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moderated by Dorina Prech

Young agri-entrepreneurs face a myriad of challenges including access to financial and capacity development resources. AgriProFocus recognises that young men and women are change makers that could significantly contribute to the growth of the agriculture sector if well supported. 

In 2017, AgriProFocus Kenya would like to work with like-minded stakeholders within the network to link youth to financial resources and other growth opportunities including internship, mentorship and business development services. As a network, we would like to work towards creating an enabling environment that supports youth to create successful businesses. 

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Call for applications - World Bank Group Analyst Program 2017

This program is a unique opportunity for exceptionally talented youth with a passion for international development to contribute to the world's most pressing needs.

More details on eligibility requirements, benefits and deadline can be found on this website.

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Report: Youth in Agribusiness Roundtable meeting, 22 March 2017

AgriProFocus Kenya  hosted a Youth in Agribusiness stakeholders round table breakfast meeting on the 22nd of March at the Jacaranda Hotel in Nairobi. This meeting brought together stakeholders working in the youth in agribusiness space from development, private sector, research and academia, young entrepreneurs and government.

The objective of the meeting was to share our journey as a network on what we have been able to achieve, our plans for the future in light of the new strategy; and to have the various stakeholders share and learn from each others experiences and work.

Key from the meeting was the need for more collaborations and partnerships as well as more sharing of our work as stakeholders which reduces duplication of efforts. The stakeholders committed to supporting each other, as well as contributing to the success of the planned flagship projects for 2017. This includes learning labs, business to

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Workshop on Youth Engagement in Cooperatives Management

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  06 October 2016 to 07 October 2016 - All Day Event
  Nyeri County

In collaboration with Agriterra, AgriProFocus will convene a 2 day workshop for 60 youths drawn from cooperatives working with Agriterra. This workshop fits well with our vision of seeing more youths in leadership positions within the agribusiness sector.

The aim of the 2 day workshop is to have young farmers within the cooperatives working with Agriterra organize themselves better to be able to advocate for inclusion in the cooperative management. This will involve looking at what their responsibility as young farmers is towards the cooperative. In addition, the young farmers will look at the role of the cooperatives in enhancing more youth participation in management.


· To provide a platform to share and learn from each other on already existing best practices from the Netherlands [Dutch Young Farmers Organisation] as well as local cooperatives that have successfully set up youth councils within their management structure.

· To develop an engagement strate

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29 August 2016

Can mentoring boost youth participation in Kenyan agriculture?

by Justus Wanzala

Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy. Worth billions of dollars, it is responsible for the livelihoods of over 80 per cent of the rural population and accounts for 65 percent of the country’s total export revenue, according to the country’s Institute of Economic Affairs.

imageAlthough agriculture accounts for 65 per cent of Kenya's foreign export earnings, young people largely ignore the sector. A new mentoring scheme is hoping to change that." title="

Although agriculture accounts for 65 per cent of Kenya's foreign export earnings, young people largely ignore the sector. A new mentoring scheme is hoping to change that.

" height="355" width="530">

Although agriculture accounts for 65 per cent of Kenya’s foreign export earnings, young people largely ignore the sector. A new mentoring scheme is hoping to change that.



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Africa’s Future Farmers

In order to face the food security and nutrition challenges of the future there is a need to develop the capacities of the next generation of agricultural producers, by identifying ways to engage and empower youth – both women and men. Approximately 90 percent of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 live in developing countries, where agriculture employs as much as 60 percent of the labor force, and yet the majority of youth do not currently see agriculture as a viable career path given the low productivity rates and the difficulties they know to have been faced by previous generations. Farming has always been associated with poverty and punishment from our  parents and grandparents.I remember when i was growing up anytime i failed my exams my parents told me they would take me to my rural home to dig.Anytime i failed in school my parents would threaten me that i would end up in the farm where people with no education goes to.

Cognizant of all the factors, combating

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Who will feed the Future?

There is a big sustainability gap in African farming. This is because, while a very high percentage of African farmers are old and aging (mainly above 60), the youth still have a tendency to shy away from farming and agriculture – at least not if they have other alternatives. More and more young people – especially the rural youth – focus on moving out from farming and rural communities to find “good jobs” in urban centres.

Arising from this trend is a question which many development organisations working in Africa and African governments are trying to understand how, or mobilizing resources, to tackle. That question is: who will feed the Africans of the future? During his keynote speech, at the 7th Africa Agriculture Science Week, Akinwumi Adesina, President of African Development Bank (AfDB) acknowledged that “young Africans are needed in agriculture to raise profitability (and innovations) in the sector.

That means, in addition to add

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Alphaxrd Gitau The question that keeps popping on my mind is whether actually all young people should engage in farming or are they motivated to be farmers and if not what should be the ext step?

1 year 1 month ago

Chelangat Florence The challenges facing the youth are lack of funds for establishment and poor market prices due to brokers. What steps are being taken to ensure that the vast flactuation in market prices are met?

1 year 1 month ago

Alphaxrd Gitau Chelangat thanks so much for this response. I agree lack of finances and market access is among the many bottlenecks that face youth in Agriculture. Never the less i think this is a challenge that needs holistic approach and cannot be solved by only one person.Kindly feel free to write to me and we discuss more on what we as AgriProFocus is doing to help address such challenges.

1 year 1 month ago

Masua Mutua i feel that more youth should be engaged in agriculture. however, i don't think it's plausible that all the youth become farmers, we need them just as much in other actors. in any case if we are not making the current farmer base work adding more will not solve the problem. like chelangat has pointed out, markets and lack of finances have been consistent crippling barriers to productive farming. with markets, incentive is created to dig in agri-business ventures, and with capital one has the capability to start out and upscale when necessary. perhaps another need is training and community; many youths would enter a venture blindly, hurriedly pursuing something they feel that will earn them rushed profits. when these profits do not materialize, they get disappointed while the reason was that sound information was not sought before beginning the venture. in community, i feel that most of the youth are focused on improving themselves- we are selfish, we don't want to combine resources, we want to succeed alone. if we had community, person a would merge would person b and another to get a larger piece of land for farming, take advantages of economies of scale than they would if person a acted alone.

1 year 4 weeks ago

Alphaxrd Gitau Masua Mutua thanks so much for this feedback.Totally in agreement that not all of us should actually be farmers and not all of us necessarily have the capacity to be farmers nor entrepreneurs.Therefore we need to focus on those that have the capabilities, passion and capacities to be farmers. The question that we should answer is what are the innovative ways of doing all this?Kindly feel free to engage with the discussion further.

1 year 4 weeks ago

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KCB and Tuskys partner to lift youth in farming

The KCB Foundation and Tuskys Supermarket have entered into a strategic partnership to support contract farming for thousands of youths in agribusiness and offer at least 1,600 internship opportunities.

The partnership targets to benefit 12,000 youths across 22 counties in the identified value chains in agribusiness through provision of asset financing and working capital to enable the young farmers meet the needs of demand and supply.

Tuskys Supermarkets has committed to buy all the produce from the venture. “This project is meant to support youth entrepreneurship. We believe that the youth hold the greatest sway in the pace and trajectory that the East African economy will take into the future. We also acknowledge the great contribution agriculture makes to the national GDP and we are committed to supporting the sector,” said Jane Mwangi, the KCB Foundation director.
To further enhance this partnership, KCB Foundation thr

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Chelangat Florence I am interested in the programme. How can someone join?

1 year 1 month ago

Alphaxrd Gitau Chelangat i am not sure how to access the program but i will let you know in case i hear something on the same.

1 year 1 month ago

Chelangat Florence Thanks

1 year 4 weeks ago

Eugene Ndwiga Hi, Gitau, keep me too in the loop when you get the finer details

1 year 3 weeks ago

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Our appointed youth ambassadors will establish their own dream teams. Together they will identify youth entrepreneurs who have been truly impactful in their local societies. The youth entrepreneurs will be selected based on creativity, innovation and contribution to the local society.

Find below the call for applications.

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CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems’ Youth Strategy 2014-2017: Engaging Youth in Innovative Agricultural Development

©FAO/Giulio NapolitanoWhy is it at times more rewarding to involve today's youth in innovation to improve agricultural livelihoods than to work with previous generations?

A significant part of the reason stems from the rapid changes taking place in today’s globalized world that is typified by migration, urbanization, technological innovation, increasing educational levels and aspirations, and the IT and social media revolution linking youth to global information and change movements.

CGIAR Youth Strategy - Setting a precedent

This Youth Strategy is the first to be issued within the CGIAR system, setting a precedent that may stimulate serious attention to this critical stakeholder group among other CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs). It may also contribute to inspire joint efforts with other partners to engage youth in innovative agricultural development.


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Georges Djodji Akibodé Programme de recherche du CGIAR sur la stratégie Dryland Systems jeunesse 2014-2017: la mobilisation des jeunes dans le développement agricole innovant. Pourquoi est-il parfois plus gratifiant de faire participer les jeunes d'aujourd'hui en matière d'innovation pour améliorer les moyens de subsistance agricoles que de travailler avec les générations précédentes? Une partie importante de la raison provient des changements rapides qui ont lieu dans le monde globalisé d'aujourd'hui qui se caractérise par la migration, l'urbanisation, l'innovation technologique, l'augmentation des niveaux d'éducation et les aspirations, et l'IT et de la révolution des médias sociaux reliant les jeunes à l'information et de changement des mouvements mondiaux. Stratégie jeunesse GCRAI - Créer un précédent Cette Stratégie de la jeunesse est la première à être publiée dans le système du GCRAI, créant un précédent qui peut stimuler une attention sérieuse à ce groupe d'intervenants critique parmi d'autres programmes de recherche du CGIAR (CRP). Elle peut également contribuer à inspirer les efforts conjoints avec d'autres partenaires pour engager les jeunes dans le développement agricole innovant. La stratégie a été élaborée grâce à un processus multipartite participative qui a été lancé dans le genre et Stratégie de Jeunesse Design Workshop (Malawi, 20-21 Septembre 2013). Elle attire également des discussions riches au Systems Dryland First Sciences et Réunion de mise en œuvre (Amman, Jordanie, le 30 Juin-4 Juillet 2014). spécialistes du genre comme Jennie Dey de Pryck (Forum mondial sur la recherche / Gender in Partnership Agriculture agricole), est l'auteur principal de ce document avec des contributions précieuses de jeunes professionnels pour le personnel de développement agricole Courtney Paisley et Marina Cherbonnier Genre et Jeunesse selon l'approche La jeunesse et en particulier les jeunes femmes ont longtemps été mis de côté dans l'élaboration des politiques. Cependant, les jeunes plus que jamais doivent devenir des engagés dans la prise de décision, la conception du projet et la mise en œuvre des programmes agricoles innovants. Le programme de recherche du GCRAI sur les systèmes Dryland stratégie jeunesse 2014-2017 est ancrée autour de deux mandats de systèmes Dryland. La première est la jeunesse, qui est l'un des quatre thèmes transversaux: genre, la jeunesse, la biodiversité et le renforcement des capacités; et l'autre concerne la cinquième des six résultats du développement intermédiaire (IDO 5), qui est consacré à l'égalité des sexes et de l'intégration des jeunes. Le programme de recherche du GCRAI sur la stratégie de genre sur les systèmes Dryland offre une approche d'âge ventilées pour identifier et répondre aux besoins des jeunes. Élaboration d'une stratégie jeunesse - facultatif? L'importance de la construction d'une stratégie pour la jeunesse repose sur la volonté de traiter les jeunes des questions spécifiques telles que l'exode rural et le chômage des jeunes. De même, il représente la première étape pour trouver des moyens d'attirer et d'avoir les jeunes impliqués activement dans la lutte contre les défis du vieillissement global de la population active agricole. La lutte contre la sécurité alimentaire mondiale, les défis de la nutrition et de la construction d'un avenir durable, exige la nouvelle génération à devenir des agents de changement dynamique dans l'agriculture. Cela ne peut se produire lorsque les acteurs locaux, nationaux et mondiaux se rendent compte du rôle crucial qu'ils doivent jouer, grâce à des politiques et des plans de jeunesses appropriées, pour permettre aux jeunes de libérer leur plein potentiel. Sans les efforts et l'engagement de toutes les parties prenantes concertées, cette stratégie de la jeunesse aura un peu plus de morceaux de papier. "Depuis le GCRAI marche sur une nouvelle terre, cette stratégie représente un document vivant, à élaborer et enrichi à la lumière de nouvelles perspectives et d'expériences entre de nombreux partenaires et intervenants du GCRAI, ainsi que le processus de réforme du GCRAI en constante évolution." Cliquez ici pour lire le programme de recherche du GCRAI sur la Stratégie jeunesse Systems Dryland Related Posts La recherche et l'éducation dans l'agriculture et la production alimentaire sont essentiels pour la sécurité alimentaire Pour lutter contre la faim, Inspire jeunesse Session Interactive Student: Apporter Nouvelles perspectives sur les biotechnologies agricoles MyFood30: Growing agroalimentaire les talents de demain "Dragons" exhorter les jeunes à prendre les rênes du pouvoir

1 year 1 month ago

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Getting today’s kids to feed us tomorrow

If we do not manage to attract young people to farming, we will not be able to feed a growing, and increasingly urbanized, world population. This logic makes more and more people and organizations aware of the importance of giving priority to youth in agriculture.

What are the challenges and how can international organizations work to make agriculture more attractive to youth? These were the questions a number of Dutch organizations came together to discuss in an informal and exploratory meeting on Youth in agriculture, in The Hague.

According to an initial overview by the Dutch Food & Business Knowledge Platform, many organizations recognize the youth in the agri-food sector and have launched successful initiatives. But there are still many challenges to efficiently deal with the role of youth in agriculture.

The participants discussed a number of these challenges of these challenges. For instance, the urgency of creating jobs including in t

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Joel Kimathi Good.

1 year 2 months ago

Alphaxrd Gitau Thanks Joel.. Most welcome to the online platform and continue with the discussion.

1 year 1 month ago

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A growing, vibrant online and on the ground network : YPARD 2015 Annual Report

Since its inception, YPARD has grown rapidly, demonstrating the need and value that young professionals see in a youth focused network.

This is moreso reflected in the recently released YPARD 2015 annual report which takes into account all the activities YPARD community has been involved in for the last one year.Among these notable activities include;

Communication both Online and Offline

In the last one year, YPARD national representatives have made waves in their countries, mobilizing youth in agriculture, focusing action on specific issues and making their voices heard. As of the report publication, YPARD membership spread across the globe has 11, 621 registered members from 187 countries. But not all young people are online a situation that YPARD Sri Lanka representative has taken note of. She brings the offline youths printed copies of the YPARD newsletter while in Armenia the message is spread th

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A day out with the young agribusiness entrepreneurs

Agriculture is the major sector in Kenya yet young people do not want to venture in it to sustain themselves and create employment. The youth will always think of agriculture as something to do when they retire from offices. There are many parties coming together to ensure that the youth are empowered to venture into agribusiness and promote food security in the world.

It is with this reason that AgriProFocus Kenya in partnership with USIU-Africa’s Global Agribusiness Management and entrepreneurship (GAME) Center hosted a youth in agribusiness trendsetter’s caravan on 24th March 2016. The event was held at USIU-Africa and was officially opened by Professor Francis Wambalaba from USIU-Africa.

One of the most interesting activities that took place during the forum is the ideation through simulation. The simulation activity is a practical guide to running a successful enterprise. Youth in the forum found the activity very involvin

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Annette van Andel Great event once more!

1 year 3 months ago

Sanya Wandera Would you share a full report on this! To help us understand the kind of resolutions made, how feasible are the innovations, how practically are they scaling up the stated sectors.

1 year 3 months ago

Jillian Kanaiza Makungu Hi Sanya, We are working on a report which will be shared soon. Thanks Much

1 year 3 months ago

Michael Ondialla Photos too? ;-)

1 year 3 months ago



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  24 March 2016, 13:00-17:00

AgriProFocus Kenya in partnership with United States International University (USIU) – Africa’s Global Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship (GAME) Centre invites you to our 1st trendsetters networking forum on Thursday 24th March 2016 at USIU-Africa from 1.00 -5.00 pm .

AgriProFocus has provided a neutral platform for networking, sharing and learning and would like to build onto the successes achieved so far. We cannot do this alone and we would like to invite you to a networking and brainstorming session. The objectives of this forum include:

1. Joint visioning on the shared goal to be achieved through the activities of the trendsetters' caravan

2. Joint planning for activities in 2016-2017

3. Explore strategic partnerships to profile the caravan

The forum as usual will provide enough opportunity for networking, sharing and learning. Details of the event and invitation letter are attached below.

Register for the event on or before 14th, March 2016 by filling this

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International Congress on Innovations in Agriculture (ICIA)

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Kenya
  21 March 2016 to 22 March 2016 - All Day Event
  Safaripark Nairobi

The role of technology and innovations in the improvement of agriculture and food production sector is not in dispute any more. It is important that we leverage these innovative solutions to benefit owners of agricultural enterprises, food security, climate change mitigation and creation of job opportunities.

Who will attend?

The conference is “a must attend” event for farmers in Africa to learn and source for new products and technologies that can raise yields, ease their operations, reduce impact on natural resources, combat climate change and increase profitability. It will give exhibitors an opportunity to showcase their innovations and products, establish new relationships with buyers, take products forward into new markets and help increase sales. It will be an important forum for authorities to understand the benefits of effecting sustainable agriculture policies and programs, find technologies that would work for their communities and meet international partners. Supply chain p

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Hi guys, this is us and we are curreently interested in agricultural related companies in Kenya offering services related to precision farming

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Trendsetter Moment of the month: Focus on Jolly footprints

On Friday 6th November 2015, Kees Wantenaar - AgriProFocus Board chairperson and Gijs Aarts, accompanied by AgriProFocus staff went to visit a practical farm in Matasia, Kajiado County. Kees and Gijs came to Nairobi to attend the regional extensive livestock expo which took place from 4 - 6 November 2015.  In line with this, they saw the need to visit a practical farm. 2 years ago, Jolly footprints was discovered under the leadership of Teresiah Ng’ang’a. Jolly Footprints thrives in breeding and supply of Improved Kienyeji chicken commonly known as Kuroiler chicken.

This variety is a special species of chicken that takes about 4 months to mature and it tastes better than the common broiler chicken. As a master graduate from Wagenigen University, Teresiah has no regrets whatsoever venturing into agribusiness. She is a living example that youth can make up decisions to employ others and not chase the white collar jobs.


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Inspiration and Knowledge Exchange at the Kajiado Youth Forum.

On 7th November, 2015, Kajiado county government in partnership with SCAD, ACTIONAID, AMREF and KAPA hosted a youth forum at KCB grounds, Kajiado Town.

This forum brought the youth to participate in marathon and later on do presentation in different sectors in agriculture. The main aim of congregating at the KCB grounds was to discourage youth in Kajiado County from engaging in drug abuse and explore constructive opportunities in agriculture that can generate income and improve lives.

The event was graced by the governor of Kajiado county  who advised the youth that they had a short time as youths to chart out their future.

AgriProFocus Kenya was represented by trendsetters from the youth in Agribusiness caravan and two staff members. The trendsetters included Leah Wambui Mwehia of Kiambu Strawberries, Peter Githinji of chickway poultry and Ruth of Top Farmer Magazine. Mr. Moses Kinaiya of Mifugo trade presented

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One of our youth trendsetters had a chance to participate in the African Green Revolution Forum 2015 in Zambia. Below is  a video clip of what he shared during this forum. We are proud of you Claudius Kurtna!!

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World Bank Group Youth Summit 2015 from November 16-17, 2015 in Washington, DC

Deadline: 3 October 2015

The World Bank Youth Summit 2015 will be held from November 16-17, 2015 in Washington, DC, USA on the theme of ‘Crowd-Sourcing Solutions for Climate Change.’ The Summit invites young people from around the world to use their knowledge and creativity to crowdsource solutions for climate change that contribute to growth and development in developing and emerging countries.

This is an opportunity for young professionals to present their creative solutions, and spark a global dialogue on innovative ways to address the reality of climate change impacts. For more information please follow this link:


Sommet de la Jeunesse du Group de la Banque Mondiale 2015 du 16-17 Novembre 2015 à Washington, DC

Date limite: 3 Octobre 2015

Le Sommet de la Jeunesse 2015

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Western Agribusiness Investment Symposium

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Kenya
  02 December 2015 to 04 December 2015 - All Day Event
  Tom Mboya Labour College, Kisumu

The Western Agribusiness Investment Symposium & Exhibition Conveners are pleased to announce that our 2nd Edition will be held from 2 - 4 December, 2015 at the Tom Mboya Labour College in Kisumu.

The Symposium seeks to bring together 500 key stakeholders involved in the agriculture value chain within the Lake Victoria ecosystem. The Lake Victoria trading Block comprises fifteen counties that border the lake. These counties are Kisumu, Kakamega, Kisii, Vihiga, Migori, Nyamira, Busia, Bungoma, Siaya, Homabay, Bomet, Kericho and Trans-Nzoia.

The 2nd Western Agribusiness Investment Symposium & Exhibition will focus on Business to Business (B2B), Business to Government (B2G), meetings, exhibitions, Networking Sessions, Deal Making, Business Plan Reviews and Business Case Studies.AgriProFocus Kenya will take lead in facilitating the youth in agribusiness forum which will be part of the program.

The symposium will endeavour to unpack value chains for various crops and commodities, processing & va

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