members in different countries; you may select the topics of your interest when visiting the Portal pages. In order to make the continuous updating of the Knowledge Portal an interactive process, you – as a professional in the field – are warmly invited to suggest relevant additional items to be included in it. Please refer us to relevant articles, briefs or reports by contacting us here.

Other items in the fifth newsletter include expert opinions on medium-sized family farming and building resilience for farmers. You will also find reports of our recently organized meetings on fruit & vegetables, global nutrition and th

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