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Community of Practice - Youth in AgriBusiness

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  21 November 2017, 16:00-18:00
  AgriProFocus, Utrecht

Join us at the 2nd Youth in AgriBusiness - Community of Practice

YOUTH - professionals - YOUTH - members - YOUTH - stakeholders - YOUTH

The AgriProFocus network, in close collaboration with F&BKP, facilitates the second Community of Practice (CoP) for and with professional youth from members and stakeholders! The aim is to exchange our knowledge, share experiences and jointly contribute to innovative solutions for young people to become successful entrepreneurs in the agrifood sector and to have their voices heard among decision makers. 

TOPIC OF THIS CoP: Is there a bridge in the room? How to design an end-to-end approach to closing the gap between unemployed youth and the agrifood sector? BY: Heifer and Edukans

How to “bridge the gap” between the skills of unemployed youth and the requirements for successful (self-)employment in the agrifood sector? Many interventions focus on either the supply side - improving youth skills - or the demand side - creating market and

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Youth in Agribusiness Festival

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  22 November 2017, 09:00-15:00
  UR-CAVM, Nyagatare Campus

Youth as Catalyst for Agribusiness Development in Rwanda

AgriProFocus Rwanda in collaboration with Rural Development Initiative (RDI) and the University of Rwanda/College of Agriculture (UR/CAVM), National Youth Council(NYC) & Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) is organizing the ’Youth in Agribusiness Festival’’, to enhance the engagement of youth in agribusiness by facilitating information-sharing and practical entrepreneurship experience -sharing between youth role-models and those who want to enter the Agribusiness career as well as creating links and networking space between youth agripreneurs and agribusiness companies, development partners, farmers’ federations, farmers cooperatives’, financial institutions’ and policy makers.

The event will take place in UR/CAVM Nyagatare Campus on 22nd November 2017


‘’Youth in Agribusiness Festival’’ is an event started in 2015 from an idea of RDI and AgriProFocus Rwanda with

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Posted 13 November 2017 at 09:48


The Mastercard Foundation and Michigan State University launch a 5 year program for youth which will benefit 15,000 youth in Nigeria and Tanzania aged between 18-24 years, named "Agrifood Youth Opportunity  Lab (Ag Youth Lab)". On 10th November the Agri Food Lab held a Focus Group Discussion for the program and joined together different stakeholders from agriculture sector(whereby AfriProFocus took part).

The Agri Youth Lab will ignite opportunities to youth in 5 agrifood sector which  are poultry, aquaculture, horticulture, cassava and oil seeds. Through training, youth will be able to employ themselves and get job opportunities in the agrifood sector.

To know on how to get involved in the project below is the link that will guide you through what to do to be part it and get into training session.

Read more about Agri Youth Lab HERE.  

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Posted 11 November 2017 at 01:10

My Name is  Kalkidan Daniel and i am student in Arsi Universty; study Horticulture am very intersted in Agriprofocus and i like what you do for the youth generation in Agriculture.

Gizaw Legesse Dear Kalkidan, welcome to the network. And thank you for your comment. I see that your profile page still need update ( You can add some info so that members in the network can easily get in touch with you. You can always contact us for any help on how to do that; though I think it is very easy - just click on your name above and edit your profile.

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Posted 9 November 2017 at 04:50

Interview du mois d'Octobre 2017

Présenter vous à nos membres

Je suis Mahamane Sékou dit GOREL CISSE, jeune entrepreneur en agro business, titulaire d’un DUT en Finance comptabilité et en Gestion d’Entreprise, fils d’un Agent de la CMDT et passionné par la terre depuis toujours.

Je suis le président de la Coopérative des producteurs maraichers 44 « COOP-PRO-MAR44 » et de l’entreprise GOREL-FARMING SARL, qui est une jeune entreprise qui fait de la production Bio car soucieuse des dangers que peuvent avoir les effets néfastes des produits chimiques dans nos alimentations quotidiennes.

Parlez-nous de votre parcours d’entrepreneur?

Mes activités ont commencé en 2005 avec l’aviculture sur un terrain de 15/20 en partenariat avec un cousin résident à l’extérieur et je dispose également pour mes propres activités agricoles 02 hectares de champ à DJATOULA avec 02 poulaillers de 24/12m.

En 2006, j’ai eu encore la chance de payer 12 hectares à sorro v

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SEYBOU KONE Félicitations à vous Mr Gorel ! Vous êtes un exemple à suivre  pour la jeunesse !

4 days 3 hours ago


Global Entrepreneurship Week

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  18 November 2017, All Day Event
  Dar es salaam, Tanzania

More than 600,000 youth graduate every year in Tanzania and enter the labour market. Only 10% of them are lucky enough to get their almost dream jobs. What do the rest of the 90% do? Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Vocational work is a way out for the 90%. As we celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, Join us as we create a Launch Pad for young entrepreneurs and answer the big question of ‘Where Do I Start?

Basic Learning on ;

a)Busines planning and proposal - Presented by Kennedy Mmari (PR & Digital Expert, Co Founder Raleigh Society Tanzania)

b)Familiarization with laws to accommodate start ups - Presented by Ben Ishabaki (Lawyer and Activist)

c)Effective Marketing- Presented by Paschal Masalu (ElimikaWikiendi)

d)Digital Skills - Presented By Lilian Madeje ( MD,Ekhiya)


One UN Conference Room

United Nations Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, 255


REGISTER HERE, few chances remained.

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Posted 8 November 2017 at 03:56


The United Nation Youth forum will be helding a platform about the role of youth in building sustainable and resilient urban and rural communities #YOUTH2030.

Speaking of sustainable and resilient rural and urban communities takes us back to agriculture production and the use of land resources sustainably, therefore The ECOSOC is a good forum and opportunity for youth to engage, learn, discuss and present different matters of concern for youth. 

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum of United Nation will be held on 30-31 January 2018, and will provide a platform for youth to engage in a dialogue with Member States and to discuss the policy frameworks and promote innovative, institutionalised approaches and initiatives for advancing the youth development agenda at national, regional and global levels with a view to promoting solutions to the global challenge of strengthening resilience and sustainable development.

To read more about the ECOSOC and know

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Posted 7 November 2017 at 09:48

Agriculture is lifeline for most of developed and developing country especially Tanzania. It is the key occupation which can eradicate  poverty quickly in most of African countries, but it depends on how it is practiced. 

For the small scale farmers the challenge  starts from the farms before getting to the market,  here I am talking about  equipment for better farming and awareness on the best seeds for more yields  production, and appropriate place to conduct agriculture for a particular crop. From the last month I put my product below to the market, despite of more products produced (water melons) at the time, the biggest challenge was to the middleman whom I've been working with, i.e  one watermelon cost five thousand Tsh, so what the middleman do is to drop the price of your product to three thousand Tsh. for the reason that the market is poor at that time. In the end they sell to their own customers by secret agreement between them, instead of selling

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Victoria Gama Thanks for sharing Ally Cosmas

1 week 5 days ago

Ally Cosmas Thanks  Victoria Gama.

1 week 4 days ago

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Posted 3 November 2017 at 03:30

What has been your biggest eye-opener since you started your agribusiness endeavours?

Join our online discussion from 03 November to 17 November on this platform.

Over the last years, there has been encouragement of Rwandan Youth to adequately utilize the technical and financial support that is being availed to them by the Government of Rwanda and Development Partners. Multi-stakeholder partnerships have formed, and time and money have been invested.

Please share your best practice as youth in agribusiness, to inspire others! Where did you start as a young agri-entrepreneur? 

Leave a reply below this message. The outcomes of your contributions will be shared at the Youth in Agribusiness Festival on November 22!

If you have questions or need assistance, contact:

At AgriProFocus Rwanda: Thacien Munyamahame, Assistant Coordinator / Mobile: 0788235357

At Rural Development Initiative (RDI): Aime Kayumba, Director / Mobile: 0788309605

For more info

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Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI As the business is still operating,The challenges are the common that most farmers meet in their activities.In our company,We often meet the challenge of lacking new planting materials/flowers varieties,having a limited land to grow on the flowers and even sometimes the market become the problem. And the way we use to handle these challenges is to find all possibilities to make sure that we maximize all few resources that we have and try to make money from them.For example on the issue of having inadequate new planting material/flower varieties,We have decide to make a nursery where we grow and raise our own seedlings to make sure that we will be able to  keep supplying the market and meet our customers preference.

6 days 5 hours ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thanks for sharing Blaise, happy to see you finding a solution for some challenges. During the festival we,there will be some invited guests who will give us the advice on way we can handle such kind of challenges.

6 days 4 hours ago

Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI Thank you for your compliments Thacien ,For sure I can't wait to meet all of these guests  and i hope to learn alot from them!! we will present in the festival

5 days 12 hours ago

Blaise Birinda Hello everybody, I would like to share with you my testimony about how I started and where I am today. It is a long story but I will try to minimize.I graduated my universities studies in August 2014 in the University of Rwanda, especial in Agricultural mechanization department, where I acquired a bachelor's degree in that domain. After finishing my studies, I have got a small job for 6 months, to train young people about the use of tractor and other implements. After that small job, I have got a chance to join a public institution, still to train people about the use of agricultural machinery with a full time contract. During that period, it's where an idea of being an entrepreneur has come in my mind. It was in Feb 2015, after 8 mounts in my contracted job. I started by hiring a tractor in a local cooperative. That tractor was breakdown, and I started by a deep repair of that machine with little resources from the job I has. The tractor has got good condition to start the work of field preparation, and I gave a job to 2 people, one tractor operator and one mechanical technician. Challenges such as unskilled operators, farmers behavior about the use of tractor,... was so big but I tried to face them, After seeing that to do 2 works at the same time was not easy, I decided to resign on my job where I has a full time contract, so that I can follow my own work of providing hiring tractor services to farmers. Many people and friends did not understand my decision of resigning to that good job, but already was done. After that, I have got a chance from government in his program of supporting private sector in agriculture,and gave me a tractor on a small rent amount, and I returned back the old tractor to the owner (cooperative).Nowadays I have purchased my own tractor, and I still have the other one from the government and the market is still increasing, farmers adopt the use of that new technology in their fields preparation, and I would like to encourage people to come in this business because it is a good one. Thank you

2 days 7 hours ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thanks for sharing Blaise!I appreciate your project but it seems like the start up capital for this kind of project may become a challenge for youth, any advice?

2 days 4 hours ago

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Posted 2 November 2017 at 11:17

Beyond Temporal Resilience: Why we need to change tact on youth involvement in agriculture

The world population is estimated to be over 9 billion by 2050 with the greatest challenge being food insecurity. With this encroaching danger, efforts by global bodies led by the United Nations to solve the problem have been enhanced. However, I am afraid the effort is not bearing fruits as expected.

Of importance to me is the role of youth in establishing sustainable and resilient agricultural projects. Resilience happens when we are able to put a human face to development interventions- FAO. According to Africa Agenda 2063, Youth and women have been given a prominent role in establishing and sustaining economies in Africa through agriculture. This has also been echoed by the United Nation.

Although there exist new valuable knowledge, technology and skills to help in enhancing productivity in agriculture; either adoption rate has been slow or communication of information has failed.

While attending a con

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Posted 2 November 2017 at 05:28

ASEAN Young farmer leaders commit to ensure access to land for rural youth

ၿမန္မာဘာသာၿဖင္႕လည္း ေအာက္တြင္ဖတ္ရႈေလ႔လာႏိုင္ပါသည္။

Young farmer leaders from ASEAN countries gathered for the ASEAN-EU Youth Forum held on October 25-26, 2017 in ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta, Indonesia. Young leaders are concerned that the exodus of rural youth causes serious problems. They signed a declaration to ensure rural youths’ access to land through the provision of a national legal framework and a regional guideline facilitating easier transfer of land rights to young farmers.

The ASEAN-EU Youth Forum is a continuation of the RoundTable Discussion on Strengthening Farmers’ Organizations/Agricultural Cooperatives and Attracting Youth in Agriculture, which previously took place on 2016 at the ASEAN Foundation.They declared their agreements and call for actions drawn from their sharing, collective reflection a

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The Africa Agribusiness Incubation Conference & Expo

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  07 March 2018 - 08:15 to 09 March 2018 - 17:00
  Dakar, Senegal

Africa's largest spectacle and business platform in agribusiness incubation, the African Agribusiness Conference and Expo will be held again in Dakar, Senegal for another 3 days of pure business from 7th to 9th March, 2018.

High on the agenda is the role of agribusiness incubation and thematic side-events addressing existing bottlenecks to agribusiness development in Africa with the guiding theme of “Turning Science into Business.”

Like the inaugural edition, the second Africa Youth in Agribusiness Day will be hosted by the youth at the centre with all events tailor-made for the youth.

From 450 delegates in Nairobi, Kenya in 2015 to 900 in Accra Ghana 2016, this business boosting spectacle is calling for more seats to accommodate the demand come March 2018 in Dakar.

Conference Package

For the official invitation, conference concept, program and online registration please visit

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Posted 30 October 2017 at 10:09


For 3 days (26 to 28 of October)  farmers had an opportunity to learn and visit exhibitors at the Meru's Fair, whereby apart from the exhibition also farmers were going for classes to discuss and ask question from agriculture expert on different topics. 

On the first day topics covered were accessibility of good quality seed, importance of using good quality seed in vegetable and climate change and parthenium fighting. 

Day two session, access to market and capital for agricultural products, food safety for the better community and importance of social security fund for farmers.

Day three, topic discussed involved opportunities in agriculture, land and capital for young farmers.  And youth involvement in agriculture which was presented by the AgriProFocus representative. 

During the discussion farmers had opportunity to ask questions, share their experience and advice their fellow farmers in the matter discussed. 

"In order to succeed in

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Israel akyoo some how helpfull

2 weeks 5 days ago

Wim Goris a pity I could not join this event. Thanks for the reporting !

2 days 13 hours ago

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Posted 29 October 2017 at 10:37

This was a positive turning point in my career, 18th-25th August 2017 "Youth in Agribusiness Caravan 2017". The lessons learnt are still clear and fresh. All the agronomic practices, thats from Nursery management to Marketing of Agric-produce. AgriProFocus gave me the best platform to network with different people and organistions in Agric-Sector. This is how I got connected to Holland GreenTech Uganda, the company that supplies quality Agric-inputs and services, Irrigation systems and Green houses. Currently, I'm the Engineer of Holland GreenTech Uganda. I am happy and thankful for AgriProFocus and Holland GreenTech Uganda. It was also good to meet again at the PAINT (Promoting Agribusiness Investment Networking Trade) FORUM

Mugisha Richard Thank you very much Steven, for sharing your experience.  A lot more is coming as we plan to have a caravan this time to the Netherlands. If interested, begin to plan around March 2018.

2 weeks 6 days ago

Mulindwa Steven Yes Richard. Indeed I should start planning. It will be good for me to get more exposure in the field of Agriculture. Thanks for the info.

2 weeks 6 days ago

SSEKYEWA HENRY Thanks a lot for that innovative idea. Lets plan for it.

2 weeks 3 days ago

Eron Nakyewa Thank u Steven,for sharing with us.It's an encourager

2 weeks 2 days ago

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Posted 28 October 2017 at 08:06

Uganda Government awards 25 best youth farmers

By Henry Sekanjako

The agriculture ministry has awarded 25 youth farmers engaged in agri-enterprises and livestock farming. Awarded on Thursday in Kampala, the 25 youth farmers have been taken on by the Government as model farmers, to interest and guide other youth in the farming business.

According to Prof. Augustus Nuwagaba, the chief judge at the National Youth Champions in agriculture, the finalists were drawn from the over 500 youth farmers who participated in the competition. “The 25 youth farmers are from five regions (central, eastern, northern, south western A and south western B) of Uganda. They were selected after a national search,” Nuwagaba said.

At the ceremony, the winners were given plaques, certificates and money. The overall winner Charles Kisembo from Kagadi district, walked away with a prize of sh3.5m. Fatuma Namutosi who came second was given sh2.5m. During the selection process, the judges looked at value additio

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AGABA KENETH the youth innovation hub kayonza has also geared change in lives of communities through group projects in agribusiness and this has been boosted through peer exchange, farmer to farmer visits and youth cooperatives in value addition.

2 weeks 6 days ago


Business Drinks - You are Invited!

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Ethiopia
  02 November 2017, 17:00-18:30
  Black Rose Lounge

Dear members and partners,

We are pleased to announce the sixth Business Drinks of 2017 which will be held on Thursday November 2nd at Black Rose Lounge, Addis Ababa.

Confirm your attendance using this LINK.

AgriProFocus Ethiopia and Ethiopia Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) have been organizing these bi-monthly Business Drinks since 2015. The events have created the opportunity of bringing together and connecting agribusinesses, agricultural development agents, government actors and research institutes. With the interesting one-minute pitches and informal talks and meets, members and partners have gained visibility for their programs and strengthened their respective networks.

What will happen?

· On the coming Business Drinks, we have invited blueMoon Ethiopia to make an extended pitch about their first Youth Agribusiness Incubator program. Biruk Yossef will tell us more about the program, until then check out their website:

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Posted 26 October 2017 at 02:57

Hello Everyone!

I am SENGOGA Desire actively involved in Agribusiness sector. Currently, am doing maize farming in in Eastern Province of Rwanda. Together with other youth, we look forward to start a vibrant cooperative which will  enhance our economic status and create more jobs for people living in rural areas. Our goal is to make an  effort to combat hunger and malnutrition in Rwanda. I am glad to be part of this network looking forward to learn from you.

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Mr.Desire, welcome on the platform. Through this network you can have access to many contacts which can help you in maize value chain! Feel free to use this platform and make deals with different stakeholders!

3 weeks 3 days ago

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Posted 22 October 2017 at 08:33

A successful preparatory meeting of 2017-Youth in Agribusiness Festival

On Thursday, 19th October 2017, AgriProFocus Rwanda held 1st preparatory meeting of Youth in Agribusiness Festival 2017 at Chez Lando Hotel to gather different stakeholders' ideas in organizing 2017-Youth in Agribusiness Festival.

The objective of this meeting was to commonly discuss and share the ideas from different partners in preparing Youth in Agribusiness Festival 2017.

AgriProFocus Rwanda and Rural Development Initiative (RDI) in collaboration with different partners organizations are organizing a ‘’2017- Youth in Agribusiness Festival’’, to enhance the engagement of youth in agribusiness by facilitating information-sharing and practical entrepreneurship experience -sharing between youth role-models and those who want to enter the Agribusiness career.


‘’Youth in Agribusiness Festival’’ is an event started in 2015 from an idea of RDI and AgriProFocus Rwanda with the aim of advocat

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Posted 19 October 2017 at 07:49


The Brenthurst Foundation invites the young applications from young graduates for the  Machel Mandela Fellows pogram, named in honour of former South African President Nelson Mandela and his wife Graca Machel. The Fellowship programme aims to be the most prestigious of its kind in Africa. 

This opportunity is available for fellows from Africa and abroad and will be based at Brenthurst Foundation in Johannesburg, South Africa.



  • Under 30 years of age
  • An Undergraduate or Masters level degree
  • Excellent spoken and written English. African and other languages an asset
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Enthusiastic and reliable, a self-starter who requires minimal oversight and management
  • Able to balance deadlines and attention to detail
  • Fluency in all basic IT skills
  • Copy-editing and proof-reading skills an asset
  • A passion for Africa and a keen interest in new thinking and strategies to strengthen Africa’s economic

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Posted 18 October 2017 at 02:40

Short term consultancy at AgriProFocus Kenya!


AgriProFocus is an international multi-stakeholder network that brings together institutions and professionals in the agri-food sector and agribusiness that support agripreneurs. Our membership comprises of private sector, public sector, farmer organizations, knowledge institutions including research, and the development sector. Established in the Netherlands in 2005, AgriProFocus network has expanded to 11 country networks in Africa and two in South-East Asia. In Kenya, AgriProFocus has been in existence since 2009. AgriProFocus Kenya has a membership of over 110 organizations and over 7,000 professionals. The AgriProFocus network brings together stakeholders in the sector to strengthen their individual and collective impact. As a multi-stakeholder network, our members and partners bring together diversity of knowledge, expertise, practice and resources.


Youth in agribusiness is one of the focus areas within AgriProFocus Kenya network under t

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