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Opportunities presented in Kenya Youth Agribusiness Strategy, 2017-2021

In Kenya youth unemployment is higher than the overall national unemployment rate. While the latter is around 10% it goes as high as 35% for youth, depending on the age group. According to the UNDP study, 80% of the currently 2.3 million unemployed are young people between 15 and 34 years (World Bank, 2014).

Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy, directly contributing 24% of the annual GDP and another 27% indirect contribution (ASDS, 2010 – 2020). The sector is therefore critical in creating employment and improving living standards of Kenyans. It’s against this background that Agriculture has been identified as one of the key sectors to deliver the 10 per cent annual economic growth rate envisaged in the economic pillar of the Kenya Vision 2030. This growth can be achieved through transforming small-scale agriculture from subsistence to innovative, commercially oriented and modern agriculture.

The Ministry o

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Posted 12 March 2018 at 08:22

SNV 's annual magazine had an article on Niger called 'Meeting the change makers of Niger'. See page 40-42 about  youth entrepreneurship. It is only in English.

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Posted 23 February 2018 at 07:55

Call for Applications of Trainers for the Enable Youth Challenge Fund

Truvalu.startups the enable youth fund manager is a business accelerator that provides the expertise, hands-on support and connections to help businesses enter emerging economies. We target to support a total of 150 young agripreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35 years and women, from and around irrigation schemes in the areas of Nebbi (Wadelai), Gulu (Tochi), Kasese (Mubuku II), Butaleja (Doho) and Kween (Ngenge). We will introduce the selected candidates to new technologies and innovative business models and we will help them to build up the local ecosystem that can support them best. At the end of the 6 months of intensive business acceleration program we will provide seed investment of maximum $8,000 USD each to the most promising 90 agripreneurs.

Truvalu.startups is therefore seeking for trainers to train young agripreneurs for this program. If you are a trainer and interested in being selected to do

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Ismail Bakundana I have applied 

9 months 3 weeks ago

Gloria Kyomugisha Hi Ismail, your interest in being selected as a trainer is inspiring indeed. Good luck with your application.

8 months 3 days ago

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The 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival: ''Youth as Catalyst for Agribusiness Development in Rwanda''

AgriProFocus Rwanda through its programme called Youth in Agribusiness, in close partnership with Rural Development Initiative (RDI), USAID/PSDAG project, Rwanda Catholic Relief Service (CRS), the University of Rwanda - College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM), YEAN Rwanda, National Youth Council (NYC), FESY Rwanda and Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF), organized the 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival on the 22nd November 2017 at UR-CAVM, Nyagatare Campus.

The objectives of this event were to:

- Create links and networking space among youth agribusiness entrepreneurs with big buyers, agribusiness industry leaders, investors, farmers’ federation and Research institutions.

- Encourage the agribusiness companies, private investors and financial institutions to invest in youth

- Share the current situation on opportunities and challenges for youth engagement in agribusiness

- R

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Opinion: We can make agricultural work attractive for Africa's youth. Here's how: By Esther Ngumi

In Zimbabwe, it is hard to sell agriculture as a meaningful career for the youth. To them, the cities hold more promise than the fields. Similarly, in Kenya, many youths would rather migrate to the cities than stay in the rural areas to pursue a career in agriculture. They have real reasons to back their choice: Agriculture can be tedious, labor intensive, a risky business, unrewarding, and unproductive. Further, many cannot afford to raise the capital needed to secure land and other equipments and inputs needed to launch a successful and thriving agribusiness.

Yet, there are many success stories coming from Africa of successful youth agripreneurs, who, despite the above hurdles have used their skills, creativity, and innovation and leveraged on technology to build strong, thriving agribusinesses. They are making a career out of agriculture.

In Nigeria, for example, Angel Adelaja, has built a succe

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Accomplished the final Agrifood Teaser Workshop with moment of inspiration by the youth voice

On 7 February 2018, AgriProFocus Myanmar successfully hosted the Final Agrifood Bootcamp Teaser Workshop at Yangon University of Economics. Wow!!! We were impressed by the active input and high quality of the contributions from young people to solve the various challenges presented by the companies and organizations. There were 165 participants from Yangon University of Economics and other interested youth.. When we announced the statement “ I can contribute to developing the agriculture sector with my educational background”, more than 70% of the participants stand up and agreed the statement.

The Agrifood Bootcamp is a project to link Myanmar students and young professionals age 18 and 35 to Dutch businesses and organisations in the agrifood sector. The objective is to increase awareness of youth about the opportunities in agribusiness, improve linkages and exchange between Myanmar youth and D

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AAPC 2018

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  14 February 2018 to 16 February 2018 - All Day Event

AAPC is an annual flagship event organized by the Policy Analysis Group (PAG), an informal and voluntary group with members working on agricultural policy projects and initiatives, academia and local and international policy think tanks. Established in 2013, the group has 20 members and provides a platform for sharing information on policy research and activities so as to enhance coordination, collaboration and synergy. PAG also aims at ensuring consistency in policy messaging.

Theme: Integrating Food and Nutrition Security into Economic Transformation and Industrialization Agenda in Tanzania

The fourth edition of AAPC will look at how key reform implementers of Tanzania’s agricultural sector are delivering under six key pillars relevant to the theme of the conference. These include: 1) Agricultural Sector Policy, (2) Agricultural Trade and Marketing, (3) Enabling Environment for Private Sector Investment, (4) Agricultural Land Access Dynamics & Land Tenure Policy (5) Access to Finance an

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330 Young people attended Teaser Workshop to explore the opportunities in AgriFood sector

On 26 January 2018, AgriProfocus Myanmar hosted the first AgriFood Bootcamp Teaser workshop from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at THE Co-operative university (Thanlyin). There WEre 330 participants from Co-operative University and members of Central Coperative Society WHO attended this workshop. Most Youth mention that “we can’t do IT alone; we have to combine OUR strengthS to develop the best solutions”. Half of them agree that agribusiness is also AN interesting way to get A good career to make success.

The Agrifood Bootcamp is a project to link Myanmar students and young professionals between age 18 and 25 to Dutch businesses and organisations in the agrifood sector. The objective is to increase awareness of youth about the opportunities in agribusiness, improve linkages and exchange between Myanmar youth and Dutch and Myanmar companies and organisations and to develop skills and capacities required i

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AgriProFocus / 2SCALE 'Youth in Agribusiness’ workshop in Hawassa

The new AgriProFocus Ethiopia Team was asked by two of AgriProFocus members (ICRA and BoP Innovation Center), to organize and facilitate a half-day learning workshop on ‘Youth in Agribusiness’ for their 2SCALE program on Thursday 18 January, 2018. 

The purpose of this half-day workshop was for AgriProFocus Ethiopia to share the findings of its ‘Youth in Agribusiness Listening Project’ conducted in Ethiopia in the summer of 2016. Through this listening project, AgriProFocus Ethiopia interviewed 31 stakeholders in Ethiopia, and 3 different AgriProFocus country offices (Mali, Tanzania and Kenya), to learn of the role of youth in agribusiness, and ways that better synergy between actors could better promote youth engagement in agribusiness.

AgriProFocus Ethiopia Country Network Facilitator Sarah Assefa was the main facilitator of this half-day workshop that ended with an interactive group exercise. During this gr

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Am by names of FRED Mwumvaneza, a student from University of Rwanda-College of Agriculture, Environmental and Veterinary Medicine in agricultural mechanization department .

A big thank to AgriProFocus Rwanda for organizing 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival which took place at Nyagatare Campus.

Its a big pleasure to have this festival as students and this inspires us to be innovators and help engaging youth in agribusinesses, without depending on white color job.

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thank you very much Fred MWUMVANEZA your testimony on the youth festival held at Nyagatare campus!AgriProFocus and different partners are there to keep promoting youth engaged in agriculture!!

10 months 4 weeks ago

Fred MWUMVANEZA thank you so much, even me i have that passion for being one of innovators  especial in agriculture.

10 months 4 weeks ago

Theophile HATEGEKIMANA Dear Fred, I am impressed by your initiative to improve productivity in agriculture. It seems like I have the same idea longtime ago and I managed to collect some means for that purpose. I believe that some dreams are made true through working together. Can we meet and think about that? You can contact me on hatefilos@gmail.comTks

8 months 1 week ago



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  28 February 2018, 09:00-15:00
  Azure Hotel, Nairobi

Young Africans are shaking up agriculture with new ideas and sky-high ambition, making agribusiness the next dominant employment generator for the millennials despite the effects caused by climate change. Younger generation are harnessing new techniques and experimenting with ways to add value with various agricultural products.However this efforts are being faced by a number of challenges.

There exists a myriad of good initiatives aimed at generating employment for youth in agribusiness among various stakeholders. However, these initiatives face huge challenges that prevent them from generating the number of jobs needed to meet the increasing demand.

In February 2018 in Nairobi ICCO Cooperation is convening a Partner Up event with the theme: Youth Agribusiness4Growth. The event aims at convening the public, private institutions and development donors/partners to deliberate and develop a shared commitment on how to bridge the gaps holding back youth innovation agribusiness.

The activities o

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ONLINE DISCUSSION: Sensitizing Youth in Agribusiness on Quality, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards as a key driver for Market development

From the internet, TV or journals and newspapers we receive a constant stream of information about health risks associated with the food we eat. Food arrives in every home from all over the world and it is a sensitive commodity. It can be affected by contamination from microbes, heavy metals and toxins which get to the food inadvertently through poor hygiene, or it can be tampered with intentionally via food fraud. Everything that finds its way into food, if not used correctly, can be dangerous. Food additives, intentionally put into food to facilitate production, Residues of pesticides, used to protect plants against pests that may ruin our harvest and cause famines and Residues of veterinary drugs used in animal production.

Population growth, animal health and climate change are important issues affecting our food supply and as the United Nations f

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Student Video Competition on food supply (deadline April 1, 2018)

Dear All,

IUFoST ( presently organizing the 19th IUFoST World Food Science and Technology Congress from October 23 -27. 2018 in Mumbai, India. To stimulate the young generation’s interested in improving the Food Supply in a sustainable way on a local but also global level a Student Video Competition has been initiated for the >IUFoST ROSE SPIESS AWARD FOR A SUSTAINABLE FOOD SUPPLY<</p>

We invite students from all scientific areas around the globe to think about possible improvements of the food chain, develop strategies and visualize their ideas in a video, alone or together with friends and colleagues. Details on the Competition are attached, see especially >Information – IUFoST< . The attached information are also accessible in the Internet under >IUFoST Rose Spiess Award< (3 Documents: Information - IUFoST; Form - IUFoST; Proposal Form - IUFoST). The best videos will be awarded, besides the recognition of presenting an important idea to improve the food supply chain the winners will receive e

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Bienvenu au  Young Expert Business Development Afrique de l'Ouest

C’est avec une grande joie que le réseau AgriProFocus Mali vous annonce l’arrivée de notre collègue Romy Appelman

Romy est de nationalité néerlandaise et vient de rejoindre le Réseau AgriProFocus Afrique de l’Ouest (Mali-Niger-Benin) avec pour résidence Bamako. Elle a donc pour mission de co-animer et co-développer des proposi

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ADA MAHAMANE Habou bienvenu en Afrique l'Ouest à madame!

11 months 5 days ago

Anne Marie Kortleve Good luck in Bamako Romy Appelman! Keep us updated about your activities through the platform!

11 months 5 days ago

Philippe AKPAKI Welcome Romy 

10 months 3 weeks ago

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Help to solve the agrifood challenges of these companies and organizations

From January until April 2018, AgriProFocus and 5 agrifood companies and organizations from the Netherlands will organize the Agrifood Bootcamp! This is a project to link Myanmar youth between age 18 and 35 to Dutch businesses and organisations in the agrifood sector.

We invite Myanmar youth to develop innovative solutions for the agrifood challenges the companies and organizations are facing in their work in Myanmar. Please read more about the companies challenges below!

Do you want to participate in the Agrifood Bootcamp? Choose one of the challenges below and think of an idea to solve it! Don’t be shy, all ideas are welcome. Pitch your idea in English in a short video (max 3 minutes) or a written text (max 1 A4). Send it to our AgriProFocus Myanmar Facebook Messenger or through Viber to 09 453272578.

Find the challenges here:

ICCO Cooperation

ICCO Cooperation is a global non-governmental organization that works together with its partners on responsible and

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YPARD Netherlands meetup: what are your agri(re)solutions?

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  25 January 2018, 19:30-22:00

At the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) Netherlands we have been prioritising agri-resolutions for 2018, and as first objective we would like to reach out to more students, young professionals and agrifood enthusiasts. YPARD offers a global network and chances for networking, events and news related to opportunities in the agricultural sector worldwide, at different levels: academic, professional, development sector.

We are organizing an 'Agri(re)solutions meet up' in Utrecht on 25th January at 19:30 at Jozef (see also the flyer in the attachment). This is meant to be an informal gathering to discuss our plans and resolutions for 2018 at YPARD Netherlands, and to discuss priorities and ambitions of our members. Would you be so kind to circulate the invitation to this event within your network? We are looking forward to welcome new members!

For any more questions or suggestions, please feel free to circulate the following email address ( or the link

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Posted 14 January 2018 at 01:00

To all those in western uganda.

If you are a youth engaged in any form of agriculture ranging from crop production to livestock. I bring to you this opportunity to associate with youth farmers in western uganda. Our association is called Rural Youth Agropreneurs Association.(RUYAA)

Call/whatsapp:  +256781260064


Our facebook page below

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Meet Mukazigama, Gatsibo’s budding agricultural entrepreneur!!

When many university students complete their studies, one of their biggest preoccupations is how to land government or corporate jobs. For many, getting white collar jobs is the only alternative after campus.

However, for Evangeline Mukazigama, a graduate of accounting from Kigali Independent University (ULK), job-seeking was out of the equation, thanks to her passion for farming and entrepreneurship. Though the move surprised many, for her it was a natural choice having raised all her university tuition fees from farming activities.

“For me the thought of job-seeking was like a huge burden I couldn’t bear,” says the 30-year-old resident of Rurenge, Remera sector in Gatsibo District, Eastern Province.

So I decided to apply the knowledge gained from university to carry out my own income-generating activities to make more money, Mukazigama added.

.....Read more!!!!

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Final Report: ''3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival'' – 22nd November 2017

On 22 November 2017, was held the 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival at the University of Rwanda, the College of Agriculture, Environment and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAEVM, Nyagatare Campus). The festival was jointly organized by AgriProFocus Rwanda, UR-CAVM, and Rural Development Initiative (RDI) in partnership with USAID/PSDAG project, Rwanda Catholic Relief Service (CRS Rwanda, the Youth Engagement in Agriculture Network (YEAN), National Youth Council (NYC), FESY Rwanda and Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF).

The purpose of this event was to gather young people together with some development partners so that they share information on the existing opportunities in agribusiness and develop more networks that can help them to be more involved in Agribusiness.

Under the theme ''Youth as Catalyst for Agribusiness Development in Rwanda'' the festival attracted 350 participants drawn from UR-CAVM (students & lecturers),

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Anne Marie Kortleve Thanks for sharing the report Thacien! Do you have anice picture collage to go with it too perhaps? Would look nice!

12 months 3 days ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thank you very much for your comments Anne Marie Kortleve.

12 months 2 days ago

Prosper DUTONNYEKUMANA Good achievement!

12 months 1 day ago

Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI This report shows how youth are the driving force towards agriculture sector development.

11 months 1 week ago

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Posted 18 December 2017 at 01:09

  I am KAMAYIRESE Francine, a student from University of RWANDA in College of Agriculture, Environmental and Veterinary Medicine in Agriculture Mechanization URCAEVM, Nyagatare campus, I have attended 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival held at Nyagatare Campus, and then I become inspired by youth role models through their wonderful explanations and testimonies on their tangible agribusinesses, I have learned many things in this festival and I found that through agribusiness, we can make money.  I also learn about innovation and creativity. As this can improve the well being of our society. I really thank AgriProFocus Rwanda and different partners, for your mission which is to promote youth engaged in agriculture.  

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thanks a lot for sharing your testimony based the lessons learned in 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival. We will be happy to see you starting up new agribusinesses and creating more jobs for others!!!

1 year 3 hours ago

Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI Thank you Francine Kamayirese for your testimony and acknowledging us as the young agribusiness entrepreneurs who participated in the event.Anyway could you also share with us the innovation and creativity that you have learnt and came up with due to the festival as you mentioned in your testimony!

12 months 4 days ago