Youth in Agribusiness Uganda

moderated by Mugisha Richard

Currently, the youth and young people constitute about 78% of Uganda’s population. Uganda is an agrarian economy employing 73% of the labour force, contributing 23.9% to the GDP and accounts for more than 48% of the exports. The youth unemployment rate stands at 83% (World Bank report, 2008), the second highest after Niger in the world. In addition, focus on youth in Agribusiness fits well within the mission and aims of AgriProFocus Uganda. Therefore, AgriProFocus Uganda together with her partners agreed to come together to identify possible areas of collaboration and joint action on motivating youth into agribusiness.

Activities 2018:

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Posted 3 January 2019 at 08:10

Hello,  this is an opportunity for Ugandan final year students, recent graduates and mid career professionals in the field of agriculture/horticulture. The Ohio program of the Ohio State University will officially start accepting Ugandan applicants effective this year. Please note that this is an on-job training.  You will work and live in the United States for up to 18months. For more info,  refer to the University website. For applications,  contact me thru email (E. (country coordinator)).  No applicants WILL be directly admitted. 

Lokiru Musa Hassan It's quite a great opportunity

1 week 6 days ago

John Osidi It's quite a good one. I will email you for detail 

1 week 4 days ago

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Posted 19 December 2018 at 06:58

Inventory on Dutch partnerships in support of SHAEA:

In order to improve the relevance of agricultural higher education and research for labour markets and for evidence-based policy making on rural transformation in Africa, the regional project Strengthening Higher Education for Agri-Food Transformation in Africa (SHAEA) is being developed. 

SHAEA is a proposed regional loan of the World Bank to six African countries for the structural enhancement of agricultural faculties in a set of regional anchor universities. To create mutual benefit and set up sustainable cooperation networks, one of the identified activities to support the development of SHAEA was an inventory of existing institutional relations (academic and professional education, scientific and applied research) between the Netherlands and Africa (in the SHAEA countries in particular). The inventory was commissioned to Nuffic by the Food & Business Knowledge Platform.

The World Bank engaged in dialogue with the Regional Universi

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Posted 4 December 2018 at 09:35

Coffee Wilt Disease resistant (CWDr) varieties KR1 - KR10 to boost coffee production in Uganda.

CWDr cuttings are coffee plantlets that have been multiplied asexually from a single parent plant or clone. The practice involves raising planting material by vegetative propagation from nodal cuttings. This new breed of Robusta coffee clones was identified by Plant breeders under the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), National Coffee Research Institute (NaCORI) Kituza and Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA).

These varieties are very high yielding and have the most desired bean size. Not only that but they grow very fast. In a space of 12 to 16 months they would be flowering under good agro management.

Farmers are strictly advised to get CWD Resistant clonal coffee plantlets from well-established coffee nurseries that are also recognised by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) like Miggadde Youth Farm in Nakaseke Town – Nakaseke District.

Miggadde Youth Farm is c

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Posted 23 November 2018 at 01:53

Youth in Food: Opportunities for education and employment

The Urban Agriculture Magazine explores challenges and solutions raised by migration pressures with a focus on youth employment in city region food systems. It include examples from Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Liberia, Mali, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and the United States, and from small to mega-cities, urban, periurban and rural spaces. This collection explores opportunities for and barriers to youth employment along the entire food system.

The Urban Agriculture Magazine functions as a platform for exchange and discussion of grounded information on urban agriculture: research results, project experiences, and critical analyses of conventional and innovative policies on urban agriculture. The Urban Agriculture Magazine is published twice a year. The focus of the Urban Agriculture Magazine is on: “Research into Use” and “Policy to Practice”. This 35th edition of the UA Magazine (PD

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Posted 21 November 2018 at 06:43

Ntanda takes Ugandan coffee to world market:

When Allan Ntanda set out to start Wine Garage, it seemed a journey into an unknown world. At the time, many people, including his friends, considered wine as a drink for the affluent.

If one had to enjoy a frothy drink, beer was the first choice. His motivation to go into wine business was partly experiential.


He had worked as a marketer at ‘The Seller’, a wine company run by Geoffrey Mulwana. There, he had cultivated connections within the network of wine suppliers in foreign markets.

In 2005, when the idea to start a wine business occurred to him, he had Shs16m savings. He needed more start-up capital so he sat down with a friend, Daudi Karungi, an artist and director of Afriart Gallery, and sold him the idea of starting a wine company.

Much as Karungi was keen on the business, since it was not tried and tested, he voluntarily partnered with Ntanda whose marketing career was convincingly good. He was a marketer with Ce

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Posted 16 November 2018 at 11:56

Oreey Tamarind Juice the first and best Tamarind juice in Uganda

Processed and packaged by 

Oreey Beverages LTD


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Posted 7 November 2018 at 06:13

Opportunities for young Agri-entrepreneurs:

Enable Youth Uganda is a business accelerator that provides the expertise, hands-on support and connections to help your business enter emerging economies. We guide great innovations through the pioneer gap and turn sustainable ideas into profitable companies by offering a business incubator as well as seed funding.

Enable Youth Uganda is looking to support young Agri-entrepreneurs that have innovative ideas and businesses in the agricultural sector by providing coaching, mentoring and the best businesses will qualify for investment. Enable Youth supports motivated young entrepreneurs in Uganda to start innovative enterprises in the agricultural sector. 

This application form will provide the Enable Youth team with the required information to determine if you will be selected. Only the 250 most promising candidates will be invited for the selection days in the respective regions. Deadline for receiving applications is 30th November 2018.

Apply he

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STEPHEN OBORE they need in the following districts  Butaleja, Kween, Oyam, Nebbi and Packach. but thanks for the update lets keep in touch 

1 month 2 weeks ago

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Posted 15 October 2018 at 07:43

How a WhatsApp group is demystifying goat marketing:

The Goaters Network was opened on March 17, 2015. It was soon inundated by frustrated goat farmers. From the onset, group conversations tended to lean more towards the fact that they were being terribly cheated by traders.

The group had been created by Jacqueline Tugume, an exasperated goat farmer herself. She was looking to connect with other farmers, in the hope of sharing ideas and helping each other solve the common problems, among which was better goat prices.

Tugume had been running a goat farm since 2007. As a stay-home mother, the goat farm was all she had as her personal source of income. But the middlemen had frustrated her without end for years. When she created the group, she was pleasantly surprised to find that all the other goat farmers were looking for ways of cutting off the middlemen.

For months, the conversation raged on. No one knew what to do. Members cried that no matter where you took your goats for sale, you were always boxed

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Posted 11 October 2018 at 09:23

Farmers advocate for conservation of indigenous seed:

Through their combative efforts, the farmers have developed a community seed security system where they plant and distribute amongst themselves. They have also introduced field farm schools.

As fear rises amongst farmers about the possible extinction of indigenous seeds, efforts towards their conservation have been stepped up with farmers’ groups at the forefront.

Through their combative efforts, the farmers have developed a community seed security system where they plant and distribute amongst themselves. They have also introduced field farm schools.

Vicky Lokwiya, 64, from Iriaga parish Laroo division in Gulu municipality said, the intention is not only to have high quality seeds but also for the community to learn from the farm schools.

They encourage none use of chemicals with emphasis being put on use of local methods to kill pests and diseases so that the seeds are kept in their original form.

Lokwiya, who is also the chairperson o

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Posted 4 October 2018 at 01:54

Recruiting the youth to agriculture: Advice from young researchers

For a food-secure future, the world needs young people with an interest in science, research, and agriculture. But in an increasingly urbanized environment, agricultural is rarely at the forefront of attractive career options for youth.

At the Crawford Fund Annual Conference, held in Canberra last month, 40 early agricultural researchers received scholarships to attend the conference and engage with established researchers in this space — to understand career prospects as well as the impact their work can make.

Cathy Reade, director of outreach with the Crawford Fund, has spent years working to promote agricultural research and prospective careers that can support developing countries and create a food-secure future. Youth involvement is key to addressing knowledge gaps in an increasingly ageing sector.

The scholarships aim to encourage broad participation from disciplines associated with food security — including agricultu

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Berhanu Abera when does meetings of agriprofocus bussiness challenge is undertaken?

2 months 3 weeks ago

Berhanu Abera we are on line to follow the contineous meeting of november and desember

2 months 3 weeks ago

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Posted 2 October 2018 at 08:48

Rural youth empowerment to mitigate international migration:

What is the relation between youth employment and education in agriculture and migration? And how should organizations working to improve food security via employment and education programs relate to the political agenda of mitigating (international) migration? These were questions discussed in another Community of Practice Youth in food systems Meet-up on September 11, 2018. Edukans and SNV presented insights from their experiences, followed by a lively debate with organizations active in this field – aiming at creating a better understanding of the eclectic relation between job creation, better skilled and qualified youth and the root causes of migration.

Drivers of youth migration

Many factors can play a role in the decision to migrate. A growing number of people are forced to leave their homes (e.g. because of natural disaster, climate change or conflict). An even larger number of people migrate because they perceive there ar

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Posted 21 September 2018 at 08:07

Uganda's Agriculture does not appeal to Youth?

Online discussion

We invite you to join in on our online discussion happening now on HangOuts on reasons why 'Uganda's Agriculture does not appeal to youth'. 

Engage and share your point of view about this statement?

Join in via:

Rolf Schinkel Looked like you had a good and lively discussion. Next time I try to join you timely.

3 months 3 weeks ago

Mugisha Richard Yes, the debate is generating very good ideas on how we could interest youth to agriculture.

3 months 3 weeks ago

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Posted 11 September 2018 at 04:50

Hello farmers,

Any strawberry farmers here? I would like to connect with you. I'm a strawberry farmer from Uganda dealing in organic strawberry farming. 

Thank you, 


Alinda Aaron Andrew Hello Martha last year i started a test Strawberry project, it grew well and fruiting was descent though much to my dismay is that the variety i had grown was the type that doesnt last long on the shelf so i paused the program for now, i need to know whether you  have a better strawberry variety like Albion... we could get into contact for farther discussions.

4 months 5 days ago

Martha Ngaruye Hello Mugisha Richard, you can reach me on 0773420573. 

4 months 4 days ago

Martha Ngaruye Hi Alinda Aaron Andrew Sorry about that. Which variety was that? I grow Chandler variety. I'm waiting for my first harvest this December. Have also started growing the Pajaro variety, hoping for the best. Kindly reach me on 0773420573 for further discussion.

4 months 4 days ago

Mugisha Richard Thank you Martha, will contact you for business

4 months 4 days ago

Loyce Atekit Hi Martha, I met you through Walter of Freelancerkenya.comI really want to have a talk with you. Which method is more convenient with you?My email address is loycemaryatekit9@gmail.comThanks in advance.

1 month 1 week ago

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Posted 10 September 2018 at 07:42

Farming can reduce youth migration

Quite frequently we see job advertisements in the media for young people willing to go and work overseas. We have also heard about the mistreatment some of them experience at the hands of their foreign employers. Many youth are actually smuggled out of Uganda in what has come to be known as human trafficking. Others have even died on the way trying to cross oceans on boats.

Some have sold land to raise money for air tickets and for bribing their way into countries of their destination. These unfortunate developments can, however, be stemmed by setting up agricultural businesses in African countries, according to a recent Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) press release dated August 24, 2018. It quoted FAO Director General, Jose Graziano da Silva, as saying: 

“Creating decent employment opportunities for youth in Africa’s agricultural sector can significantly reduce youth migration from the continent.”

Graziano made the statement at the Youth Em

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Posted 6 September 2018 at 07:45

SNV’s youth employment approach works:

Youth unemployment in many parts of Africa is soaring, and especially out of school youth in rural areas are a vulnerable group. SNV’s Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE) project realized employment for almost 16,000 young people, using a so called push-match-pull approach. Sixteen thousand young people, and every one of them stands for a person who started up their life and gained purpose. A final report by an independent evaluator has now confirmed that push-, match pull works. But, what is it? And why does it work?

‘A commendable job’

The five-year (2013-2018) OYE project is coming to an end. SNV developed its OYE approach in partnership with Mastercard Foundation (MCF). OYE was implemented in Tanzania, Mozambique, and Rwanda in the Agriculture and Renewable Energy sectors. SNV has been involved in these sectors for many decades.

The final evaluation of the programme was done by an external party (eMJee Consult). You can access the full

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Posted 4 September 2018 at 08:37

Youth skilled in agricultural value chains at farm camp:

Besides the inspiration from the hands-on experience during the week-long camp, it exposed students to careers in agriculture, agribusiness, entrepreneurship, innovations and leadership skills through agricultural activities.

More than 600 students drawn from different colleges and high schools gathered at Gayaza High School on the farm. Some were seen watering vegetables, others checking on nursery beds, while the rest were on fodder farm attending to dairy animals.

Every year there is a farm camp organised for secondary school children across the country at Gayaza High School in a bid to impart innovative agriculture skills in the children. This year’s camp attracted students from schools such as St Peter’s College Tororo, Marry Hill, Nyakasura, Bombo Army secondary school and St Catherine's secondary from northern Uganda; among others.

Under the theme “Exploring the Farming value chains” students exploited the opportunities

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Mugisha Richard Thank you Gloria for this post. We saw students enjoy farming and many of them pledging to become professional agripreneurs. Time is now to inspire students as future agribusiness leaders in the agrifood sector. 

4 months 1 week ago

Brian Kibirige The 5th Annual School Farm Camp was awesome. Thank you AgriProFocus for taking part

3 months 2 days ago

Hakizimana John I am grateful that fellow youth are self motivated into agriculture. we now have a basis for transforming it and environmental friendly sector for sustainable development. thank you!

3 months 1 day ago

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Posted 15 August 2018 at 01:35

Uganda's food waste warrior aims to help farmers

Food wasted every year in Africa could feed up to 300 million people, according to the United Nations. Lawrence Okettayot, a 23-year-old engineering student in Uganda, hopes that his food dehydrator will tackle not just his country's food waste problems but the world's.

Lawrence Okettayot is on a road trip across Uganda.

He's spreading the word about a device he's created which could be a solution to Africa's food waste crisis. Food wasted every year in the continent could feed up to 300 million people, according to the United Nations. In just Uganda alone, up to 40% of fruit and vegetables end up being discarded.

But Lawrence, a 23-year old engineering student, hopes that his invention, the Sparky Dryer, will change everything. The device is a dehydrator running on garden waste that dries fruit and vegetables quickly, making them last for months instead of days.

It looks like a small fridge and uses organic waste instead of electric

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Posted 10 August 2018 at 07:31

International Youth Day To Be Held At Kampiringisa, Mpigi:

The Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development will on August 12th 2018 join the rest of the world to celebrate the International Youth Day in accordance with the UN General Assembly resolution 54/120 of the 1999.

Every year, the 12th of August sees the commemoration of International Youth Day. Celebrations are organized each year to support the Day as a way to promote better awareness of the World Programme of Action for Youth. The Programme encourages youth around the world to organize activities to raise awareness about the situation of youth in their country.

This year’s celebration will be held at Kampiringisa, Mpigi district under the theme ‘Safe spaces for the youth’.

According to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry Of Gender Pius Bigirimana, the day provides an opportunity for Uganda and the rest of the world to focus and reflect on issues affecting the youth and the various i

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Mugisha Richard While others will be at Kampiringisa, over 300 youth from all regions of the country will converge at Parliament to debate issues affecting them. This will be in commemoration of the International Youth Day celebration. We are happy for Actionaid and Uganda Youth National Association for organising this platform. Youth issues must be put on the National agenda. 

5 months 1 week ago

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Posted 6 August 2018 at 01:41

Maggots earn agripreneur Ssemulema cash:

Somewhere in Mukono District, Aloysius Ssemulema is doing the unthinkable. Not even sweltering heat deters the 23-year-old farmer and his workers from getting their hands dirty as they sift through heaps of compost to unearth his money-maker maggots. Ssemulema started this business after the research he conducted and found out that maggots from houseflies are rich in nutrients particularly proteins.

How he started?

I was spending most of my time on internet searching how I can make animal feeds that are of high quality, environmental friendly and affordable to farmers so that they can stay in business. I was compelled to divert my school fees in my first year to carry out research in making fertilizers out of horns but I was not successful because I had no market,’ he said while smiling.

After completing his studies, Ssemulema came up with an idea of making fertilizers from maggots. “I discovered that they contain more proteins better than any other a

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Posted 1 August 2018 at 02:01

Bees give Obanyo honey and money:

It is 2.30pm as the youth from various places in the country gather at Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute, Kabanyolo (MUARIK) for the launch of the fifth CURAD-Swiss contact agribusiness innovations challenge and to show case of their agricultural products they are marketing.

It is an initiative where a number of development partners such as CURAD, Swiss Contact and Stanbic Bank have signed a collective MOU in trying to help impart skills in youths across the country by engaging in agriculture as a business.

Stanbic Bank has come in to provide a revolving fund for the youth to be able to participate in agribusiness initiatives by participating in business incubations for skill gaining in a particular agriculture product. Simon Obanyo one of the youth Mbarara District who is busy offloading different packages of honey for display. He stands out among the rest of the youth as one can see the passion and zeal he has in handling his apiary

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Mugisha Richard Mugisha Richard Simon is such a great youth entrepreneur. We were inspired by his story and rich experience of 16 years in bee keeping. This was during last year's (2017) AgriProFocous Youth Caravan at his farm in Bushenyi.  He started his bee business with nothing but 2000 shillings and now he is one of the few rich youth in Mbarara. He actually says, interest + determination + hardwork =success. We are proud of you Simon!

5 months 2 weeks ago

CHARLES GUMIRA Simon is very inspiring. I had a chat with him during the Soil Cares community of practice meeting and his story is amazing. Let it be a lesson for other youths

5 months 2 weeks ago

Mugisha Richard Charles, i know you too have a story. Could you please share with us on the online

5 months 2 weeks ago