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The AgriProFocus network is an international multi-stakeholder network with Dutch roots representing entrepreneurial farmers, private sector enterprises, governments, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations in the agrifood sector.

We are active in 13 countries in Africa and South East Asia, and link 22.000 agribusiness professionals worldwide. We are the go-to network for innovative entrepreneurs in agricultural value chains, that effectively link agribusiness and development.

We offer:


+ Change makers showcase portfolio
+ Network maps on specific trends, issues, topics identified by members or donors
+ Business 2 Network matchmaking events and activities
+ Online platform with member profiles and resource databases
+ Member coalitions and member partnerships around identified opportunities


+ Agribusiness Development Monitor
+ Newsletters
+ Innovation Labs


+ Bottleneck identification and joint analysis of what works and doesn’t work
+ Change Labs on key challenges, with reflection workshops, and scenario planning
+ Putting identified bottlenecks and opportunities on relevant (inter)national agenda’s
+ Joint Campaigns

A dedicated team (see Who to Contact) supports the network and is ready to connect you to 25,000 entrepreneurial people from the agribusiness sector worldwide.We can help you with information, contacts and establish links with (inter)national businesses and organisations in our networks.

Check our FACTSHEET for more information on our plans for 2017!



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  13 June 2018 - 08:41 to 16 June 2018 - 05:41

The Fort-Portal Farmers Exposition is an annual event organised by Countryside Environmental Conservation-Uganda (CECO-Uganda) together with the Tooro Kingdom and Uganda National Farmers Federation. The event brings together farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs, researchers, finance institutions, small scale food processors and distributors, the media, and communities to showcase innovations in  the food and agricultural sector.

Contact for details:, Tel. +256 772 45 29 45

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We supply dry maize grain throught western ugaanda. Email me at or call +256781260064. You can also reach us on our association email

Rural Youth Agropreneurs Association. RUYAA

All youth farmers in western uganda you can also join our fraternity of youth farmers. Use the abovr emails

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Thanks,  I have been operating in coffee for seven years, from the farm, training coffee farmers and vegetables as well. I was elevated up to production and marketing manager of Riis Coffee and Trading Limited. Currently I work with Reciprocal Holdings Limited USA as a consultant in Uganda. They have subsidiary companies such as Coffee co-mission, Blue marble chemicals etc. I have expertise in coffee value chain, Vegetables and agro -chemicals.

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am selling white  sweet potatoes 2 acres in masaka. Call +256702808212

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I have mucuna or lablabl seeds for sale. It's about 2500kg. 
Contact me on // phone +256 77941 8606

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Janine Schoeman Dear Ayo, thank you for your post. Please post the information in the post itself and not in the tags. You can use the tags for the words Seeds / Sale . I have amended for you this time. Kind Regards Janine

1 day 19 hours ago

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we need dry  maize below 14.5 moisture  content 1000MT pliz call/watsapp 0775811774, 0754044726 

Geofrey Musasizi Hi Arnold,Hope you are pushing on well over there. so when do you hope to start purchasing and on what conditions in terms of payment, place of delivery and maybe a written and signed contract? i need to hear from you. Because do supply processed grain maize and we understand all about food safety so don't mind about any quality issue we have a certified warehouse together with certified staff .

1 day 20 hours ago

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Nominations for the 2018 Africa Food Prize now open!

Deadline 15th May 2018

Seize this opportunity to recognise and celebrate an outstanding individual or institution that is leading the effort to change the reality of farming in Africa from a struggle to survive to a business that thrives and deserves this preeminent award. Nominations must be received no later than Tuesday 15 May, 2018.

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thanks for sharing with us Janine Schoeman!

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Sweet Potatoes

Am selling sweet potatoes 1 acre,in kalagi contact me on 0779624041

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Call: International Agri & Food and Horticulture & Starting Materials Seed Money Projects (SMPs) 2018

Seed Money Projects serve to initiate (or act as the ‘seed’ for) international partnerships for Dutch SMEs in the Agri & Food and Horticulture & Starting Materials sectors. The creation of a consortium is key in this. The objective is to contribute to the sustainable development of a local agricultural and/or horticultural system. This is conditional on the participation of a local problem owner (a business and/or government) able to point to a demand and necessity for the project. A Seed Money Project results in an international partnership feasibility business model. A good business model is managed and supported by business and must be capable of ‘tempting’ other potential candidate consortium members to participate and thus contribute to international system solutions in the Agri & Food and Horticulture & Starting Materials sectors.

Applications and explanatory notes


... Read more

Theophile HATEGEKIMANA This seems to be not clear and most of links are not in english. Would you attach the application form if it exists in english or provide more explanation please?

3 days 13 hours ago

Nicole Metz Dear Theophile, thanks for your feedback. The original source of this information is a mix of Dutch and English text indeed. Please note that the 3 links at the bottom of the page I refer to are in English. So just click on those. The 'indieningsformulier' link includes the English application form. I try to copy it here:

2 days 15 hours ago

Theophile HATEGEKIMANA Thanks dear Nicole Metz

2 days 11 hours ago

Alem Greiling Thanks so much Nicole Metz. I am so happy at least that there is an interest to   support  on Agri and  food

8 hours 22 min ago

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Digital 4 development prize Belgium (deadline feb 1)

French here:

Everyone with an innovative idea or success story about digitisation for development can participate in the Prize D4D.  From February 15 2018 onwards, the public can vote for its favourite success stories via the online voting system. Both in the category 'iStartUp' (innovative idea) and the category 'iStandOut' (success story), the jury nominates three initiatives and one of them is selected as the winner. In the category 'iChoose', a third winner is chosen online by the public.  All 3 winners will receive their prizes at the award ceremony in the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren.


Stevia is a FDA approved low-calorie sweetener that has anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic properties. Unlike artificial sweeteners and sugar, stevia can suppress your plasma glucose levels and significantly increase glucose tolerance. It’s also technically not an artificial sweetener. That’s because it’s made from the leaves of the stevia plant.
That is where stevia fits in. It is a zero calorie, plant-based sweetener of natural origin that has been used for hundreds of years dating back to indigenous people in South America. Stevia itself contains no carbohydrates, so it does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels.
1. increase insulin effect on cell membranes
2. increase insulin production
3. stabilize blood sugar levels
4. counter mechanics of type 2 diabetes and its complications
To place your order, inbox us directly, or email at OR or call +256-776-200002/+254-722-173043

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1. Ginger Fresh
2. Ginger Powder
3. Ginger Dry
4. Cinnamon (Leaves, Bark, and Powder)
5. Banana's (Hot Meal)
6. Banana's (Apple)
7. Banana's (Cavendish)
8. Mangoes
9. Oranges
10. Tangerine
11. Passion Fruits
12. Soursop
13. French Beans
14. Garden Eggs (White)
15. Chilli
16. Coffee Beans Roasted & Raw (Arabica & Robusta)
17. Sugar Beans
18. Soya beans
19 Sugar Cane
20: Soursop herbal tea
21: Sweet Potatoe
22.Ground nuts
23. Irish Potatoes
24. Yams
25. Tamarind
26. Pineapple (Kayene Soft)
27. Beetroot
28. Lime (Green small lemon)
29. Herbs (Prunus Africana)
30. Moringa (Leaves, Powder, Seeds)
31. Kalera
32. Un-refined salt
33. Hibiscus
34. Honey
35. Beans
36. Corn
37. Onions
38. Wheat
39. Sesame Seeds (White)
40. Cocoa Beans
41. Vanilla (Fresh & Dry)
42. Ovacadoes
43. Mung Beans (Kidney beans white & Red)

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Develop your ideas into tech solutions to ensure food security and end hunger!

Do you have an idea to ensure food security, decrease malnutrition or prevent famine? Join the #HackAgainstHunger !

75% of the world's poor live in rural areas and 2.5 billion people derive their livelihoods from agriculture. However, low agricultural productivity, poor transportation systems and limited policies affect their production and agriculture trade. Today, more than 800 million people worldwide are undernourished, while more than a billion tons of food never make it to the table.

This is exactly where solutions are crucially needed to develop new sustainable agricultural practices, support small-scale and family farmers and allow them equal access to land, technology and markets.

Read more

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thanks for sharing with Didier MUYIRAMYE!

1 day 14 hours ago

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Are you interested in growing any crop in Uganda and you are wondering where to get the agronomic information from? Here is your solution

 go to your phone

Click on google play store

Type in "Agric 4 Money

Download the app

You  will thank me later.

 (Or follow this link:



We're a Certified Consortium for Forestry Tree Seeds, among the services we offer. Our range of tree seeds include Indigenous, Improved and Hybrids, Herbs, Bamboo, and Ornamentals, we have over 200 seeds varieties at your disposal. Due to storage complications and lifespan, some seeds are collected on order such as Jackfruit, Citrus (Lemon, Oranges, Tangerine), Pawpaws, etc. Forest Establishment can be an expensive venture if not well planned and budgeted for.
If you're an INVESTOR interested in investing in the Forestry sector, we can help you cut your budget to 70%. When you buy seeds, establish your own nurseries onsite, you avoid transportation costs of seedlings, damages in transportation, as well as cut the costs per seedling in the soil. Planning to plant more than 10,000 seedlings next season, you need to establish your own nursery bed.
For all 1st Season Planting March-April, Tree Nursery Beds shou

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It is Mango Flowering season, and the perfect time to save your orchard from being destroyed by the Oriental Fruit Fly. In stock we have a complete set which costs 10,00shs and MAT Boxes a piece at 7,000shs.
MAT means (male annihilation technique), which is the principle upon which this product is based. By description, a MAT BOX is fibre board block impregnated with methyl eugenol and malathion.
It is active for 90 days from the time of impregnanting. A good impregnanted MAT BOX, from treatment must be directly deployed to the ORCHARD, thus giving you 90 days (The Full cycle of majority fruits e.g. Mangoes, from flowering to harvesting)
To achieve Good and Desired Results, you need 4 Traps per acre, or a maximum of 6 traps.
Depending on quantity, usually it 1 to 3 days, To order, please call 0776200002 or 0752-200003 or WHATSAPP: 0793-200002 For more details visit us at

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2 in 1 motorised sprayer and blower.....Available

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Student Video Competition on food supply (deadline April 1, 2018)

Dear All,

IUFoST ( presently organizing the 19th IUFoST World Food Science and Technology Congress from October 23 -27. 2018 in Mumbai, India. To stimulate the young generation’s interested in improving the Food Supply in a sustainable way on a local but also global level a Student Video Competition has been initiated for the >IUFoST ROSE SPIESS AWARD FOR A SUSTAINABLE FOOD SUPPLY<</p>

We invite students from all scientific areas around the globe to think about possible improvements of the food chain, develop strategies and visualize their ideas in a video, alone or together with friends and colleagues. Details on the Competition are attached, see especially >Information – IUFoST< . The attached information are also accessible in the Internet under >IUFoST Rose Spiess Award< (3 Documents: Information - IUFoST; Form - IUFoST; Proposal Form - IUFoST). The best videos will be awarded, besides the recognition of presenting an important idea to improve the food supply chain the winners will receive e

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FoodStars’ first accelerator for innovative startups in horti-tech is now open for applications!

FoodStars was founded for three reasons: the Dutch horticulture and agri-food sector’s wish to work with international startups, its challenge to adapt high-tech innovations to the context of upcoming markets, where the need for innovation is high, and last but not least, its commitment to contribute to food security and the world’s Sustainable Development Goals. The FoodStars Accelerator is designed to accelerate your startup in a very short time to maximize your market opportunity. 

Read here why you should apply for our program:  

Anne Marie Kortleve Thanks for sharing  this Pedro!  A very nice opportunity for start-ups in horticulture, I'll promote this call within our networks.

6 days 19 hours ago

Wallace HOUEGBELO je suis à salut la recherche d'un Une ONG òû projet Qui Veut un technicien en Recruter la production en Maraîchage animale òû je suis disponible et un prêt partouts OU Travailler sérums je suis Besoin par WhatsApp ous joignable apel au 22996583243 je suis au BÉNIN

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Tajiel Urioh |

The 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP23) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was convened in Bonn, Germany from 6th to 17th November 2017 under the Fiji Presidency to build upon the pledge of action established at COP22 Marrakech, and to emphasize the need for solid progress toward a 1.5-degree Celsius scenario, the goal of the Paris Agreement on climate change (COP21 Paris).

Pre-2020 Ambition

The African Group emphasize that agriculture plays the central role in the economic and social development of its people, since the mentioned priorities for Africa and its communities in Pre-2020 Climate Action are to: ensure food security; eradicate poverty and enhance soci

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Alphaxrd Gitau Very detailed and well written submissions on the outcomes of COP 23. I was there too. Will keep intouch

36 min 23 sec ago