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UN Decade of Family Farming

Consultation to develop the Global Action Plan of the UN Decade of Family Farming

We are happy to inform you that the Joint Secretariat of the UN Decade of Family Farming is currently running a survey to gather information on the expected structure and outcomes of the initiative.

The U.N. General Assembly has officially declared 2019–2028 the Decade of Family Farming. Initially proposed in October 2017, the resolution passed with 104 co-sponsors and unanimous approval. The Decade aims to inspire the international community to generate a refreshed political commitment supporting family farmers and crafting pro-family farming policies.  

Please click here to take the survey, which should take about 30 minutes to complete. 

Please respond by 31 January 2019.

MUBARAK INUWA RE-UN Decade Of Family FarmingThank you Anne  Marie,I replied to you the above subject matter,via email address you sent to me.It was true, I had not been on our platform for some while, because I attended a course with GODAN Online on open data management in Agriculture,Nutrition and Land.Thank you for the message.

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FAO: Gender gaps in African agriculture are holding back progress

Gender gaps in agriculture in Africa are holding back progress towards ending hunger and must be urgently addressed, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation's director-general José Graziano da Silva. He said this at a joint event with the African Union (AU) on the margins of the UN General Assembly. “We need to better recognize and harness the fundamental contribution of women to food security and nutrition. For that, we must close persisting gender gaps in agriculture in Africa,” Graziano da Silva said.

The director-general called for better representation of women in governance mechanisms and decision-making processes, as well as adequate and equal access to land, financial resources, social protection programmes, services and opportunities for women in rural areas.

Addressing gender gaps

The findings and recommendations of the AU-FAO study ‘The Regional Outlook on Gender and Agrifood Systems

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The United Nation Youth forum will be helding a platform about the role of youth in building sustainable and resilient urban and rural communities #YOUTH2030.

Speaking of sustainable and resilient rural and urban communities takes us back to agriculture production and the use of land resources sustainably, therefore The ECOSOC is a good forum and opportunity for youth to engage, learn, discuss and present different matters of concern for youth. 

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum of United Nation will be held on 30-31 January 2018, and will provide a platform for youth to engage in a dialogue with Member States and to discuss the policy frameworks and promote innovative, institutionalised approaches and initiatives for advancing the youth development agenda at national, regional and global levels with a view to promoting solutions to the global challenge of strengthening resilience and sustainable development.

To read more about the ECOSOC and know

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UN summit to adopt the post-2015 SDGs next week 

Formal adoption of the 'zero hunger' target 

25 to 27 September 2015 – Leaders and senior politicians from UN Member States will be in New York for the UN Sustainable Development Summit to adopt new global goals for the next 15 years. The summit outcome document, “Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, which includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals, was agreed on by the UN’s 193 Member States in August 2015. 

José Graziano da Silva, FAO's Director-General, will participate  in several events at the Summit, including interactive dialogue 1 on Ending poverty and hunger, and Mobilizing Generation Zero Hunger

For background reading, you may use the FAO website:


Several blogs and other articles: www.post2015.org

(en francais, voir le lien suivant: http://www.fao.org/post-2015-mdg/home/fr/ )

Nicole Metz A blog word reading, on the same topic: Taking action: why national ownership of the Sustainable Development Goals is vital to success. Link: http://post2015.org/2015/09/18/taking-action-why-national-ownership-of-the-sustainable-development-goals-is-vital-to-success/

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21st UN International Cooperatives Day 2015

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  04 July 2015, All Day Event
  Kabale Sports Ground, Kabale District.

21st UN International Cooperatives Day 2015

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives invites you all to the commemoration of the 21st UN International Cooperatives Day that will be held on Saturday 4th July 2015 at Kabale Sports Ground, Kabale District.

This year’s event will be hosted by Lyamujungu Cooperative Financial Services Ltd in Kabale district. The Guest of Hounor will be H.E Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of the Republic of Uganda.

The theme for this year's celebration is 'Equality' along with the slogan 'Join Cooperatives, promote equality'.