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Grafting: A way to boost tomato harvests from low-quality trees:

Many tropical fruit trees, including tomatoes, mango, avocado and orange, perform better when farmers merge good fruiting characteristics with resistance to disease. To accomplish this, a single stem is placed on to a root stock tree. The stem eventually merges with the root stock to form the main trunk of the tree and from then on that tree bears fruit similar to the plant the graft was taken from.

Bigger harvests

Grafting transforms low quality fruit trees into the high yielding commercial varieties. As such, these trees would be a better source of income as fruit producers each year than their value as wood products. It will ensure that the nature of the plant will be maintained and can perpetuate the specific variety of the plant yet if a farmer plants seeds, the resulting plant will not be identical.

The grafting technology, say scientists at National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCCRI), has been embraced b

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How to choose tomato varieties:

By Andrew Mefferd

Tomatoes are the most profitable crop on many market farms — if you choose the right varieties. But with thousands of varieties on the market and hundreds of new ones introduced every year, how do you know which ones to grow?

One of the best ways to figure out what varieties to grow on your farm is to look around at the farmers and gardeners in your area and see what they like. Asking what varieties they are not growing and why will help you learn from their mistakes and not waste production space on something that doesn’t work in your area. It’s always worthwhile to keep a little bit of field space devoted to on-farm trialing of new varieties to see if they work before going into production.

Most years at Johnny’s we trial roughly 300 varieties of tomatoes in the field, 50 in the hoophouse, and 10 to 15 different rootstocks for grafted tomatoes. It is a daunting task to evaluate 400 varieties every year and figure out which ones make se

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Best farmers visit World Horticulture Centre:

The best farmers from Uganda visited the World Horticulture Centre in Netherlands; where they learnt about the research and innovation that makes the Dutch the second biggest exporters of fruit and vegetables.

World Horti Center is the leading innovation center of the international greenhouse horticulture sector. A platform where business, education and government jointly innovate, connect, create and inspire. The center is visited annually by some 25,000 international professionals; among whom were Uganda’s best farmers.

The best farmers learned that the greenhouse with its 6,400 m2 research departments, has been built with state-of-the-art applications. Rainwater is used to grow the crops in the research departments. Climate-controlled windows provide natural ventilation and, in combination with horizontal screens, the indoor climate can be optimised. The four kilometre deep geothermal source Trias Westland at the nearby Lange Broekweg will

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With drip irrigation, you can double your crop yield!

With irrigation you can grow vegetables in the dry season

Low cost drip irrigation saves water, lets you grow more tomatoes and double your profits.

Drip irrigation applies water drop by drop

The slow drip keeps the soil loose so water and air can reach the roots. Drip irrigation is not as stressful for the plants as flood irrigation, where the soil gets very wet all at once and then dries out. With drip irrigation the water reaches slowly and steadily deep into the soil. The drops do not touch the tomato flowers and do not knock them off.

Drip irrigation helps avoid diseases. And if you do spray a product against pests, drip irrigation does not wash it off.

Check out relevant videos:

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1.5 acres of assila tomatoes for sell..ready for harvest in two weeks. Whole sell price friendly 

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IRESO Project implementing partners meet

On 25th July, partners responsible for implementing activities within the IRESO project met to discuss practicalities for implementation of the project such as; 

- recruiting community change agents

- selection of agronomists that will train farmers and youth

- designed strategies for mobilising 4000 farmers and 500 youth of whom 65% will be women

- defined criteria for selection of demonstration sites. 

Yiki Habert Hello, I would like to one of the agronomists for WestNile, How can i send you my documents ? i completed Bachelor of Agriculture from Kyambogo University.

1 year 5 months ago

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Fruits and Vegetables Project Officer Job, Central Region of Uganda, IRESO Project

Solidaridad is a global network organization with close to 50 years’ experience in design and implementation of gender inclusive and sustainable market oriented commodity supply chains. We provide producers training and capacity building as well as create linkages to affordable financial services, markets, and certification and beyond, as well as participatory facilitation towards enabling policy environment and sustainable landscapes.

Solidaridad works to create impact along the value chains of cotton, livestock, tea, sugarcane, horticulture, Gold, soy, cocoa, textile, palm oil, aquaculture, coffee and dairy. We envision a world in which all we produce and all we consume can sustain us while respecting the planet, each other and the next generations.

The Solidaridad Eastern and Central Africa Expertise Centre (SECAEC) Uganda Country Office is one of the three country offices, the others being Ethiopia and Tanzania. The

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Solidaridad is a global network organization with close to 50 years’ experience in design and implementation of gender inclusive and sustainable market oriented commodity supply chains, farmers training and capacity building, linkages to affordable financial services, markets, certification and beyond, participatory facilitation towards enabling policy environment and sustainable landscapes and has experience in managing international programmes working with grassroots organizations, producers, civil society organizations and Central and Local Governments as well as with core and supportive private sector actors. Solidaridad works to create impact along the value chains of cotton, livestock, tea, sugarcane, horticulture, Gold, soy, cocoa, textile, palm oil, aquaculture, coffee and dairy.

SECAEC through her Uganda Country Office and with funding from NWO – WOTRO Science for Global Development, in the Science for G

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Hasara kwa Wakulima wa Nyanya

Bei ya nyanya sokoni imeshuka sana miezi michache iliopita. Wakulima nchi nzima wanalalama kuhusu hili baada ya kuwekeza sana kwenye kilimo hiki. Kwa mtazamo wangu naona sabubu zifuatazo zimechangia hali hii:

1. Kufuata mkumbo - Miaka micache kilimo cha nyanya kilionekana kinatija sana na kuvutia watu wengi bila kufanya uchunguzi au utafiti wakina wa masoko.

2. Uchache au ukosefu wa mbinu bora zakuhifadhi mazao baada ya mavuno.

3. Uchache au ukosefu wa viwanda vya usindikaji na hata elimu ya usindikaji.

Je una sababu zingine zaidi ya hizi? Tafadhali wakilisha sababu hizo. Nini kifanyike basi ili kuzuia hali hii wakati ujao? 


Tomato Growers Make Losses

Over the past few months, tomatoes prices have fallen in the local markets. Farmers all over the country are lamenting over their losses. Huge investments in resources have been made. Tomatoes have been produced in huge numbers

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Tanzania Graduate Farmers Kwa wanachama wetu wa TGFA japo sio wengi walipata hasara lakini kwa upande mmoja ama mwingine wamepitia wakati mgumu kwenye.... Wanachama wetu watatu amabo ni wanunuzi wamesema kwamba bei inazidi kushuka kwa kuwa ulaji ama mahitaji ya nyanya za hapa kwetu tanzania ni mdogor na unashuka kwani walaji hawaamini katika ubora wa nyanya zetu kwa kuwa 1. wanahisi zina sumu nyingi/ Hawana historia ya uzalishaji 2. Hazikai muda mrefu kwa kuwa zinaharibika kwa haraka (low shelf life) 3. Nyanya nyingi ndani zimeharibika/ Yaani zimeliwa Sababu hizo hapo juu zimachangia walaji hao/Wateja kuhamia kutumia nyanya ambazo zimekuwa processed.... Sasa kinachotakiwa kufanyika ni kwamba wakulima/ wajasiriamali wakubali kwamba lazima kuwa na mipango katika uzalishaji wenye mpango... Lazima wafahamiane wajue soko linahitaji nini, LINI , WAPI, IKIWAJE, ZIKIWA KWENYE NINI na hata amakadirio ya BEI. PIA Lazima sassa wazalishaji wawe na ukaribu na wateja wao/Walaji ili kufahamu ni kiasi gani na wapi. Wakati huo huo sasa ni wakati wa sekta binafsi/ wazalishaji na wasindikaji kuhakikisha kwamba wanajua nini kinatokea na wanafanya kazi kwa karibu sana na vitivo na idara ambazo zinahusika na mipango na biashara ili ziweze kuwasaidia kupata habari zaidi na hata kuhakikishiwa usalama na uhakika wa kile wanafanya mf. Serkakli kuweka sheria mathubuti juu ya uingizwaji wa nyanya ama bidhaa za aina hiyo toka nje ama kuharamisha matumizi ya baadhi ya viuatilifu ama hata serikali kuhamasisha na kuzuia wakulima wengi kuzalisha mazao hayo katika sehemu fulani. Lingine ni kwamba watu waangalie WANAPATA USHAURI TOKA WAPI.... Je ni kwa MUUZAJI ama ni kwa WAFANYABISHARA . Kama ni muuzaji basi kuwa makini kwani anaweza akataka kuuza tu mbegu, mbolea n.k lakini mfanyabiashara yeye atakwambia soko linahitaji nini na wapi.

2 years 4 months ago

Hilda Okoth Asante sana kwa mchango wako @Tanzania Graduate Farmers inaonekana kuwa kutokuwa na habari sahihi ndio tatizo- habari za viuatilifu sahihi, habari za masoko n.k.

2 years 4 months ago

Paschal Paul Tufike mahali tuseme ukweli,ipo hali imejengeka ya mkumbo katika kufanya jambo. Leo utakuta MTU akisikia jambo Fulani linalipa na Yeye anakimbilia kufanya bila kujali kwenda kwake kufanya kuna mambo kadhaa ya nahitaji kuzingatia. Mfano.suala la soko,kitendo cha mkulima kulima bidhaa Fulani lazima kiwe na jibu la uhitaji na wengi wake Changamoto, wewe au Mimi nikisikia nyanya zinalipa nimeandaa wahitaji au nimeongeza wahitaji ktk soko. Tufike mahali roho mtakatifu atufundishe ata tofauti ya kile tulichosoma darasani. Tutafsiri haya mambo kimjadala Specialization Division of labour Hii itasaidia kubadilika kifikira.

2 years 4 months ago

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There has been a rapid increase in the demand for table and processed tomatoes. However, due to challenges such as poor agronomic practices and high post-harvest losses amongst farmers, demand continues to outstrip supply. As a result of the demand-supply imbalance, tomato processors compete against middlemen for tomatoes in the market, and as a result they are often unable to meet their processing targets. For example DARSH Industries, an agro-processor running a tomato processing facility in Iringa, had planned to process 225,000 MT of tomatoes but until the end of the first quarter of 2016 was only able to process 10 % of the expected target, due to limited supply of quality tomatoes for processing.

With the right interventions, there is high potential to increase the quantity and improve the quality of tomato production in Iringa. As a result, processors such as DARSH can provide a consistent market throughout the year, leading to an

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Fresh from the Garden Tomatoes and Sweet Green Peppers available for sale in Jinja. Can also discuss delivery to surrounding areas. 3,500UGX per KG for Tomatoes and 3,000UGX per KG for Green Pepper. 20-30 Kg weekly supply. 0753067970. Open up a free Seller shop on today Sell all your Food products, Agriculture produce, Appliances, Services, etc. Join the global food market today!

3 years 7 months ago

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ZOA is looking for Tomato active farmers around Kampala

Location: Kampala
Starting date: As soon as possible
Purpose: Video shoot to share best practices

Consequently ZOA is in need to find active operational tomato farmers within Kampala or close distance to town who are willing to demonstrate their skills.

For those interested in this venture, kindly contact Koen Sneyers via:


Phone: +256701287657 Open up a free Seller shop on today Sell all your Food products, Agriculture produce, Appliances, Services, etc. Join the global food market today!

3 years 7 months ago

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Greetings. As we await for the 1st season rains for the planting, we encourage all Ugandans to invest in Agro-Forestry, we have high quality tree seedlings for planting this season. Available stock includes, Coffee seedlings, eucalyptus, pines, Grivellia, in the fruits category we have mangoes, oranges, ovacadoes, Guavas, Lime, Lemon, Ekitaferi, Pawpaws, Tomato trees, Mulberry tree etc. We also have Medicinal and Ornamental Plants, For detailed info, kindly visit OR you can also reach us by phone on voice/text 0752-726247 and Whatsapp 0776200002.

To learn more about our Greening Uganda project, kindly visit us at Invest in Agro-Forestry & become a millionaire in between 2-3 years. Deliveries are organised on request across the Country.See attached price list

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ISAAC MUSIIGE how much are the tomatoes and coffee seedlings.

3 years 10 months ago

ISAAC MUSIIGE my whatsapp number 0777957946

3 years 10 months ago

MULINDWA RONNIE Which type of seeds of tomatoes do you have?

3 years 10 months ago

apil nelson iknow Tree tomato not the reverse?APIL NELSON

3 years 10 months ago

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Hello, am planning to start green house farming first on small scale in Kampala but would like to get to know the market dynamics of sweet pepper, English Cucumber & Tomatoes to help me decide which crop to start with. Any help out there?

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Happy new year members. I am looking at planting five acres of tomatoes in Wakiso District. I have been in this sector for some time selling locally in the Markets around Kampala, Could there be anyone with information about the market requirements for exporting tomatoes or any other market outside Uganda and the current rate at which they are buying. This will help me plan appropriately. For more information you call me on 0702324985 Ronnie M 

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Dear members , A group of youth members who have ventured into tomato growing are seeking help from any organization, individuals, company or any one with information or contacts on how they can obtain funds and other techniques regarding tomato growing to expand their project in order to generate more opportunities and also gain some profits out of it. The project is currently sited in kawaala , Lubaga zone Kampala Uganda, on top of unfinished flat where we have our demonstration garden. For any information or any assistance contact Mr kategaya Marc , at +256704350300, or email him at