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Agriculture, Food Security & Rural Development Training Courses (January - June 2019) Rwanda & Kenya

Indepth Research Services welcomes you to attend our training courses on Agriculture, Food Security and Rural Development to take place in Nairobi, Kenya and Kigali, Rwanda. These courses equip all Agricultural experts together with mid-level policy-makers, with knowledge and skills in understanding the context of the Agriculture Sector with the overall goal of strengthening technical capacity for increased consideration and use of Agriculture in decision-making aimed at tackling development issues.

Join us by registering for these scheduled training courses. These training courses will also give you an opportunity to meet and network with other monitoring and evaluation professionals’ and project management officials from NGOs, public and private organizations’ from across the world.

Integrated Water Resource Management and Climate Change Course

This course takes participants through amo

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Rice value Chain B2B delivers commitments to attract investments and synergy among stakeholders

Kigali, Rwanda – 19 December 2018: Our rice value chain B2B event concluded Tuesday with ambitious commitments to design and introduce financial products that are responding to the needs of value chain actors.

The purpose of the Business to Business event was to link rice value chain actors and supporters to connect, collaborate, and create synergy in business. Around 100 stakeholders attended, including rice farmers, processors, government officials (MINAGRI and MINICOM), representatives of financial institutions like KCB Bank Rwanda, Equity bank Rwanda, Umutanguha ltd, Duterimbere IMF ltd, BDF fund, Access to Finance Rwanda, and representatives of development partners working in rice value chain in Rwanda, to name a few.

Participants were re-introduced to the STARS initiative. STARS is an acronym that stands for Strengthening African Rural Smallholders, a five-year initiative that aims to reac

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Value Chain Development Training

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  19 November 2018 to 23 November 2018 - All Day Event

Event Details: Value Chain Development Training


A value chain can is a set of linked activities that work to add value to a product. It consists of actors and actions that improve a product while linking commodity producers to processor sand markets. In agriculture, this includes activities such as product design, production, marketing, distribution and support services up to the final consumer.

A market linkage is comprised of one or more organizations that facilitate end to end integration of the entire supply chain, it provides necessary infrastructure, supply inputs, provide capacity building and by back the finished products This training programme is therefore designed to help the farmers and all other stakeholders in agriculture to develop sustainable value chains.


5 days


By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Learn basic skills in value chains.
  • Understand the need for connecting farmers to market.
  • Under

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Funding opportunity at HortINVEST project, SNV Rwanda

Deadline: 30 September 2018

The HortInvest project in Rwanda is opening the first window of its Investment and Innovation Fund (IIF) on 6 September. With this fund, HortInvest is able to co-invest with companies and cooperatives that want to invest in business cases and innovations in fruit and vegetable value chains in Rwanda.

The HortINVEST IIF will be an important instrument for the HortInvest project to support companies and farmer cooperatives to mobilise private sector investment and promote innovations in production and marketing of fruits and vegetables. These companies and cooperatives are encouraged to develop innovative business cases that are inclusive of small and medium sized farmers.



4 months 1 week ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thank you for your interest Uwayezu Sylvio, please kindly contact and have more details about the fund!Good luck.

4 months 1 week ago

Uwayezu Sylvio Thank you THACIEN For your advice , I contacted him and gave me a good answer ,and advised me to send idea , and fulfill the form  

3 months 3 weeks ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Good to hear!Good luck

3 months 3 weeks ago

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Avocado growing; the green gold for farmers

The Hass avocado variety is the most popular East Africa avocado for export because it enjoys a good market in Europe as compared to the other varieties. Hass is originally from Guatemala and one of its most prominent features is that it turns dark purple when ripe.

The fruit grants the following benefits which generally apply across the family of avocados:

They are high in protein and mineral content, compared to animal protein.

Avocados are an essential source of good cholesterol.

They are used in cosmetics, for example, in the manufacture of facial and hair oil.

Economically, they are a good source of income for farmers besides earning foreign currency for the country especially Hass avocados.

Avocado growing is largely a permanent investment and, therefore, there is need for careful planning before venturing into it.

Ecological requirements

Hass avocado does well in altitudes between 1,000m to 2,000m. The fruit is generally bigger in cool areas

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Value Chain Development Training

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  08 October 2018 to 12 October 2018 - All Day Event
  Appleton Resort, Nairobi, kenya


A value chain can is a set of linked activities that work to add value to a product. It consists of actors and actions that improve a product while linking commodity producers to processor sand markets. In agriculture, this includes activities such as product design, production, marketing, distribution and support services up to the final consumer.

A market linkage is comprised of one or more organizations that facilitate end to end integration of the entire supply chain, it provides necessary infrastructure, supply inputs, provide capacity building and by back the finished products This training programme is therefore designed to help the farmers and all other stakeholders in agriculture to develop sustainable value chains.


5 days


This course is intended for various actors in Agriculture Extension (Agricultural extension officers, senior agricultural officials and policy makers) working with communities, in governments, funding agencies, Research organiza

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Outreach Training on Feeding Management - Dairy Value Chain

In the week of 16-20 April, the SEAD project organized a community outreach training on feeding management facilitated by Mr. Mark Bos, Dairy Value chain expert from the consortium partner Q-point. During a 3-day training, eight trainers from UR/CAVM, IPRC Musanze and IMBARAGA Farmers’ Federation were engaged in a training of trainers in order for them to prepare the roll out to farmers. The training was developed using an active participatory approach in which trainers themselves developed training materials, contextualizing these to fit the needs of Rwandan farmers and cooperatives under the expert guidance of Mark. The roll out theoretical training to 25 small holder dairy farmers and cooperatives was conducted at Imbaraga Federation training centre in Musanze on “Managing the nutritional requirements of a dairy cow to ensure optimum milk production by healthy cows”. At the beginning of the training, farmers involved in dai

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Outreach Training on Potato Value Chain - Planting and fertilizing potato

In the week 07-11 May 2018, the SEAD project organized a 5-day training for the potato value chain on potato plantation and fertilization. The training was facilitated by Mr. Mink Vermeer, a senior consultant and potato value chain expert from the international partner Delphy. The training was divided in two sessions: training of trainers (ToT) and roll out to farmers. A team of nine people involved in the potato value chain from partner higher learning institutions (IPRC-Musanze, INES-Ruhengeri, UR-CAVM) and participants from the private sector: Seed Potato Fund (SPF), Imbaraga Farmer’s Federation were engaged in 3-day ToT to get capacitated on various aspects of potato planting and fertilizing to prepare outreach to farmers.

During the ToT, the team visited exemplary farmer, SPF - Ikigega and input suppliers in order to familiarize themselves with the settings and adjust site training focus and topics to what is a

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MUBARAK INUWA Carole Larlage-Solanum tuberosum,(Irish potato).It is the third largest consumable food crop after wheat and rice in world.It contain large percentage of starch and sugar.In africa, its production from 2011 was between 8 to 24 million metric tons.However, its growth in africa, is not so significant, it only carry 9% of global production.

3 months 3 weeks ago

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International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) seeks to recruit a consultant to lead the dairy value chain activities for PRDAIGL project in Burundi.

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) works to improve food and nutrition security and reduce poverty in developing countries through research for efficient, safe and sustainable use of livestock. It is the only one of 15 CGIAR research centres dedicated entirely to animal agriculture research for the developing world. Co-hosted by Kenya and Ethiopia, it has regional or country offices and projects in East, South and Southeast Asia as well as Central, East, Southern and West Africa .

 Consultancy Fee: Monthly rate

Consultancy Fee: Monthly rate

Post location: Burundi

Duration: This is a consultant position, initial appointment is for six months with the possibility of renewal, contingent upon individual performance and continued project needs.

Expected places of travel: Loc

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Building agribusiness relations for sustainable profit

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  19 November 2018 to 30 November 2018 - All Day Event
  Nakuru, Kenya

ICRA course:  Building agribusiness relations for sustainable profit
                    Key skills for inclusive business brokerage

This course is meant for agribusiness service providers working with smallholder farmers, processors, affiliated enterprises ànd for professionals working  in producer organisations, educational institutes and development organisations with agribusiness as their domain.  

Candidates with funding can approach me by email:

application deadline is 1 October for those who need a visa for Kenya
application deadline is 1 November for those who do not need a visa for Kenya

To get updates on our courses  and scholarship opportunities you can sign up here 

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Developing Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chains In Indonesia

In Indonesia’s eastern Maluku and North Maluku provinces, malnutrition levels are high. Nutrition challenges include monotonous diets with inadequate levels of energy, micro-nutrients and protein. Studies commissioned by The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) suggest that strengthened value chains for foods such as bananas, cassava, maize, spinach, sweet potatoes and fish could make business sense for smallholders and lay the foundations for a strong local food system that sustainably delivers nutritious foods for healthy diets.

Download the report here

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CIFOR is looking for Senior Scientist, Value Chains, Finance and Investments

The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) envisions a more equitable world where forestry and landscapes enhance the environment and well-being for all. CIFOR is a non-profit, scientific institution that conducts research on the most pressing challenges of forest and landscape management around the world. Using a global, multidisciplinary approach, we aim to improve human well-being, protect the environment, and increase equity. To do so, we conduct innovative research, develop partners’ capacity, and actively engage in dialogue with all stakeholders to inform policies and practices that affect forests and people. CIFOR is a CGIAR Research Center, and leads the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA). Our headquarters are in Bogor, Indonesia, with offices in Nairobi, Kenya, Yaoundé, Cameroon, and Lima, Peru.

The primary responsibilities of this Senior Scientist position a

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Zambia Dairy Value Chain Project Newsletter 2nd Edition

The second edition of SNV's Zambia Dairy Value Chain Project Newsletter is out! Highlighting the Choma District Dairy Cooperative Union's successful journey despite it's challenges and and inspiring testimonial from an emerging successful dairy farmer!

Read more about how the project is changing the dairy landscape in the Southern Province of Zambia by downloading the newsletter.

Enjoy the read!

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Dear All,

We are glad to invite you to take part in the Agriculture Training Month that will be held at Indepth Research Services from May 21st until June 15th, 2018.

Learn how precision agriculture and modern-day farming practices impact farming operations and agribusiness around the world as well as share experiences with regard to the following theme:

“Quality Assurance in Agriculture: Best Practices, Challenges and Opportunities”

By participating in one of our training programs, you will be able to strengthen your skills while learning new techniques.

You can undertake any of our Trainings in many spheres in any of our preferred location in: Nairobi, Kisumu, Naivasha or Mombasa.

NB: Discount of up to 25% for group registrations (3 or more participants).

Get started by selecting any of our Agriculture Training Programs Below!

· Agro Entrepreneurship & Market Facilitation Course (21st May – 25th May 2018) | Register Here

· Value Chain Development and Marke

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Job Opportunities in Ethiopia

Dear all,

Please check out these job opportunities from different organizations. The date in the bracket is the deadline for application. Click on each job title for more description and requirements. Don't forget to share!!

Nuru International Ethiopia

Agriculture Extension & Rural Livelihoods Program Manager (May 17, 2018)

Agri Service Ethiopia (ASE)

Value Chain and IGA Extension Expert (May 18, 2018)

Ethiopia-Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG)

Internship for Agricultural fields of studies and Agribusiness Companies (Jun 6, 2018)


Agricultural Training opportunities in the month of march.

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  05 March 2018 to 30 March 2018 - All Day Event

Climate Change and Agriculture Training (05th to 09th March 2018)

There is a rapid change in climatic conditions which has resulted to several negative effects on human activities and development especially in agriculture and the environment. There is little awareness and understanding of the changing world in the rural areas where majority of agriculture and rural development activities are carried out.

Officers involved in agricultural and rural development activities do not have adequate capacity to inform and manage issues resulting from climate change. Thus, there is need to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills in managing the effect of climate change for the development of agriculture and the environment.


Resilient Livelihoods Course (19th to 23rd March 2018)

Disasters and food insecurity are directly interconnected. They interrupt market a

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Truvalu: a new player in the agrifood sector

 – with ambitions“The world food market can no longer ignore fair chains”

Fair chains are the way of the future in the world food market. Investing in food value chains is not only an obligation – it also offers scope for contributing to sustainable economic development in developing countries, said social entrepreneur Jaap Jan Verboom at the launch of Truvalu, a new part of the global development organization ICCO Cooperation. Truvalu makes use of the opportunities offered by the world food market to enable agrifood and food-processing companies in developing countries to grow and increase their market share.

Unprocessed agricultural commodities, like cacao and coffee, are the main export products for emerging economies. Processing these into marketable products is a profitable activity but is often done in Europe. Verboom: “That’s why local economic development is going nowhere. If we can enable farmers not only to get a fair pric

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Vacancy: SPARK Rwanda Project Officer IPoVaf

(Deadline: 22nd February 2018)

SPARK is a growing, young, dynamic development NGO with 80 staff members in offices in Amsterdam, Belgrade, Bujumbura, Juba, Kigali, Monrovia, Mitrovica, Pristina and Ramallah. SPARK develops higher education and entrepreneurship, so that young ambitious people are empowered to lead their post-conflict society into prosperity.

SPARK is achieving its mission by organizing business plan competitions, business skills training, SME coaching & mentoring, business incubation, SME financing, intensive higher vocational summer courses, curriculum development and quality assurance at universities and higher vocational education institutions.

SPARK is currently looking for a Project Officer Irish Potato Value chain Financing (IPoVaF). The Project Officer will be responsible to provide technical support on the implementation of the Irish Potato Value chain financing (IPoVaF) project under the direct supervision of the Pro

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Faustin Ntawugashira Hello?I am Faustin Ntawugashira from Nyarugenge.I would like to know farming of bees.Thank you

9 months 1 week ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Dear Faustin Ntawugashira, you can contact this person, he is an expert in beekeeping(// They also do training for the people who are willing to do beekeeping project. For any other problem, please contact us. we ready to help you.

9 months 1 week ago


Start course: Organised Farmers as Partners in Agribusiness

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  17 September 2018, All Day Event
  Wageningen, the Netherlands

Can farmers improve their income and well-being through effective collective action? Join the course and take home many practical tools and approaches for promoting farmer entrepreneurship and strengthening famers’ organisations that aim to arrive at farmer-inclusive agribusiness development.

Improving farmers’ performance and business relations

This course perceives farmers as autonomous entrepreneurs and their organisations as farmers’ business organisations. Both operate in dynamic market systems and have to deal with a range of public and private sector players, such as sourcing companies, banks and MFI’s, agro-input dealers, research, extension and others. The central question of the course is how farmers can improve their income and well-being through effective collective action of their organisations and improved relations with other stakeholders.

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • be familiar with state-of-the-art thinking about farmer entrepreneurship, famers' or

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Team up with African Agripreneurs

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  01 June 2018, All Day Event
  Rabobank Utrecht

International conference with agripreneurs and farmers’ organizations; policymakers from government, business, academy and civil society; students - from Africa, the Netherlands, Europe.

The booming urban markets provide business opportunities for those African farmers and agri-food entrepreneurs (agripreneurs) that are able to sup ply the urban consumers with fresh and healthy food, such as vegetables, fruit, poultry, dairy products and meat.

The challenge for Dutch Diamond actors - government, research institutions, business and civil society organisations - is to perceive and connect to this opportunity, to establish partnerships through which their multiple assets for reinforcing rural-urban linkages and improving the food chain can be deployed in the most effective way.

Speakers, workshops, networking.

Further information and registration on the website: