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Hello Everyone,

I am TWIZERIMANA Jean Wilson, a student from University of RWANDA in College of Agriculture, Environmental and Veterinary Medicine, I have attended 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival took place at Nyagatare Campus, and then I become inspired by youth role models through their testimonies on their tangible agribusinesses, I have learned many things in this festival and I found that through agribusiness, we can make money. I really thank AgriProFocus Rwanda and different partners, for your mission which is to promote youth engaged in agriculture.

Janine Schoeman Thanks for sharing! Please continue to share your experiences on the platform. 

1 year 9 hours ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Welcome on the platform! Keep using the platform, through connections we can achieve more!

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Hi everyone,

I am Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI, CEO&Co-founder of Umurage Francoise Flower Garden in Muhoza sector, located in Musanze District near the National police college at the road heading to Musanze Agro-market. I provide different horticultural services to different clients! These services include growing flowers, Raising seedlings and producing root stocks for other people who want to grow these flowers in their gardens. 

By participating in different Youth in Agribusiness Festivals that are being organized by AgriProFocus Rwanda in collaboration with Rural Development Initiative and other partners, I have got lots of experience and gained new skills that have empowered me for improving business and make it more viable and profitable as well. For instance, I was participated as an exhibitor in 2016_Youth in Agribusiness Festival  that took place at UR-CAEVM, Busogo Campus and due to professional advice from AgriProFocus staff, presenters and different leaders that

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Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Waow!Thanks for sharing with us Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI!Happy to see a good testimony like this!

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Fellowship Opportunity at IITA

You are embarked in a Master of Science or Ph.D in the agricultural sector, a young professional, on Youth and Agribusiness domain and you wish to broaden your knowledge on them? This is for you. 

Under the framework of his project, IITA is pleased to announce 20 research fellowships for 2018. The Call for Applications for the fellowships is meant to promote research on “Youth engagement in Agribusiness and Rural economic activities in Africa”. This is an action-oriented fellowship for young academics and professionals, and students at the post-course work/research stage of their programs. The research will be carried out in the following countries: Benin, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Senegal, and Zambia

Kindly consult the PDF file attached or go to for more information.

Read and share to other networks.

Good luck

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thank you very much for sharing a such opportunity Didier MUYIRAMYE!

1 year 3 days ago

Jean Wilson TWIZERIMANA we are appreciating you Didier for your great job of sharing this link.thank u alot!

1 year 2 days ago

GUELIH Kodjovi thank for this news i appreciated it

11 months 3 weeks ago

omar sadd Merci Didier. Très intéressante offre

11 months 3 weeks ago

Innocent SIMPUNGA Thanks a lot Thacien , good opportinity

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Lessons from 64th World Ploughing Contest, Kenya 2017

24 countries participated in the 64th World Ploughing Contest (WPC) at Ngongongeri Farm in Egerton University on 1st and 2nd December 2017, the event happening in Kenya for the second time after two decades (1995). Below are some of the highlights and key lesson from this year’s ploughing competition, which I was privileged to be a part of.

Ploughing as a tool for cultivation

Proper preparation prevents poor performance, so to good ploughing contributes to better yields, but this is where most farmers miss a point. Most times farmers just consider ploughing as a practice and not a tool in farming. Ploughing is good when the soil has been worked to the planned depth, inverting is perfect, the slices of soil cut off by the plough crumble adequately or well (depending on the soil current condition), the ploughing passes are not clearly separated, there are no patches of soil left intact (dead furrows) and the bottom of the furrows is not com

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Cérémonie de lancement FOKAYES 2017

La ville de Kayes s'est  positionnée  une deuxième fois comme la capitale de l'agribusiness à travers la deuxième édition de la foire agricole de Kayes. Depuis le 10 Décembre 2017,  Producteurs, Coopératives agricoles, Commerçants, Instituts de Connaissance,Projets et Programmes, sont venus de toutes les régions du Mali pour célébrer ensemble la dernière grande messe de l'agriculture.Le réseau AgriProFocus et ses partenaires se propose à travers cette foire agricole d'exposition-vente,de mise en relation et d'apprentissage de réaliser un chiffre d'affaire de 100 millions de vente pour booster l'économie locale.

La cérémonie de ce jour fut marquée par 5 grandes allocutions,nous pouvons ainsi noter l'intervention de

Mr Bassi Kanté,  President régional de L'Association des Organisations Professionnelles des Producteur ,

Mr Oudou Bengaly, Coordinateur National du Réseau AgriProFocus

Mr Bandougou Diwara ,Président du Conseil

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😀La caravane facilite le parcours de l’entrepreneur Agricole pour faire de l'agrobusiness le moteur du développement(MAW4D).

+ Coaching spécialisé :

Des chargés d’affaires suivent chaque projet tout au long de la caravane.

+ Soutien opérationnel :

Possibilité de mise à disposition des opportunités de croissance et d'externaliser un certain nombre de tâches administratives, de bénéficier d'outils de gestion et de ressources humaines et matérielles mutualisées par la mise en incubation etc...  Facilitation des échanges : Linking ; Learning ; Leadership. Pour rompre la solitude du porteur de projet, et favoriser son insertion dans la communauté des incubés par la mise en relation, la synergie d’action et l’accès à la plateforme en ligne du réseau AgriProFocus.  Offre de formation : Programme complet dédié à la création et à la gestion, facilité le réseau à travers les professionnels de différents secteurs de l’agrobusiness. SUIVONS LES ATTENTES DES JEUNE

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Start course: Organised Farmers as Partners in Agribusiness

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  17 September 2018, All Day Event
  Wageningen, the Netherlands

Can farmers improve their income and well-being through effective collective action? Join the course and take home many practical tools and approaches for promoting farmer entrepreneurship and strengthening famers’ organisations that aim to arrive at farmer-inclusive agribusiness development.

Improving farmers’ performance and business relations

This course perceives farmers as autonomous entrepreneurs and their organisations as farmers’ business organisations. Both operate in dynamic market systems and have to deal with a range of public and private sector players, such as sourcing companies, banks and MFI’s, agro-input dealers, research, extension and others. The central question of the course is how farmers can improve their income and well-being through effective collective action of their organisations and improved relations with other stakeholders.

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • be familiar with state-of-the-art thinking about farmer entrepreneurship, famers' or

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20 youth emerge as winners out of 159 finalists in the first ever Africa Youth in Agribusiness Day Challenge.

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The 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival: ''Youth as Catalyst for Agribusiness Development in Rwanda''

AgriProFocus Rwanda in close partnership with Rural Development Initiative (RDI), USAID/PSDAG project, Rwanda Catholic Relief Service (CRS), the University of Rwanda - College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM), YEAN Rwanda, National Youth Council (NYC), FESY Rwanda and Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF), organized the 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival on the 22nd November 2017 at UR-CAVM, Nyagatare Campus.

The objectives of this event were to:

- Create links and networking space among youth agribusiness entrepreneurs with big buyers, agribusiness industry leaders, investors, farmers’ federation and Research institutions.

- Encourage the agribusiness companies, private investors and financial institutions to invest in youth

- Share the current situation on opportunities and challenges for youth engagement in agribusiness

- Raising awareness on existing youth forum

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Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI Franklin Speaking,This  3rd Youth in Agribusiness festival was a great opportunity for us*Young Agri-entrepreneur*.Sincerely,Through different professional and mind-opening conversation that took place during the festival,For sure I have got lots of new ideas that will keep strengthening my Horticultural&gardening  business and also i have got new skills that would keep helping me to come up with new innovation in my project.For instance i was wondering how could i make my activities being expanded and known by many peoples including stakeholders like Bank,Government institution and/or other Organization that keen to help young entrepreneurs to self-develop and generate income from their Agricultural activities!! But during the festival i learnt how they are plenty of youth opportunity just waiting for us to come and explore all of them! Truly this helped me not only knowing these huge opportunities but also raising my abilities and just taught me not fearing/hesitating to approach Sponsors or other partners who might be interested in working together with me in my project. As  this year theme said"YOUTH AS CATALYST FOR AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT IN RWANDA" I promised the Participants who were in the festival that i will not stop this initiative and also i will continue to empowering other youth fellows either in agriculture sector or those one who are not yet in this sector to join it and also show them potential opportunities greatly found in this industry and more income to be generated when anyone decide to take the initiative of practicing   agriculture,Indeed i would like to thank AGRIPROFOCUS for organizing this 2017 Youth in Agribusiness Festival and also my gratitude goes to PSDAG/USAID, Catholic Relief Service (CRS) and the co-organizers including UR-CAVM, Rural Development Initiative, National Youth council (NYC),RYAF for their vibrant experience sharing and advises because they changed and build up my commitment  towards every single activity i did in my company called UMURAGE FRANCOISE FLOWER GARDEN.Thank you for organizing and inviting us to participate in this 2017 Youth in Agribusiness Festival!!

1 year 3 weeks ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thank you very much for sharing Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI! Do your best so that the lessons learnt from the youth in agribusiness festival can make an impact on your farming projects. If you want any contact of the key partners participated in the festival, don't hesitate to use the search tool on the platform or contact AgriProFocus Rwanda office in Kigali. Together we can promote youth engaged in agribusiness.

1 year 3 weeks ago

Janine Schoeman Thanks for sharing your experience Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI, it is great to hear your positive feedback. 

1 year 3 weeks ago

Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI Thank you @ Janine Schoeman Great to hear your appreciation ! For sure youth are the powerful engine that would transform the Agriculture sector when get empowered and supported by different peoples who have been successful in this industry and now are also keeping developing@transforming the agriculture from a subsistence to a modern and commercialized form.We Youth we can!! 

1 year 2 weeks ago

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Les jeunes Congolais dans l’Agrobusiness

Selon une étude menée en France par l’Association Jeunesse et Entreprises sur les motivations et les freins des jeunes à entreprendre, il apparait que pour près de 60 % des jeunes, le goût d’entreprendre c’est la volonté d’être acteur plutôt que spectateur de son activité. Une motivation prioritaire qui souligne la volonté des jeunes d’être autonomes.

AgriProFocus RD Congo encadre depuis un temps des jeunes qu’il accompagne et encourage dans la pratique de l’agrobusiness, à travers des conférences des jeunes étudiants dans des centres universitaires.

Pour motiver plus de ces jeunes entrepreneurs agricoles, AgriProFocus RD Congo a organisé un concours des plans d’affaires dénommé « TUJENGE PAMOJA », en 2015 en faveur des jeunes entrepreneurs « en agro-business des provinces du Nord-Kivu et du Sud-Kivu.

L’objectif de ce concours était de soutenir l’esprit entrepreneurial et les initiatives agricoles d

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Mastercard imefungua dirisha kwa awamu ya 3 ya maombi ya kifedha katika mradi wa FRP ambao ni mradi wa kifedha kwa ajili ya maendeleo vijijini. Mradi huo wa FRP unatoa kiasi cha dola $50 milioni kwa kuandika mapendekezo ya mradi kwa taasisi au mashirika. Soma zaidi HAPA.

Lengo la mradi huo ni,

- Matokeo: mradi uwe na matokeo chanya katika maisha ya watu masikini kwa kutengeneza kazi, kipato, uzalishaji na kupunguza hatari katika jamii husika.

-Ubunifu: Mfuko unategemea kuunganisha ubunifu na uwezo katika sekta ya fedha na kilimo ili kubuni, kuongeza ubunifu, kuongeza upatikanaji na kufikisha huduma za kifedha kwa kiwango sahihi. 

-Uendelezaji: Miradi inayosaidiwa na mfuko huu unatakiwa kueleza ni kwa jinsi gani unatarajia kufikia malengo yake kifedha kwa muda.

Hadi sasa Tanzania kuna miradi 5 inayoendeshwa nchini Tanzania, Uganda miradi 4 na Kenya miradi 6. Kiasi cha zaidi ya dola $50 Milioni kimetengwa katika

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Tatah Susan That is just the right thing to do, thx for sharing

1 year 2 weeks ago

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Youth as key players in the agri-food sector - reflections from the Network Day 2017

The AgriProFocus Annual Network Day 2017 was an auspicious event that brought on board about 300 participants from the private sector, government agencies, farmer organizations, knowledge institutes and  development partners. Held at the Safari Park Hotel, the event began at exactly 8.00 a.m with arrival and registration of participants.

The Youth in Agribusiness Session:

The session brought together young agripreneurs and stakeholders interested in youth led agribusinesses who shared their experiences.Thereafter organizations supporting youth led enterprises made presentations outlining their journeys.

Four youth agripreneurs were engaged in the panel, to share their entrepreneurial journey.

Mary Maina, a graduate in Food Science from Egerton University gave her experience on her experience with dairy farmers.A lot of milk would go to waste since farmers did not have skills on value addition. Most farm

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Dorina Prech Many thanks for sharing your insights Jemimah Nyangasi

1 year 3 weeks ago

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Accès au financement agricole pour les jeunes 

Les jeunes représentent l’avenir de demain du secteur agricole et agro-alimentaire. Au Burundi, les enjeux majeurs pour les jeunes pour devenir des acteurs dans ce secteur sont l’accès insuffisant à la terre, à l’éducation, aux moyens financiers et à l’information.

Lors de la table ronde, NCA (Norwegian Church Aid) une ONG internationale, TERIMBERE GROUP une entreprise privé d’un jeune et CECABU qui est une coopérative d’épargne et crédit des caféiculteurs du Burundi ont relevés deux grands défis liés à une participation effective des jeunes burundais sont les suivants:

-Difficulté d’accès aux crédits pour les jeunes sans garantie hypothécaire ;

- Crédits accordés par les IMFs aux jeunes sont insuffisants et sont octroyés tardivement (sans respecter le calendrier agricole).

Des recommandations ont été partagées comme la mise en place d’un fond de garantie spécialement pour les jeunes entrepreneurs, la révis

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Are you interested in entrepreneurship? Are you a graduate or a student living in Iringa and you would like to start a business today? 

Here is an opportunity for you from Kiota Hub, a twelve week internship program that starts from 2nd of December 2017 to 2nd March of 2018.  

The Kiota Hub Internship Program is a 12 weeks intense capacity building and business development program .This is an entrepreneurship internship program ideal for University graduates and students who are passionate with Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  

The program is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs from the idea generation stage to a developed prototype that is ideal for Kiota's Mentorship program.   

To apply for this opportunity go to this LINK.


Tatah Susan thx for sharing

1 year 2 weeks ago


Community of Practice - Youth in AgriBusiness

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  21 November 2017, 16:00-18:00
  AgriProFocus, Utrecht

Join us at the 2nd Youth in AgriBusiness - Community of Practice

YOUTH - professionals - YOUTH - members - YOUTH - stakeholders - YOUTH

The AgriProFocus network, in close collaboration with F&BKP, facilitates the second Community of Practice (CoP) for and with professional youth from members and stakeholders! The aim is to exchange our knowledge, share experiences and jointly contribute to innovative solutions for young people to become successful entrepreneurs in the agrifood sector and to have their voices heard among decision makers. 

TOPIC OF THIS CoP: Is there a bridge in the room? How to design an end-to-end approach to closing the gap between unemployed youth and the agrifood sector? BY: Heifer and Edukans

How to “bridge the gap” between the skills of unemployed youth and the requirements for successful (self-)employment in the agrifood sector? Many interventions focus on either the supply side - improving youth skills - or the demand side - creating market and

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The Mastercard Foundation and Michigan State University launch a 5 year program for youth which will benefit 15,000 youth in Nigeria and Tanzania aged between 18-24 years, named "Agrifood Youth Opportunity  Lab (Ag Youth Lab)". On 10th November the Agri Food Lab held a Focus Group Discussion for the program and joined together different stakeholders from agriculture sector(whereby AfriProFocus took part).

The Agri Youth Lab will ignite opportunities to youth in 5 agrifood sector which  are poultry, aquaculture, horticulture, cassava and oil seeds. Through training, youth will be able to employ themselves and get job opportunities in the agrifood sector.

To know on how to get involved in the project below is the link that will guide you through what to do to be part it and get into training session.

Read more about Agri Youth Lab HERE.  

Tatah Susan Victoria, connect to tell me more on AG Youth LAB, this would interest my German farmers. 

1 year 2 weeks ago

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My Name is  Kalkidan Daniel and i am student in Arsi Universty; study Horticulture am very intersted in Agriprofocus and i like what you do for the youth generation in Agriculture.

Gizaw Legesse Dear Kalkidan, welcome to the network. And thank you for your comment. I see that your profile page still need update ( You can add some info so that members in the network can easily get in touch with you. You can always contact us for any help on how to do that; though I think it is very easy - just click on your name above and edit your profile.

1 year 1 month ago

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Interview du mois d'Octobre 2017

Présenter vous à nos membres

Je suis Mahamane Sékou dit GOREL CISSE, jeune entrepreneur en agro business, titulaire d’un DUT en Finance comptabilité et en Gestion d’Entreprise, fils d’un Agent de la CMDT et passionné par la terre depuis toujours.

Je suis le président de la Coopérative des producteurs maraichers 44 « COOP-PRO-MAR44 » et de l’entreprise GOREL-FARMING SARL, qui est une jeune entreprise qui fait de la production Bio car soucieuse des dangers que peuvent avoir les effets néfastes des produits chimiques dans nos alimentations quotidiennes.

Parlez-nous de votre parcours d’entrepreneur?

Mes activités ont commencé en 2005 avec l’aviculture sur un terrain de 15/20 en partenariat avec un cousin résident à l’extérieur et je dispose également pour mes propres activités agricoles 02 hectares de champ à DJATOULA avec 02 poulaillers de 24/12m.

En 2006, j’ai eu encore la chance de payer 12 hectares à sorro v

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SEYBOU KONE Félicitations à vous Mr Gorel ! Vous êtes un exemple à suivre  pour la jeunesse !

1 year 1 month ago

Cheick B Sissoko Du courage pour le reste..

1 year 2 weeks ago


Global Entrepreneurship Week

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Tanzania
  18 November 2017, All Day Event
  Dar es salaam, Tanzania

More than 600,000 youth graduate every year in Tanzania and enter the labour market. Only 10% of them are lucky enough to get their almost dream jobs. What do the rest of the 90% do? Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Vocational work is a way out for the 90%. As we celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, Join us as we create a Launch Pad for young entrepreneurs and answer the big question of ‘Where Do I Start?

Basic Learning on ;

a)Busines planning and proposal - Presented by Kennedy Mmari (PR & Digital Expert, Co Founder Raleigh Society Tanzania)

b)Familiarization with laws to accommodate start ups - Presented by Ben Ishabaki (Lawyer and Activist)

c)Effective Marketing- Presented by Paschal Masalu (ElimikaWikiendi)

d)Digital Skills - Presented By Lilian Madeje ( MD,Ekhiya)


One UN Conference Room

United Nations Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, 255


REGISTER HERE, few chances remained.

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The United Nation Youth forum will be helding a platform about the role of youth in building sustainable and resilient urban and rural communities #YOUTH2030.

Speaking of sustainable and resilient rural and urban communities takes us back to agriculture production and the use of land resources sustainably, therefore The ECOSOC is a good forum and opportunity for youth to engage, learn, discuss and present different matters of concern for youth. 

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum of United Nation will be held on 30-31 January 2018, and will provide a platform for youth to engage in a dialogue with Member States and to discuss the policy frameworks and promote innovative, institutionalised approaches and initiatives for advancing the youth development agenda at national, regional and global levels with a view to promoting solutions to the global challenge of strengthening resilience and sustainable development.

To read more about the ECOSOC and know

... Read more