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Posted 31 August 2018 at 03:20

Conservation Agriculture Practice by Coffee Farmers around Jimma and Mizan

Some of the highest quality coffee in the world is grown in Ethiopia. Practice of conservation agriculture in the coffee sector promotes sustainable resource management, as well as maintains coffee quality and reduces labor associated with the crop management.

Conservation agriculture has three primary elements, and all of these are demonstrated in forest coffee:

1. Minimum soil disturbance

2. Permanent Soil Coverage

3. Crop integration

The famous forest coffee of Jimma and Mizan is grown under shade trees. Temporary shade from fast-growing trees like sespania and castor (gulo) are grown together with coffee seedlings until larger, higher-canopy shade trees (such as Acacia abyssinica, Abbiza gummifera, Cordia africana etc.) have the chance to grow and protect the coffee trees.

When grown on hillsides, rows of verifier grasses keep terraces in place, promoting water retention and reducing soil erosion, while also providing biom

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UTZ,Organic and Fairtrade certification compliance training

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  30 June 2018 to 02 July 2018 - All Day Event
  Kasangati-Kitagobwa-Outskirts of Kampala

Sustainable Development and Management Services (U)LTD is organizing specialized training for those interested in UTZ, Fair trade and Organic certification and the different requirements/documents needed to acquire these certifications. Are you a farmer, employ , manager, institution, student and or researcher interested in the above, we are organizing atwo days specialized training on 30th June and 1st July 2018. Fee including meals and training materials is Ug Shs 100,000 at SEGO Guest center, located at Kitagobwa Kasangati TC on Gayaza Road. You can contact us on 0752116116 or 0787864835 or email us on sdmuganda@gmail.com.

Payments can be made before the training date or on the day of training at the entrance.  Payments be made on Account number 1036200766831, Account name: Sustainable Development and Management Services Limited, Equity Bank, Oasis Mall Branch.

Our class can only take on not more than 35 people at a time so booking earlier is better. For organisations and organisation

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Posted 29 November 2017 at 08:13

15 new Gender Coaches!

From November 20 to 23, 2017, AgriProFocus Uganda held its second international training of coaches in gender and value chain development in Kampala, Royal Suites. The fifteen participants came from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Myanmar and Uganda. The training aimed at imparting coaching and gender mainstreaming skills to practioners working in value chain development. This will enable them undertake coaching of their teams or take up assignments within AgriProFocus network of national and international coaches. 

Among the participants, five partners of UTZ, the certification organization, wished to polish their gender and mainstreaming knowledge and skills in order to ensure women coffee producers get a fair share of the benefits accruing from this activity.

AgriProFocus’ main innovation through this TOT and its tailor-made coaching is to combine coaching principles with both gender mainstreaming theories and tools and systemic approaches to V

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PETER KOLAWOLE https://agrozadtech.org/2017/12/20/huge-shift-in-attitudes-on-women-perceptions-in-farming/

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15 years of UTZ: The next chapter

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  10 October 2017, All Day Event


Dear partner of UTZ,

2017 is the year in which UTZ celebrates fifteen years of achievements in the world of sustainable farming, in collaboration with our partners, the farmers and the sector as a whole. This is why we would like to invite you to

15 years of UTZ: The next chapter October 10, 2017 Amsterdam

We sincerely hope you are able to attend and would like to ask you to save the date in your agenda.

Invitations and further details will follow soon! 

Kind regards,

Han de Groot, Executive Director at UTZ