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Few of the challenges humanity faces are as urgent and complex as food security. To meet the needs of a rapidly growing world population, an unparalleled, worldwide effort is required. Members of the AgriProFocus Network are dedicated to meeting this challenge in collaboration. By working together, learning from each other and unitedly pushing for change.

AgriProFocus brings together businesses, civil society, knowledge institutes and governments working towards food security. United in diversity, our members share the conviction that business and development are not mutually exclusive. This is why innovative 'agripreneurs' are at the heart of our strategy. AgriProFocus supports them in finding new, sustainable ways of doing business. Exchanging perspectives and expecting the unexpected. To accomplish more in a culture of collaboration. For people, planet and profit.

Navigating the network, AgriProFocus staff helps members find the right partners and the right information. Around specific questions, issues and opportunities. Rooted in the Netherlands, AgriProFocus is active in 12 countries in Africa and South-East Asia. Stretching from sprawling cities to remote, rural areas. Offering unique exchanges across cultures and disciplines. Cultivating collaboration.

A dedicated team (see Who to Contact) supports the network and is ready to connect you to 25,000 entrepreneurial people from the agribusiness sector worldwide.We can help you with information, contacts and establish links with (inter)national businesses and organisations in our networks.

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Posted 5 hours ago

Rural women pitch their innovative start-up ideas in Vietnam

SNV's ‘Enhancing Opportunities for Women Enterprises’ (FLOW/EOWE) programme focuses on supporting rural women in entrepreneurship by addressing the systemic barriers that many rural women face when launching their businesses. One of the key challenges for rural women to launch start-up initiatives is access to capital to promote their start-up initiatives and turn their ideas into a viable business. In mid-August 2018, SNV together with the Provincial Women’s Union organised the Women Business Start-up 2018 event in Binh Thuan, a South Central Coast province in Vietnam, where 16 women had the opportunity to present their innovative start-up ideas and to connect to relevant stakeholders to take their start-up to the next level.

The event was a follow-up of the National Platform “Women Business Start-up: Innovation and Connection” that was organised by SNV and the Vietnam Women’s Union in December 2017. The aim of the Pl

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Posted 6 hours ago

Dear AgriProFocus Members,

I am documenting best practices of smallholder-inclusive agricultural value chain finance in Africa. Precisely, I am documenting impact stories on successful financing of smallholder farmers. 

This is an opportunity to improve knowledge areas about some challenges, risks, risk mitigation, enablers, structuring, repayment strategies, opportunities and lessons learnt from financing smallholder agriculture in close value chains. This is also an opportunity to show case your organization's achievement in working with or financing smallholder farmers.

The output from this documentation will be policy briefs or a single online publication with proper referencing of your contributions. I strongly believe that this publication/policy briefs will enable development experts to learn new deployable knowledge/mechanisms for financing smallholder farmers, and to enable smallholder farmers break out of poverty with enhanced sustainable livelihoods.

Some experts have share

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Posted 9 hours ago

Carol Gribnau,  director of the Hivos global Green Energy and Green Food programs writes on IPC about

Joint Action Needed to Reform our Food System

Read the full article HERE.

Come 2030, we will not have healthy and affordable food if we continue with business as usual. But no one institution can single handedly change the course of our food system. The key to ensuring a sustainable food system is involving a diverse group of actors – from smallholder farmers to government – to generate ideas for change, together.

Everyone recognizes the need for multi-stakeholder collaboration, but it’s good to understand exactly what we’re talking about. 

Hivos applies a “Lab” approach in several countries. It allows for a tailored approach and helps the actors move from global to national and local platforms. Given the complexity of food systems, local platforms are likely to be the most effective. 

The transformation towards sustainable food systems requires involving key actors,

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Conférence sur l'emploi des jeunes dans l'agriculture

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Benin
  20 August 2018 to 21 August 2018 - All Day Event
  Kigali, Rwanda

Il s'agit de mobiliser les jeunes grâce aux technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC) et à l‘entrepreneuriat. 

La conférence vise à favoriser les échanges entre les parties prenantes sur les connaissances et les meilleures pratiques au sujet des interfaces entre l'agriculture, l'emploi des jeunes, l’entrepreneuriat, les innovations dans le domaine des TIC, afin de prioriser les interventions pour aller de l’avant.

Trois grandes thématiques seront abordées à savoir : 

1-Jeunesse et entrepreneuriat

Portera sur les solutions offertes par les nouvelles opportunités en matière d’entrepreneuriat des jeunes, le long des chaînes de valeur agricole. Ce thème se penchera sur des exemples stratégiques et financiers de mesures incitatives visant à favoriser les services commerciaux dirigés par les jeunes ou axés sur les jeunes.

2-Des solutions numériques pour surmonter les contraintes associées aux filières agricoles

Se penchera sur les solutions technol

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Posted 15 August 2018 at 09:10

Stephanie Lynch writes in SPORE magazine about 

Agriculture’s potential for peacebuilding

Read the full article here.

In recent years, agriculture has become increasingly recognised as an entry point for building peace and resilience in fragile states. With up to two-thirds of employment and one-third of GDP in countries experiencing prolonged crises linked to agriculture, investment in the sector can be transformative for the resilience of vulnerable populations. To prevent fragile situations descending into crises and ensure the sustainable recovery of vulnerable populations, rural communities need the capacity to monitor and predict crisis and disaster risks, as well as to develop strategies to help minimise the impact of such risks on food production.

Connecting farmers to markets

With increased capacity to grow surplus produce, farmers need access to finance and markets to add value to their products and further increase their incomes. However, in fragile states, neither f

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Shadrack Agaki Rolf Schinkel i have read through the whole article by Stephanie Lynch , in deed i believe agriculture is like a center bolt that would holds prosperity of the world. This conversation should be encouraged on this platform with a view of  finding the best way to lead the way in linking and providing critical information that would help in making agriculture work in countries the Network has presence.   

5 days 6 hours ago

Rolf Schinkel Thank you Shadrack Agaki for your reply and interst in the article. It is an important issue indeed. I know a bit about it from my own experience, or rather the experience of the AgriProFocus platform in DR Congo. Agriculture fairs were organised by the AgriProFocus team there, at places that knew for longtime only war and insecurity . Only having the fair and meeting other people involved in agribusiness was already something special and re-assuring for many people there. It brought the sense of revival.By the way, did you notice Stephanie has her profile on this platform: . 

5 days 1 hour ago

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Posted 14 August 2018 at 12:38

There can be no sustainable development without profound changes in food systems

08/08/2018 - Press release

Food systems are situated at the crossroads between the many issues and contradictions surrounding sustainable development: food and nutritional security, human and ecosystem health, natural resource renewal, climate change, territorial dynamics, political stability, and social justice. An international group of experts, including researchers from CIRAD, is calling for profound changes in food systems in order to meet the sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the UN in 2015, and the terms of the Paris Agreement on climate. The authors propose a four-pillar strategy.

"There can be no sustainable development without profound changes in food systems". This call for change was issued by an international group of experts dubbed the "Milano Group" (see box), whose members have written an article published in the journal Agronomy for Sustainable Development.

Agriculture, the world's biggest e

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Posted 13 August 2018 at 10:39

Hello there,  I am looking for developers/financiers for a mixed user  agribusiness. I will appreciate if  some one can point me in the right direction. Thank you.

Lawrence Shonga Hi,Kindly elaborate more about the mixed user agribusiness, specification perhaps. If you would like, kindly drop me an email: 

1 week 1 hour ago


Strategies for women to succeed in agribusiness

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  06 September 2018, 02:30-16:00
  Ghana - online

Female entrepreneurs in agribusiness fight an uphill battle when it comes to getting access to the power and resources needed to professionalize and scale their business. In this webinar already successful female agribusiness champions share 5 strategies for female agri-entrepreneurs to succeed.

Focusing specifically on Ghana, this webinar offers a perfect learning ground for Ghanaian entrepreneurs or those interested in the topic to talk through some of the hurdles faced every day and how to overcome them.

Interact or listen in, but register now to not miss this opportunity.

Register via this Registration Form

The aya TEAM
Aya is part of 2SCALE, an incubator program that manages a portfolio of public-private partnerships (PPPs) for inclusive business in agri-food sectors and industries. Aya is a 6-month entrepreneurship track for women in agribusiness in Ghana that builds on the experiences of 2SCALE. For more info about aya and 2SCALE visit the aya website.

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Posted 10 August 2018 at 09:59

€ 250 000 call for proposals on ICT and Mechanisation (deadline Oct 11, 2018)

CTA calls for proposals for Grant: ICT-ENABLED MECHANISATION IN AFRICA. This is a call to explore and implement initiatives supportive of the effective use of digital technologies for agricultural transformation in Africa.

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is a joint international institution of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States and the European Union (EU). Its mission is to advance food and nutritional security, increase prosperity and encourage sound natural resource management in ACP countries.

CTA is launching a Call for proposals to support the implementation of ICT-enabled mechanisation services in Africa. Applications have to be sent by email by Thursday, 11 October 2018 @ 6:00 PM Netherlands time.

The overall indicative amount made available under this Grant / Call for Proposals is a maximum of Euro 250,000.

For more information, click here: 

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Posted 9 August 2018 at 02:34

Dear AgriProFocus network,

Grounded is looking for suppliers of solar dryers in Zambia. If you know companies that can help us out, please let me know. Your help is much appreciated. 

Thank you once more!

Warm regards,

Gijs, Grounded

Anne Marie Kortleve Hi Gijs, maybe my APF colleagues Lawrence Shonga or Yvonne Mtumbi in Lusaka can help you out! Lawrence or Yvonne, what do you think? Good luck Gijs!

1 week 3 days ago

Lawrence Shonga Hi Gijs. You can check with TDAU (Technology Development Advisory Unit) located at the University of Zambia. You can find their contact details via this link

1 week 50 min ago

Posted By in AgriProFocus Netherlands
Posted 9 August 2018 at 12:29

How can Food and Nutrition Security programming “do good” in fragile settings?

Closing workshop of The Broker’s project on conflict sensitivity in Food Security Programming, funded by Food & Business Knowledge Platform.  

On February 1, 2018, The Broker, supported by the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP), organized a workshop to conclude its project on conflict sensitive Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) programming in fragile settings. Bringing together policymakers, researchers and practitioners working on food security in fragile settings, this workshop served to share the lessons learned (captured in the final report), present the tool for conflict sensitivity that was developed based on the project’s main findings, and discuss ways forward for integrating conflict sensitivity and stability into FNS programming. You can download a full report of the workshop here.

The workshop, hosted at the F&BKP offices in The Hague, was kicked off by a brief presentation of The Broker’s own project results

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Posted 9 August 2018 at 10:17

Investing in local business

Interesting blog by Marcel Vernooij (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NL) including links to key instruments of the Dutch government to facilitate African and Asian SMEs

"The private sector is the engine of economic growth. As The Netherlands, we support local entrepreneurs in developing economies. We assist companies to grow, while facilitating better conditions for companies to do business, create jobs and deliver products to markets in a responsible manner. Rosejoy restaurants in Ghana is an excellent example how smaller companies, with tailor-made support, serve consumers and drive economic growth, enabling people to earn their own living. "

Link to the full blog:

Follow Marcel Vernooij on twitter: if you like to read more blogs

Posted By in Oikocredit International
Posted 9 August 2018 at 09:37

The Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance releases ‘State of the Sector’ report

Oikocredit is a member of the Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF), which just published its annual ‘State of the Sector’ report.

CSAF convenes 12 of the world's leading agricultural lenders, including Oikocredit, to exchange ideas, identify best practices, and develop industry standards. Its members aim to create a thriving, sustainable, and transparent market to serve the financing needs of agricultural small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in low- and middle-income countries.

In 2017, CSAF members issued loans totalling $716 million to 794 businesses. These loans connected 2.2 million smallholder farmers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to local and international markets. CSAF’s State of the Sector report was developed in partnership with MIX with support from the Small Foundation.

Read the report or view the annual State of the Sector webinar to learn more about the evolving cr

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Posted 9 August 2018 at 06:59

A Guide to Compost Sheep Manure for Organic Fertilizer

Natural organic fertilizer comes from animal wastes and plants; for example, cow dung, sheep or goat manure, chicken droppings, urine, decomposed weeds and other plant, food waste and so on. In this article, we will introduce a guidance to compost sheep manure for organic fertilizer. One of the important aspects of sheep farming business is having an effective waste management plan which reaps the benefits and reduces the risks caused by improper disposal of sheep manure wastes. The sheep manure discussed here not just contains the urine and feces from sheep, but also the bedding, runoff, spilled feed, and anything else mixed with it. It is a way of decomposing sheep or goat manure waste to create a fine and rich humus material that is applied as a soil amendment and plant nutrient. Utilizing sheep manure properly - composting sheep manure fertilizer is an advantageous tool in nutrient management way because sheep manure organic fertili

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Posted By in Climate Smart in Horticulture
Posted 8 August 2018 at 01:09

Hello Everyone, 

I have just constructed a small dam at my 1 1/2 acre  farm where I want to do horticulture farming. I am new to this and I would appreciate if you could refer me to service providers who can advise me on this (agronomy, dam maintenance, appropriate crops, market access, etc). Many thanks. 


PETER HERI Hi John,Sorry I wish to be your agriculture advisor, I am Agronomist Peter, please reach me through whatsapp +255 744 529070

1 week 2 hours ago

Posted By in AgriProFocus Kenya
Posted 7 August 2018 at 02:51

Manage point of laying till old layer

 Few days ago , i see a new poultry farmer ask manage point of layers . So we let our team give tips for new farmer. In this article , layers is breed in layer chicken cage , chicks cage . So if you feed layer on ground or use pan feeding , the operation is different from this article , please noted.

(Ⅰ)Phases 1—— Chicks layer

Time: before put chicks layer into shed .

Target : supply no bacteria , warm and comfortable environment

Manage Point: Disinfect when the shed is empty. Improve the temperature to 32℃~33℃ before put layer chicks in shed.

Time: Put chicks layer into shed

Target: Reduce stress reaction, make sure high live rate

Mange point: Prepare warm water(25℃) in advance 30 minutes. Give water in time , then feed chicks layer by feed pan.

After 2 hours of put chicks layer into shed , improve temperature into 35℃~37℃ gradually. Keep this temperature 3 days , and make sure moisture 60%. Also have medicine protection at the same time.


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Posted 6 August 2018 at 12:23

Hi, On your investment in dairying in Zambia film, there was a reference to a mobile milk vat (cooler). I am looking for more information on this. Can you send a lead. Thanks

Anne Marie Kortleve  i John, I personally have no idea, but you can ask my colleagues in the AgriProFocus Zambia office Yvonne Mtumbi or Lawrence Shonga for help.  It is about this video Yvonne, Lawrence:

1 week 6 days ago

Lawrence Shonga Hi John. The Mobile milk Vat (cooler) is provided by FARMERS & BUILDERS SUPPLIERS LTD Agro-division. Kindly call or get in touch with them on +260 978 609 697 or email Let me know if you will face any challenges.

1 week 5 days ago

John Wilson Thanks Lawrence. I will follow up with FABS. Thanks

1 week 5 days ago

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Posted 6 August 2018 at 10:06


The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is a network of 85 Universities in 35 African countries is pleased to announce the 2018 RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition (RUYAEC). The 2018 RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition (RUYAEC) whose overall purpose is to catalyse entrepreneurship through promotion of business innovation and provision of seed funding to young entrepreneurs with creative and innovative business ideas among African youth. RUYAEC invites young (<35 years) African entrepreneurs and incubates to compete for 20 awards to show case their innovations, enterprises and business concepts and propositions. Download the Call [English] [French] , and Application Form [English] [French]

Deadline for submissions is 31st August, 2018.

More information can be found HERE

Mahder Akalu Thanks for sharing Hilda Okoth, it's great opportunity! 

1 week 6 days ago

Isaya Japhet Thanks Hilda for caring

5 days 5 hours ago

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Posted 30 July 2018 at 09:01

something worth sharing, learn on how developing countries have the potential to become the world food basket and how suppliers, producers can take part and have a competitive advantage in the supply chain.

tickets available at SBM boutique, levy mall, lusaka zambia