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Nine research projects funded to improve seed systems in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa

Nine projects are funded by NWO-WOTRO to strengthen the Netherlands-CGIAR research partnership on generating insights that contribute to improving seed systems in focus regions within Asia and Sub-Sahara Africa. Specific seed systems addressed are cassava, maize, groundnut, vegetables, cocoa, forage seed, tilapia and chicken, while some projects have a more general focus on improving the functioning and inclusiveness of seed systems and (actors in) markets.

The call on “Seed Systems Development: Enabling and Scaling Genetic Improvement and Propagation Materials” was released by the Netherlands-CGIAR partnership. The nine awarded project consortia consist of Dutch research institutes, CGIAR research centers (through CGIAR research programmes or platforms), and (local) partners from the public and private sector.

Aim of the research projects

The call for proposals was built on the premise that development of the seed sector may

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Rural E-Commerce Development Training

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  16 October 2018 to 20 October 2018 - All Day Event

We are pleased to inform you that Mekong Institute (MI) is organizing the modular training program on Rural E-Commerce Development in Lancang-Mekong from October 16-20, 2018 till March of 2019. 24 selected participants will be offered full scholarships covering the cost of round-trip air tickets between home cities to Khon Kaen (KK), Thailand, KK airport transfer, overseas travel insurance, accommodation and lunch during the training period.

The training will include participants representing key stakeholders involved in e-commerce and/or rural e-commerce development in the six Lancang-Mekong countries (China, Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam). It will be conducted in three phases.

Learning Phase - A one-week training program at MI, Khon Kaen, Thailand on Oct 16-20, 2018

Knowledge application phase – participants will design respective action plans and expected to implement action plans in his/her country over 4 months between Oct 2018 and Jan 2019.

Networking phas

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EOWE publication series: Empowering women in agribusiness through social and behaviour change

The success of women in agribusiness is not only determined by the level of access to resources and business assets, but also by gendered-specific behaviour and roles, which influences women’s decision-making power and control around these resources and business assets. Tackling the inequalities that exist between men and women in many rural agricultural societies therefore also requires a change in the deeply entrenched gender norms that are at the root of these inequalities.

As an entry point to reflect on and transform restrictive gender norms and power relations, the EOWE programme of SNV Netherlands development Organisation organises facilitated Household Dialogues among targeted family and/or community members in Kenya and Vietnam to critically reflect and discuss around the key norms that prevent women from fully participating in and benefiting from economic activities.

The EOWE prog

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Shadrack Agaki This is an exemplary work by SNV, the communication model is simple but extremely effective. The communication model used here can be depended on to getting critical information on new technologies and innovations in agriculture to rural areas.  

7 months 5 days ago

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How to set-up business hubs for women entrepreneurs in rural areas

By providing information and advice on business start-up procedures, available resources of finance, technology and manpower and in some cases office space and facilities at a low rent, business hubs can support women-led start-ups through the tricky early stages. In many cities around the world, business hubs are popping up and providing support to (especially young) women to kick-start their own businesses. However, in rural areas business hubs are less frequently seen. In addition, most existing business hubs do not take gendered differences in terms of access, barriers and opportunities into account. What types of services could support rural women in the start-up and development of their business? Who will run/host a rural business hub? And how will it be financed?

These questions are currently being explored by the programme team of the ‘Enhancing Opportunities for Women's Enterprises’ programme. The programme is being implemented between 2016 and 2020 in Kenya and Vietnam with fun

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Anne Marie Kortleve Thanks for sharing Resy! I also added the countries Kenya, Myanmar and Indonesia to your post, I think it is very interesting for these country networks to read and learn about the programme as well!

9 months 3 weeks ago

Resy Vermeltfoort  Thank you Anne Marie, for spreading the news about our programme. The programme is also being implemented in Kenya. In the coming months, we will share updates from Kenya on our activities to boost women entrepreneurship in rural areas.

9 months 3 weeks ago

ugo sam Nwabuisi very great news.

9 months 1 week ago

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FrieslandCampina’s Dairy Development Programme (DDP) mobilizes Dutch dairy knowledge to support farmers in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe to improve their livelihoods. DDP is an important business enabler in these parts of the world and a good example of how FrieslandCampina contributes to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

We have gained broad international recognition for the positive impact of FrieslandCampina’s presence and role in emerging countries and in 2017 had the opportunity to discuss our contribution to poverty eradication and promoting prosperity at the United Nations in New York. Please find a brief overview of our activities in 2017 attached.

Anne Marie Kortleve Thanks for sharing your results from last year Tanja! I'll promote through our social media channels as well.

11 months 1 week ago

Cornelis van Riet Interesting: Friesland Campina, promoting dairy production in Indonesia too (Malang Area, East Java), I certainly would like to get involved in efforts of Fiesland Campina, to increase the farmer's income (small holders) in this area, Not easy task, because the dairy production from Australia imported cows, is not easy. (taken into account the culture and attitude of local rural farmers in general in East Java.  Cornelis van Riet / PT PalmHijauLestari, (export and cultivation of high value ornamental plants for interior decoration, East Java - The Netherlands.

11 months 5 days ago

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I-PLAN goes Vietnam

Last week I was in Vietnam, where I also participated in the Regional Food Security Conference ‘Let’s get to work. Building a food secure future’. In her key-note address vice-Minister Marjolijn Sonnema rightfully added the word ‘together’ to the title: building a food secure future together. 

I had the pleasure to present a good example of working together: a project our network is developing together with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the PostHarvest Network (PHN) and BoP Innovation Center. This project aims to establish an Indonesian Postharvest Loss Alliance for Improved Nutrition (I-PLAN).

Food losses

In the developing world most food losses take place before consumption and most remarkably, post farm gate between production and consumption. While loss is most often translated to tonnage of primarily staple foods wasted, postharvest loss and waste most dramatically impacts the perishable nutritious foods, which when lost translate t

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Arnhem, 28 March 2017

Agriterra leads Masterplan on cooperative support for Vietnam

On Thursday, March 23rd managing director of Agriterra, Kees Blokland signed an agreement with the Vietnamese Cooperative Alliance regarding a national Masterplan on cooperative support. The alliance represents more than 15,000 cooperatives in Vietnam.

"We feel greatly connected to the Vietnamese pursuit of having farmers and their organisations benefit from the economic growth in this beautiful country”. And that can be done in one way only: by including farmers' organisations and cooperatives in the growing economic trade by providing training, unlocking resources and exchanging experiences, "said Blokland. The signing ceremony took place in Hanoi in the presence of the Vietnamese Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyễn Xuân Cường, and Vice-Minister of Economic Affairs, Marjolijn Sonnema; during a regional conference on food security, organised by the Dutch and Vietnamese

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Agromissie naar Vietnam             19-23 maart 2017

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  19 March 2017 to 23 March 2017 - All Day Event

Agromissie naar Vietnam

met Marjolijn Sonnema, directeur-generaal Agro & Natuur van het ministerie van Economische Zaken

Steden: Ho Chi Minh Stad en Hanoi

Wilt u zakendoen in Vietnam of in dit land nieuwe mogelijkheden verkennen? En is uw bedrijf actief in de agro-, tuinbouw- of watersector? Ga dan mee van 19 t/m 23 maart a.s. met de agromissie naar Vietnam onder leiding van Marjolijn Sonnema, DG Agro en Natuur.

De missie richt zich op agro-, tuinbouw en waterkansen in de Vietnamese markt en op de positionering van Nederland als agro-, kennis- en innovatieland.

De missie is gekoppeld aan een regionale conferentie op het gebied van voedselzekerheid die Vietnam in nauwe samenwerking met Nederland, de FAO en de Wereldbank organiseert.

Voor wie?
De missie staat open voor bedrijven en kennisinstellingen uit de sectoren agrifood, tuinbouw en water-landbouw nexus.

Het centrale thema is voedselzekerheid met daarbinnen focus op technologie voor vermindering voedselverliezen & voedselverspilling, klimaatslimm

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