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moderated by Sarah Assefa

In Ethiopia we are in the process of creating a platform of partners, who together facilitate and accelerate that youths find employment in all sorst of activities within agricultural value chains.

The 16 September 2016 workshop was a good start. We found that we need 8 different types of activities to support youths to get involved. Also, we need to make a clear disctinction between the various tyoes of Youths that are enthusiast to work somewhere where they may contribue to food and nutrition security in their country, be it rural youths, 10th graders, drop-outs, ATVET- graduates or others.

You can read the summary HERE. the full report will follow soon under 'recommended reading'

Interested to join? Or if you have good ideas, welcome! Please contact Sarah Assefa at

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My name is Hanny Semere and I am a BBA student in London's Hult International Business School. This year we have our global social enterprise challenge which is “harnessing the power of energy to change the lives of 10 million people by 2025”. Our team is trying to come up with innovative solutions that are scalable in the hopes of winning 1 million dollars from former President Barack Obama to launch our project for farmers in a rural areas of Ethiopia. We are very dedicated to making this dream a reality and in doing so we would need to make contacts in Ethiopia to help advise us, offer informational resources and first hand perspectives. As we are not inventing the technology ourselves but rather creating business models around those that exist already, we would really appreciate to correspond with people in Ethiopia from different fields to see if we can work together to build a sustainable and scalable social enterprise. My team and I are traveling to Ethiopia on Friday an

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Janine Schoeman Hi, I would suggest to get in touch with my colleague Meskerem Niesette Ritmeester or Sarah Assefa . Good luck!

8 months 1 week ago

Hanny Semere Hi Janine, thank you for the prompt response. I will contact them now :)

8 months 1 week ago

Addisu Nurbeza Dear Hanny I want colabrate with you to work together I am in the agricultural business the pas 14 year . currently I am working out grower farmers growing improved avocado seedlings and improved seeds. you can send me e mail by when you come in Addis  we can meet and discus more.Regards Addisu 

8 months 5 days ago

Getachew Mergia Tache Hi Hanny, I am Getachew, am Community based Economic Development & Financial Inclusion Consultant focused on Rural &Agricultural Value chain Finance, SME Finance, Financial Literacy, Cooperative Development. Happy to meet you & share what I know. Call me on 0911761151.

8 months 4 days ago

Getachew Mergia Tache

8 months 4 days ago

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EDUKANS with Development Expertise Center (DEC) hosted a full day workshop at Ghion Hotel on 11th October 2017

The workshop was aimed at celebration of 10th year of DEC and sharing the Edukans developed 7-STEPS, a tested formula that builds sustainable links between the local labour market, schools and training institutions. The result? Young people gain skills through relevant and high-quality education, while employers get the highly-skilled personnel they need.

Ato Teshome Lemma the State Minister of TVET Agency also gave a brief explanation about the general situation of the TVET sector of Ethiopia. The minister also quoted our aim is to "creating coherent based TVET sector in formal and non formal ways"

At the event there were also a group discussion on the 7-steps of Edukans.

Please watch the video and read more about the steps here

Training and Education for a better future!

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Youth comprise roughly a quarter of the world’s population, and in many countries, especially in Africa and South Asia, young people make up nearly a third of the            population. Because of this, not only do nations in the developing world share high age-dependency ratios – the ratio of dependents (people younger than 15, or older than 64)
to the working age population (those aged 15–64) – they also have large populations under the age of 15. Projections suggest that a billion more young people will enter the job market over the next decade. Cleland and Machiyama (2016) present key demographic projections between 2015 and 2050 for sub-Saharan Africa. A critical result to note is continued population growth, albeit at uneven rates across age groups and urban–rural strata. Total population is expected to more than double. Given such trends, it is cr

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We believe Youth in #Ethiopia can bring change! Let's involve them more! 

Celebrate the International Youth Day - 12 August 2017

#IYD2017 #YouthDay @AgriProFocus  

Joshua Godwin Hello guys,Am Joshua Godwin from Tanzania current working as the manager at the Tea farmer association,i would like to welcome you all  and know more about our us

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Youth development and entrepreneurship in rural Ethiopia 

Reflections from the Young Lives and WIDE longitudinal research projects by Dr Alula Pankhurst and Catherine Dom

AgriProFocus facilitated Dr. Alula Pankhurst Presentation on Rural Youth Dev. & Entrepreneurship

On June 1st 2017, a fireside chat event organized by AgriProFocus and BlueMoon Ethiopia was held at BlueMoon Ethiopia office in Addis Ababa.

Dr Alula Pankhurst and Catherine Dom provided their insights on youth transformation to adulthood and independence, Young women’s economic participation and successful youth entrepreneurship.

Please find the power point slides here

Some highlights from the presentation:

Work & community transitions: unleashing youth potential

• Youth work transitions affected by limited land access, un(der)employment leading to tensions between generation and siblings

• Non-agricultural youth cooperatives more successful; youth cooperatives faced problems of credit, training, leadership, management and compe

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Grant Opportunity for organizations engaged in youth programs 

Deadline for Proposal Submission: 21 August 2017

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Embassy to Ethiopia is pleased to announce an opportunity for local non-profits and non-government organizations engaged in youth programs to administer the 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship (MWF) Alumni Engagement Project. 

The award amount is a maximum of $25,000 with an implementation period of up to one year. 

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2nd Annual Africa Youth in Agribusiness Day Challenge

Are you a young African between the ages of 18 and 35? Do you have a passion for youth participation in the transformation of agribusiness in Africa?

Here is your chance to win sponsorship from the African Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN) and partners to represent the youth from your country at the 2017 edition of the 5th October “Africa Youth in Agribusiness Day” during the forthcoming 2017 Africa Agribusiness Incubation Conference and Expo that will run from the 4th to the 6th of October in Dakar, Senegal.

How to participate

1. Get acquainted with the history of the “Africa Youth in Agribusiness Day” and the “Africa Agribusiness Incubation Conference and Expo”. Do your homework on global business incubation, opportunities in ICT integration in agribusiness, AAIN core investment areas, the 2017 theme of the African Union, the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) and Agenda 2063.


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The University of Gondar and Queen’s University Join The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

Partnership will provide 450 scholarships to promising young African leaders and develop Ethiopia’s first occupational therapy program

Ethiopia’s University of Gondar and Canada’s Queen’s University today announced a 10-year, USD$24.2 million partnership to advance inclusive higher education for young people with disabilities in Ethiopia and other countries in Africa, as part of The MasterCard Foundation’s Scholars Program. The partnership will provide 450 next-generation African leaders with a high-quality university education at the University of Gondar, while also providing 60 of the university’s faculty members with the opportunity to study at Queen’s University, where they will enhance their skills in innovative pedagogy and in leading collaborative research between African and North American universities. The University of Gondar and Que

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AgriProFocus Presence at Mastercard's YAW Summit to Promote Engagement of Youth in Agriculture

On February 16 and 17, 2017, the Young Africa Works Summit was held in Kigali, Rwanda. This Summit was organized by the Mastercard Foundation in support of YPARD. The AgriProFocus Ethiopia office had the chance to attend this invitation-only meeting where AgriProFocus’ activities in the area of youth engagement in agriculture were displayed and connections with interesting partners were made.

According to Mastercard Foundation, “Africa is the world’s most youthful continent. Each year, over 11 million young Africans are entering the job market — but not the workforce. Today, the continent is facing a double employment crisis: both a lack of jobs for youth, and an increasing number of young people in need of work. Agriculture, the largest sector of employment in Africa, promises opportunities for job growth and economic prosperity. But transforming into a modern, sustainable and profita

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AgriProFocus Youth in Agribusiness Platform members are on air this afternoon!

Tune in to 104.7 fm at 4:00pm to hear about opportunities, challenges and trends facing youth in agribusiness in Ethiopia! Interviewees include members of Mintesenot Urban Ariculture and the AgriProFocus youth interns that conducted the Youth in Agribusiness Listening Project.

Wim Goris hope you can tape this for further use !

1 year 5 months ago

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blueMoon announces selection of #BegaBatch17 - top 6 youth agribusinesses

Addis Ababa, 25 January, 2017

blueMoon, Ethiopia’s first youth agribusiness incubator, today announced the results of its National Competition to select the top six youth agribusiness startup teams for its first incubator program batch, #BegaBatch17, that will start in February 2017.

“We selected 6 startup co-founder teams out of 122 applicants to our Call for Applications in early December, or a 4.9 % acceptance rate, which means it is already more difficult to get into our program than into Harvard or Stanford University,” stated Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin, founder and ceo of blueMoon, “it was an amazing and humbling experience to see the talent and energy coming out of Ethiopia’s youth today. As we had hoped, we got applicants across a broad range of agri-related businesses and from across Ethiopia, from Bahir Dar to Jimma to Benishangul-Gumuz to Jijiga to Hawassa, with ideas for various types of agro-industrial p

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FDRE Ministry of Youth and Sport Presentation on Youth and agribusiness employment in GTP II

Ato Matias Asefa of the FDRE Ministry of Youth and Sport shared some of the achievements in terms of youth and employment in GTP I, and some of the targets for youth and agribusiness in GTP II . Please find attached the pdf of this presentation, which was shared with the AgriProFocus Youth in Agribusiness Platform on September 16, 2016, in Addis Abeba.  

Of note, "Youth constitute 70% of the population of the country. Every year, 2 million people become 'youth' (ages 15-29) in Ethiopia." 

In GTP II the government aims to create 3.5 million on-farm employment opportunities, and engage 2.8 million youth in off farm activities over the next five years.

The ministry expressed great willingness to collaborate with other actors to maximally achieve the plans for youth and agribusiness employment set forth in GTP II. 

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Youth In Agribusiness Listening Project

Please find attached the final presentation of the results of the AgriProFocus Youth in Agribusiness Listening Project, which addresses the question, "In what ways could increased synergy among actors improve the engagement of youth in Ethiopian agricultural value chains (agribusiness)?" This presentation was shared during the Youth in Agribusiness Synergy Meeting held September 16th, 2016, in Addis Abeba.

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Learning from the Youth in Agribusiness Internship Experience at AgriProFocus Ethiopia

From August to mid-September 2016, AgriProFocus Ethiopia took on two interns to investigate the role of youth in Ethiopian agribusiness, and to ask stakeholders how increased synergy among actors could lead to improved engagement of youth in agribusiness. The internship was an incredibly fruitful experience for both interns and host organization AgriProFocus.

The interns, Tihut Befkadu and Eyerusalem Kenea, were 4th year students of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development at Hope College of business Science and Technology. At the end of 6 weeks, they successfully interviewed over 26 stakeholders from different stakeholder groups – government ministries, rural agribusiness, urban agribusiness, and youth support organizations – working on youth and/or agribusiness issues in Ethiopia. They had also conducted Skype interviews with 3 APF offices in different sub-Saharan African countries that are wo

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IITA announces workshop on integrating youth in CGIAR research programs

Click this link for the full message

"With growing numbers of disenfranchised youth around the world and a strong focus on finding opportunities for their engagement and employment, CGIAR is committed to finding ways to approach the topic and planning appropriate activities, especially through its second generation of research programs."

They are seeking organizations and individuals with expertise and experience in working with youth engagement, enterprise and employment, particularly (but not exclusively) in agriculture to join this workshop.

The workshop will take place in Montpellier, France, September 8-9th 2015

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Youth in Agriculture resource page is updated! 

On this page you will find some key-documents of organisations in our network that have a comprehensive overview of information regarding young people in agri-business:


If you are missing certain publications, let us know! 

You can post your own documents and experiences on the stream of that page.

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On April 16th we had a very interesting Working Group meeting; Fasil Abate from Hope enterprise shared the BEST module for entrepreneurship, which they developed with Woord & Daad. We were also updated on the pilot project in Wukro, to involve more youth in Agriculture. 

For the BEST presentation and the minutes of the meeting see the attachment or under reports and documents in the menu bar to the left of the Youth and Agriculture Ethiopia page.