Youth in Agribusiness Rwanda

moderated by Thacien MUNYAMAHAME

To meet the food demand for the growing population will require moving from subsistence agriculture to technology-driven agriculture and to achieve this goal, the society needs skilled young people. However, youth participation in agribusiness is mainly constrained by limited knowledge on agribusiness skills, lack of start-up capital, lack of information on agribusiness opportunities, limited access to land and limited agri-entrepreneurship spirit. 

Therefore AgriProFocus Rwanda will continue its activities in stimulating youth to become successful agri-entrepreneurs through linking, learning and leadership activities. Young agripreneurs just need to be inspired on how they can turn their parents profession into an innovative, attractive and profitable business using modern technology and knowledge. With AgriProFocus Rwanda, this programme will focus on stimulating youth to become ‘a new generation farmer’ in the value chains like potato, beekeeping and pineapple.

Activities in 2018


  • Develop a fact sheet on the 3 value chains; area, stakeholders, current state of affairs of production and current involvement of youth in the value chains, opportunities for improvement of production and processing, market opportunities in each country.

  • Develop a fact sheet on international stakeholders within and around the AgriProFocus global network who are involved in the value chains potato, beekeeping and pineapple.

  • Inspirational meeting with youth; exchange and learning from experts and already successful youth in the sector.

  • Through Youth in Agribusiness Festival,  youth will be linked up to information and contacts.


  • Organize youth festivals, as to facilitate learning between young agripreneurs; exposure of those who have become successful and discuss on the challenges faced particularly by youth in the sector.

  • Organize business competition for youth in potato, beekeeping and pineapple value chain.

  • Provide the youth with a specific dedicated page on the AgriProFocus platform.


  • Work with financial institutions and investors to create specific opportunities for access to finance for youth.

  • Liaise with RYAF and other interested stakeholders to discuss about challenges faced by youth in agribusiness.

Key partners:

Rural Development Initiative (RDI)

Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF)

YPARD Rwanda (Young Professionals for Agricultural Development)

YEAN (Youth Engagement in Agriculture Network)


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WANTED: Young Professionals in Water and/or ICT Sector

Are you a young professional in the Water and/or IT sector in Rwanda? And do you want to work together on your greatest ideas and innovative solutions for Rwandan water problems? Then we want you to apply!

Via Water is offering a 5 day workshop near Kigali from 13-17 July 2015, in which you and your team will work on innovative IT solutions for water issues in Rwanda. The most promising solution(s) will receive tailor made prizes in order to further develop their idea.

For more information, check out this website:

Deadline for registration: June 8th!

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CTA wins international prize for youth and ICTs project

CTA’s Agriculture, Rural Development and Youth in the Information Society (ARDYIS) project has won an international award in the 2015 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Project Prizes. After being shortlisted earlier this year, the ARDYIS entry was proclaimed winner of the e-agriculture category following a round of online voting and a review by a panel of experts of the three projects receiving the most votes.  

More infos

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Youth in Agriculture resource page is updated! 

On this page you will find some key-documents of organisations in our network that have a comprehensive overview of information regarding young people in agri-business:


If you are missing certain publications, let us know! 

You can post your own documents and experiences on the stream of that page.

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Wanted! Young, passionate people to speak up at the World Forestry Congress (All Expenses Paid)

The World Forest Congress is looking for passionate and inspiring youth speakers to make a TEDx-style presentation at the youth special event during the XIV World Forestry Congress. If you are involved in a youth-led initiative or project established and run by young people to engage communities, they want to hear from you! There are three/four slots to fill. They will pay your travel, accommodation and registration costs for the full week of the Congress, 7-11 September, in Durban, South Africa.

For more please follow this link:

OKELLO MILTON EBEK Let's work together in promoting Agro Hub

3 years 8 months ago

Mohamed Abdikadir People buy from people, let's join hands to promote innovative agri-business

3 years 8 months ago

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Work4Youth Publication Update

Dear friends and colleagues,

The ILO “Work4Youth”Project is pleased to share with you its latest publication titled: Youth and rural development: Evidence from 25 school-to-work transition surveys.

This report, based on the school-to-work transitions surveys (SWTSs) run in 2012-2013, assesses the labour market conditions of youth in rural and urban areas and offers insights into prospects for fundamental transformations of rural sectors within the development process. While confirming some blurring between rural and urban areas in terms of sectoral distribution of employment, the report concludes that many countries – especially the low-income countries – have a long way to go in the diversification of rural economies beyond agriculture and petty trades and even further in building the capacity of rural labour markets to generate decent employment opportunities for young people.

A blog on the report was produced by The MasterCard Foundation; s

... Read more

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FAO launches the #soils4life Instagram photo contest

Post a photo, raise awareness on the importance of soils, win a prize!

FAO has launched the #soils4life contest on Instagram to share photos related to soils, their potential, their functions, but also instances of exploitation or abuse to help draw attention to the myriad of issues concerning this valuable resource.

For more information on how to participate, follow this link.


Wassie Haile Woldeyohannes Dear AgriProFocus Rwanda, Thank you very much for sharing the information. I am interested to participate in the photo contest. As indicated in above I followed the link and able to see the information about the contest but the link doesn't indicate how to load the photo by contestant. So please kindly help me how to send my photos on the subject of photo competition that is #soils4life. With Best Regards Wassie Haile

3 years 9 months ago

AgriProFocus Rwanda Dear Wassie, it is good that you became interested. Do you have an Instagram account? To participate you should first be registered on Instagram to be able to post your photo. That's the step #1. Then after signing up, log-in, post your photo including the hashtag #soils4life and other tips given in this link (→ → How to participate). Should you have any other question, do not hesitate to contact us. Good Luck!

3 years 9 months ago

Wassie Haile Woldeyohannes Dear Agrprofocus Rwanda, Thank you very much for the information. If I have any more question regarding photo contest, I will communicate you,please. With Kind Regards Wassie Haile

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