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Newsletter Food & Business Knowledge Platform (December 2018)

In the December Newsletter, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) indicates that Food and Nutrition Security in conflict sensitive areas is nowadays high on the policy agenda and a priority theme of the Platform. In the newsletter a report is presented about the recent Food _ Stability mission to the Horn of Africa, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FAO, joined by the F&BKP.

Furthermore the Platform shares an inventory by Nuffic on Dutch-African partnerships in support of SHAEA; an update on the food systems approach and insights of the 2018 Global Nutrition Report.

The rewarded projects under the LEAP-Agri and the Seed Systems Development call are also presented; and the findings of several Global Challenges Programme (GCP) projects and an interview with a team member of the research consortium of the successful GCP aquaponics project.

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Tanmia Agric Solns. My name is Namutidde Norah, i work with Tanmia Agriculture solutions located in Mutungo,kampala. we manufacture vermicompost (organic fertilizers) and liquid fertilizers. vermicompost can be applied to any type of crop in any country. Our organic fertilizers and bio-pesticides are all organic products, suitable to all kinds of crops, animals, birds and fish. please feel free to visit of website or for more call please call 0704863507 for inquires.Thanks......Regards

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Attract Early Stage Capital Between $250,000 and $5 million from World Bank’s L’Afrique Excelle Programme

Monday, January 14, 2019

Launched by the World Bank Group in 2017, World Bank’s L’Afrique Excelle Programme is the Francophone edition of XL Africa, a successful pan-African accelerator. Since the completion of its first edition, half of the XL Africa portfolio has successfully secured almost $18 M in funding.

The World Bank’s L’Afrique Excelle programme is searching for 20 scalable companies in the late seed or pre-series, keen on discovering high-development startups from Francophone Africa that are hoping to raise between the range of $250,000 and $5 million

During this six-month business acceleration programme, entrepreneurs will receive mentoring from both global and local experts, learn through a tailor-made curriculum, increase their brand visibility, and get access to potential corporate partners and investors, through collaboration with prominent Francophone Afric

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Invitation for Accreditation

Application Deadline: 21st December 2018

Non-refundable fee: 50,000ugx

A pre-accreditation meeting: 12th December 2018 at 10:00 am in the Ministers Boardroom     

The Government of Uganda has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Agriculture Cluster Development Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds towards a matching grant that will help finance the purchase of key production inputs and on-farm storage materials. MAAIF, therefore, requires accrediting agro-input dealers to supply inputs through the E-voucher system these include;

Lot 1. Bean Seed, Lot 2. Maize Seed, Lot 3. Rice Seed, Lot 4. Cassava Cuttings, Lot 5. Fertilizer, Lot 6. Pesticides and Lot 7. Post-Harvest Handling Materials and Farming Equipment 

See details attached

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World Bank calls for more funding to agriculture:

Government must improve public spending on agriculture, implement policies and regulations, build and strengthen the current institutions if the country is to realise its agricultural output potential, a new World Bank report has recommended.

The report titled “Closing the potential performance divide in Ugandan agriculture” says weak public institutions for promoting agricultural productivity at the level of small farms, inefficiencies in public expenditures and implementation of regulation and policies remain some of the biggest issues affecting the agricultural sector.

Launching the report in Kampala yesterday, the World Bank country manager, Ms Christina Malmberg Calvo, said government must get its priorities right if the sector is to achieve the desired targets.

Ms Calvo said the issues of fake inputs, low investments in the agricultural sector and other challenges must be addressed. She called for a deliberate move for commercialisati

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Food for All Talk 05 - World Bank Group - Netherlands knowledge partnership

“Overusing Antibiotics in the Livestock Sector: something can be done!”

On September 28, the fifth Food for All Talk (#FFATalks) under the WBG-Netherlands Partnership took place, entitled “Overusing Antibiotics in the Livestock Sector: something can be done!”. Chief Veterinary Officer of the Netherlands Christianne Bruschke gave an overview of the best practices from the Netherlands and Lorenzo Terzi from the European Commission explained the new “One Health” developments in Brussels (EC).

In this fifth edition of the Food for All Talk series, a World Bank Group (WBG) audience was informed on how the sector can organize and adapt itself for success. And on how this can be done without sacrificing livestock production or farmer income, also in low- and middle-income countries and benefiting from the perspective of the broader One Health approach.

Chief Veterinary Officer of the Netherlands Christianne Brusc

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Beyond nutrition, investing in livestock can also deliver on health

Frank Berthe, 17 August 2017 on WBG website

Interesting blog describing how the livestock sector could contribute to nutrition and publich health, while also describing the risks on the human-animal interface. I copy-paste the final sections here, but please refer to the original blog via the link below.

'The global demand for livestock products is set to increase by 70% in the next 30 years and nearly all that growth will occur in developing countries. The increasing demand for animal-sourced food and the associated expansion of livestock production systems are likely to raise the risk of emerging infectious diseases at the human animal interface; because of increasing livestock numbers, accelerating animal turnover, confinement of large numbers of animals in small spaces, as well as habitat fragmentation and encroachment with wildlife.'

'Another possible consequence of this increasing demand is an expected increase of

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      Filling two needs with one deed


Agriculture is an area where Myanmar has a significant comparative advantage with abundant land and water resources. It is vital for these resources to be well-managed to ensure long-term sustainability of this sector as well as to ensure the health and safety of the population,” Vikram Kumar, IFC country manager for Myanmar, said.

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Presentation and video from the Food for All Talk


You can now watch the video recording, the Food for All Talk #4Exploring Public-Private Solutions to Agri-Food Value Chains” go through the power point presentation and read the summary of the discussions.The presentation in the webinar challenged a World Bank Group audience to expand its concepts of applying public-private partnerships to agricultural sector transformation. Jan Ubels of PPPLab presented various examples which were shared drawn from a large number of PPPs implemented over the past 5 years in agricultural value chains under Dutch development instruments. These PPP examples present a participatory and bottom-up approach from the sector level to achieve inclusive development objectives with farmers, but also local system change for scaling.The presentation and

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We joined the food revolution - and you can, too

World Bank Blog by Nataliey Bitature and Manon Lavaud, 13 July 2017.

"Africa’s urban areas are booming, experiencing a high urban growth rate over the last two decades at 3.5% per year. This growth rate is expected to hold into 2050. With this growth, street food is going to become one of the most important components of African diets. The formal sector will just not be able to keep up!

Enter my company, Musana Carts, which tackles the #FoodRevolution challenge from the end of the food value chain. Musana Carts, which currently operates in Uganda, streamlines and improves the production and consumption of street food."

Full blog text:

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Can seeds help smallholders diversify?

Summary and video of the 3rd Food For All talks session under the WBG-Netherlands Partnership

On April 13, the third Food for All Talk (#FFATalks) under the WBG-Netherlands Partnership took place. Ethel Sennhauser, Director Agriculture Global Practice of the World Bank Group, welcomed guest speakers from Access to Seeds Index and East-West Seed to discuss the role of seed companies in helping smallholder farmers diversify into growing vegetables for income and better nutrition.

In this third edition of the Food for All Talk series, Ido Verhagen (Executive Director of the Access to Seeds Index) and Mary-Ann Sayoc (East-West Seed company) shared their experiences on what seed companies can do for smallholder vegetables farming.

East West Seed’s tailored business model focuses exclusively on smallholders, and extends far beyond seeds – they offer knowledge transfer on the farming system, thereby creating the basis for future sales. Ms. Sayoc noted t

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African cities will remain 'closed to the world' without reform and investment, World Bank says

By Sophie Edwards 

imageA view of Kampala, Uganda. Photo by: Mike Freedman / CC BY-NC-ND

Cities in sub-Saharan Africa are among the most expensive in the world for businesses, relative to income levels, and will remain “closed to the world” unless policymakers reform urban land markets and invest in infrastructure, a new report by the World Bank has found.

The number of people living in sub-Saharan African cities is growing rapidly: An additional 187 million people are expected to live in urban areas by 2025, the equivalent of the entire population of Nigeria. However, the economies in these cities are not keeping pace because they are crowded, disconnected and costly, according to “Africa’s Cities: Opening Doors to the World,” a report published today.

These factors make cities such as Lagos in Nigeria, Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, and Kampala in Uganda relatively unattractive to investors and entrepreneurs, meaning they produce few goods and services for trade on global and

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IFC and agribusiness in a changing environment

IFC event on GAFSP and climate smart agriculture, The Hague, Netherlands – 28 October 2016

Organized by IUCN NL and RVO, in partnership with IFC.

RVO and IUCN NL organized together with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) on 28 October a one-day event in The Hague in the framework of the World Bank Group-Netherlands strategic partnership ‘Food for All’. The event convened more than 80 professionals in the private sector, knowledge institutions, NGOs and policy makers engaged in agribusiness in developing countries.

IFC, the private sector arm of the World Bank Group, invests heavily in agribusiness in developing countries and emerging markets, and therefore has a great interest in exchanging experiences on investment opportunities, climate smart technologies and challenges in value chain operations. The main objective of the event was that both private sector and IFC bring current and upcoming activities and challenges in

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Climate-Smart Farming Helps a Community in Kenya Thrive in the Face of Climate-Change

Published on Oct 18, 2016. 6 minute clip on YouTube. Produced by World Bank.

What does a climate-smart farm look like? Farmers in Kenya are cultivating farms that earn higher incomes and produce more nutritious food-- showing that climate-smart agriculture can help smallholders prosper in the face of climate change.

My question to you as AgriProFocus members would be:

- how innovative are the diversification practices shown in the video?

- do you know other (more innovative) cases similar to the practices shown in the video?

- do you know other cases, which include a more explicit entrepreneurship strategy?

Thank you!

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Haramaya University has this year won a competitive World Bank grant amounting to 6,000,000 (six million) US Dollars to establish an African Center of Excellence in Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation. This is good NEWS for Africa that disproportionately affected by climatic change and food insecurity. For more information

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Newsletter (12) of Food & Business Knowledge Platform

Recommended reading about a/o. Applied Research Fund, SMEs, Micronutrients, Youth, World Bank, and the Extensive Livestock Expo.

This newsletter includes interesting highlights: the launch of the third call of the Food & Business Applied Research Fund; and several knowledge products and event reports. Those include the complete report of the successful Food & Business Applied Research projects workshop held in Uganda (in collaboration with AgriProFocus), an essay on micronutrient management, an exploration on youth in agriculture, a report of the “Food for All Partnership” learning journey on food safety, and the report about the Extensive Livestock Expo (which AgriProfocus Kenya co-organised).

Please draw your attention to the proposal deadline for the Young Expert Programmes (YEP). Until June 1, Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and social organizations can submit a proposal for the deployment of a Young Expert in Agrofood. Please v

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Georges Djodji Akibodé Ce bulletin comprend les faits saillants intéressants: le lancement du troisième appel du Fonds de la recherche appliquée de l'alimentation et des affaires; et plusieurs produits de la connaissance et les rapports d'événements. Ceux-ci incluent le rapport complet de la réussite de l'alimentation et des affaires de la recherche appliquée Projets atelier tenu en Ouganda (en collaboration avec AgriProFocus), un essai sur la gestion des micronutriments, une exploration sur les jeunes dans l'agriculture, un rapport de la "Food for All Partnership" parcours d'apprentissage sur la sécurité alimentaire, et le rapport sur l'Expo de l'élevage extensif (qui AgriProfocus Kenya a co-organisé). S'il vous plaît attirer votre attention sur la date limite de proposition pour les programmes d'experts Young (YEP). Jusqu'au 1er Juin, les entreprises néerlandaises, les institutions du savoir et des organisations sociales peuvent soumettre une proposition pour le déploiement d'un jeune expert en agroalimentaire. S'il vous plaît visitez le site Web de YEP pour plus d'informations. S'il vous plaît suivez ce lien: Aimer lire! Les réactions sont les bienvenues! - Voir plus: Agri Pro Focus

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Food & Business Knowledge Platform, 10th newsletter.

Interesting updates about inclusive agribusiness, horticulture, World Bank knowledge programme, etc.


This December newsletter presents various reports on events, new studies and expert opinions developed within the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) in the last months.
In addition to the articles below, on the F&BKP website you now can find a description of all granted 
GCP and ARF research projects, including from the latest Calls. In that website section you can also read about the supporting role of the Platform and NWO-WOTRO in knowledge sharing and research uptake of all awarded Food & Business Research projects.

Please enjoy reading this newsletter and exploring our website at To constantly stay updated on the activities of the Platform, you can follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page.

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10th newsletter Food & Business Knowledge Platform

Are you interested in knowledge and innovations in the area of Food, Nutrition and Agriculture!?

Newsletter no. 10 of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform is now available and recommended reading to all! It also includes a brief update on the AgriProFocus & partners Regional Horticulture Event in Rwanda (November 25-27).

Enjoy reading!

P.S. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can also do so through the link on the Food & Business Knowledge Platform website. 

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 Visiting World Bank officials asked Uganda Agribusiness Alliance (UAA) to host a meeting where they could hear and learn from those in the private sector of Uganda how they saw the way forward for climate smart agricultural development. UAA gathered 16 private sector colleagues who we knew had good insight into and vision for agricultural development in Uganda: 6 farmers, 2 processors, 2 exporters, 2 providers of agribusiness development services, one provider of agribusiness ICT services, 2 managers of agribusiness incubators, and one provider of market information and networking services. All gave the World Bank officials their thoughtful input, including 6 women and 5 youth. Among the main conclusions: successful agricultural/agribusiness development depends on individuals who have a combination of passion for what they do, education on how to do it, and patient perseverance that is committed to a long-range view of their agricultural efforts as a business.  

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Request for expression of interest: Evaluation GAFSP private sector program in Rwanda 

(Deadline: 27-Aug-2015 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

This Request for Expression of Interest is for a Firm Selection. Please log in as a valid Firm User if you wish to express interest in this selection (,,contentMDK:22592108~menuPK:7092676~pagePK:64147231~piPK:64147146~theSitePK:438017,00.html)

Selection Information

Assignment Title

GAFSP Rwanda Evaluation - Evaluation Firm

Publication Date


Expression of Interest Deadline

27-Aug-2015 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

Contact Name

Contact Email

Contact Phone

Contact Fax

Language of Notice


Selection Notice

Assignment Country

  • RW - Rwanda

Funding Sources

The World Bank Group intends to finance the assignment/services under:



The consultant will be an individual. The consultant will be a firm.


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World Development Report 2015 by the World Bank: 

Mind, Society, and Behavior

This years World Development Report highlights an interesting dimension: human behavior and the implications for the development sector. The report gives refreshing insights in a topic that is not often addressed. For instance chapter 10: The biases of Development Professionals.

Download all chapters via this website:  

Do we make rational choices in our behavior? Not always (or, very rarely!):