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Making Agribusiness Work for Development

The AgriProFocus network is an international multi-stakeholder network with Dutch roots representing entrepreneurial farmers, private sector enterprises, governments, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations in the agrifood sector.

We are active in 13 countries in Africa and South East Asia, and link 22.000 agribusiness professionals worldwide. We are the go-to network for innovative entrepreneurs in agricultural value chains, that effectively link agribusiness and development.

We offer:


+ Change makers showcase portfolio
+ Network maps on specific trends, issues, topics identified by members or donors
+ Business 2 Network matchmaking events and activities
+ Online platform with member profiles and resource databases
+ Member coalitions and member partnerships around identified opportunities


+ Agribusiness Development Monitor
+ Newsletters
+ Innovation Labs


  +   Bottleneck identification and joint analysis of what works and doesn’t work
  +   Change Labs on key challenges, with reflection workshops, and scenario planning
  +   Putting identified bottlenecks and opportunities on relevant (inter)national agenda’s
  +   Joint Campaigns

A dedicated team (see Who to Contact) supports the network and is ready to connect you to 25,000 entrepreneurial people from the agribusiness sector worldwide.We can help you with information, contacts and establish links with (inter)national businesses and organisations in our networks.

Check our 2017 factsheet! 

Full Hydraulic Compost Turner - FD300

Windrow compost turner machine can be carried out in the open space or workshop greenhouse. It is equipped with cab. In order to save power, auger adopts manual up and down and double sprocket and double chain drive. Under aerobic conditions of organic matter decomposition, the bacteria can fully play the role in organic fertilizer composting. And this machine plays significant role in organic fertilizer production line.

Full hydraulic crawler-type compost turning machine adopts auger shaft hydraulic lift design. Through hydraulic operating system, the machine can adjust balance automatically in working the patented design of the hydraulic lifting of the dragon shaft. Through the hydraulic operating system, the hydraulic system automatically adjusts the balance even if the ground is uneven. It does not affect the normal operation of the compost turning machine. The system can adjust force evenly of walking wheel, reducing damage in the process of shock in a way. Turning the shaft can automa

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Gender equality guidelines for project developers

Gold Standard has developed Gender Equality Guidelines and Requirements. This Gold Standard document provides project developers with guidance to securing Gold Standard certification at two levels:

  • Gender Sensitive Requirements (Steps 1-3 of the Guidelines & Requirements) – These represent the addition of latest best practice to Gold Standard’s Safeguarding Principles and Stakeholder Engagement & Consultation Requirements. These additions ensure that, at the process level, Gold Standard Projects are designed and implemented in a way that accounts for gender issues effectively and adheres to latest best practice. The Gender Sensitive Requirements are mandatory for all projects that are part of the Gold Standard for the Global Goals.
  • Gender Responsive Framework (Steps 4-6 of the Guidelines & Requirements) – This section provides the framework for projects to demonstrate their progress and

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Free Webinar - Engaging African youth in agribusiness

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  30 August 2017, 14:00-15:00

About the live webinar

This webinar is a culmination of a month long online discussion organized by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), CGIAR Research Program on Livestock, the Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network (CSAYN), AgriProFocus, and ICCO Cooperation. The discussion, which commenced on World Youth Skills Day (15th July) and ended on the International Youth Day (12th August) explored the challenges and opportunities for engaging youth in agribusiness in a changing climate.

As a wrap-up to the online discussion, this webinar will discuss novel opportunities for youth, practitioners, policy makers, scientists, technical experts and other stakeholders emerging in the discussion and provide an impetus towards developing a framework for concrete youth engagement in agribusiness within the context of a changing climate. The youth do not have the right skills and opportunities to develop their talents for a prosperous and sustainable

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About agricultural market systems development

What does business and private enterprise have to do with reducing poverty? And how does this compare with more conventional aid? Using a practical example, this short video animation (4 minutes) explains the market systems approach: creating widespread and lasting improvements in access to income, jobs, services and products for people living in poverty.

thank you Andre for referring me to the interesting BEAMexchange website:

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Join us @Regional Agribusiness Platform

Theme: Enhancing Agribusiness Through Networking

The following are the workshops to look out for:

  • Importance of using weights by Spruceland Technologies

  • Safe handling of chemicals by ZEMA

  • Cooperative governance by Agriterra

  • Sustainable Integrated Land Management project (SILMS) by SNV Netherlands Development Organization

  • Tuta Absoluta and Fowl Worm Control by MRI

Also workshops by CEEC and Zambian Fertilizers

See you there!


Partage d'expérience sur le financement participatif ou crow

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  17 August 2017, 20:00-21:30
  Forum WhatsApp de la communauté d'innovation services financiers

Un entrepreneur partage avec nous son expérience sur le financement participatif ou crowfunding. 

Prenez le rendez vous sur cette plateforme en posant vos questions en commentaire 

Pour rejoindre le forum sur WhatsApp, écrivez au +229 94 340 679

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In case you missed it!

Please find the newsletter in the link below.

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we have a workshop on *18th -20th August 2017 which will focus on Dairy production/dairy and pig production* and will be held at

*Muzala Lodge Lunsemfwa Road in Kalundu area opposite UNZA Main campus from 9 am- 4pm everyday*

We have put it on three days basis so that we can capture those who might have different work shedules during the period, below are the names of those who have registered to be in attendance add your name on the list if I left you out.

Topics Include:

1) Dry Cow and Heifer Management

2) Cow Immunization and Colostrum Management

3) Ensuring Calve Survival Trough Transfer Of Immunity

4) Rumen Development and Feeding Of Calves

5) Effective Fodder Utilization and Nutrients Supplementation

6) How to get a layer to lay eggs withiy 16weeks

7) how to get a broiler archive 1.5kg withing 4 weeks

8) pig production techniques.

9) Goat Farming Techniques

10) How to reduce the mature period of Cattle to 15 Months Organically.

*Fee is ZK 150 per delegate ( deposits should be made by 15-0

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Youth in Agribusiness B2B Platform

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  03 October 2017 to 04 October 2017 - All Day Event


AgriProFocus Zambia network in collaboration with AGCO AND BONGOHIVE invites you to a Youth in Agribusiness B2B platform under the theme “Scaling-up my business-Raising Champions”. The purpose of this event is to provide a learning platform and business to business linkages that will foster the growth of Youth-led agribusinesses and networks. To find out if you qualify, carefully read the participant profile below then, CLICK HERE TO APPLY 

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Youth Change Makers in agribusiness, Agripredict!

As we celebrate the international youth day of the united nations today, we would like to introduce Agripredict to you! Agripredict was spotted from the AgriHack which was our first ever youth in agribusiness event.

AgriPredict is a machine learning program that can be harnessed in agriculture as a risk and disaster management tool. Farmers experience droughts and diseases that affect their livestock and crops, and end up losing huge assets and investments. Fortunately, this group of youths have developed a technology to change all of that. They have developed an app called AgriPredict.

The app will be launched at the 2017 Regional Agribusiness Platform, themed “Enhancing Agribusiness through Networking,” in chipata, on the 24th and the 25th of August.

See you there!

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We believe Youth in #Ethiopia can bring change! Let's involve them more! 

Celebrate the International Youth Day - 12 August 2017

#IYD2017 #YouthDay @AgriProFocus  

Joshua Godwin Hello guys,Am Joshua Godwin from Tanzania current working as the manager at the Tea farmer association,i would like to welcome you all  and know more about our us

6 days 4 hours ago

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Hello everyone, I am glad to introduce myself as a 25yr old Zambian male, currently based in the city of Lusaka. I am an agronomist by profession and currently employed by Livestock Services Cooperative Society serving in the role of Management trainee. At Livestock Services, we provide integrated support to the Zambian farming environment as well as the agriculture value chain by providing farmers with inputs, technical services and consultation at lowest possible prices. Personally, I hold a strong passsoin for agriculture, poverty reduction and development and I believe this platform is suitable to my ambitions as it would allow me to fully engage and share ideas with those that share in my values. I am excited to be part of this platform and I am looking forward to an exciting participatory experience with everyone.

Anne Marie Kortleve Thanks for joining us Lameck! We hope this platform will be of use to you! If you have any questions you can contact my colleague Leah Banda at our office in Lusaka. Good luck!

6 days 3 hours ago

Leah Banda We are glad to have you Lameck on this platform. Looking forward to a happy sharing!

6 days 2 hours ago

Knox Kalubi Lameck, great to have you on the platform. Its great to have young people exhibit not just the interest but the vision in agriculture.We are open to share information and hope it will broaden your horizon and give you an opportunity to share with others. Best!

4 days 15 hours ago

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  Looking for a Zambian Young Expert: Agronomist

Holland GreenTech (HGT) is looking for an agronomist based in Lusaka. HGT is a company established in Rwanda and Uganda and expanding to Zambia. They sell equipment and inputs and provides technical support and training for the high quality horticulture sector. Their suppliers are premium horticultural brands from Holland RijkZwaan (hybrid vegetable seeds), Rivulis (irrigation) BosmanvanZaal and Hoogendoorn (greenhouses), Koppert (B-IPM), Holland Farming (plant supplements) and SoilCares (soil analysis). They offer clients a business case in horticulture and work on the next step of horticulture in East- and Southern Africa ( For the new expansion to Zambia, they are looking for a Lusaka based agronomist.


-Minimum of 2-3 year experience as an agronomist on commercial vegetable production (preferably protected horticulture)
-Minimum Bachelor of Science in Agriculture/Horticulture
-Strong in communi

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New (FREE) online course on building your inclusive agribusiness! 

Learn from 2SCALE how partnerships and bottom-up innovations can help you build a profitable and inclusive agribusiness.

2SCALE is an agribusiness incubator aiming to improve rural livelihoods and food & nutrition security in Africa by accelerating inclusive business in agri-food industries. Through public-private partnerships, smallholder farmers and local agribusiness work together on organizing access to inputs, strengthening market intelligence and bargaining power, and other interventions to make their value chains more inclusive. In this course 2SCALE will present methodologies and practical tools used to build this inclusiveness.

Target Groups

  • Entrepreneurs in developing countries who would like to expand or improve their business for and with low-income communities;
  • Representatives of farmer organizations;
  • Staff of intermediary organisations working with local entrepreneurs, such as NGOs, business development services o

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AgriProFocus Indonesia Is applicants from Indonesia are eligible?

4 days 1 hour ago

Saskia Rotshuizen Hello AgriProFocus Indonesia yes anyone can join the course

4 days 12 min ago

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Success Story: Wamis Agro Seed Enterprise

Wamis Agro Seed Enterprise is a Zambian owned enterprise specialized in quality seed legumes (Soya beans, Groundnuts, Cow peas and Sugar Beans) production using the farmer out grower scheme. Wamis was introduced to AgriProFocus Network with the objective of accessing finances. This followed the need to secure funding to purchase Soya beans seed from the farmers that were on their out grower scheme.

Wamis initially secured funding from ILO and FAO which facilitated the mobilization and establishment of a farmer out grower scheme in Chibombo area. However, Wamis faced a major challenge in purchasing the soya seed from the farmers when it was ready. They needed finances to purchase up to 25 metric tonnes of soya seed especially bearing in mind that they had a buyer already identified.

AgriProFocus through the Business linkage function facilitated the linkage to an investor who invested a total of K 225 000 in their business. So far they have purcha

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In case you missed it. The AAIN Digest e-newsletter issue 2 of 2017 is here.

Meggy d'ALMEIDA Merci beaucoup

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Pics Bags Technology to Minimize Storage Losses

The Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) technology, a triple layer bag composed of two polyethylene bags and one outer woven polypropylene bag, minimizes insect storage losses. The PICS bag works like other hermetic containers, by limiting the supply of oxygen to insects living in stored grain. After PICS bags are closed, insects in stored grain use up much of the oxygen left inside the bag. When oxygen becomes too low, the insects cease feeding, and stop growing and reproducing; this prevents serious damage to the grain. Once you choose to use PICS Bags, you will not have to use any pesticides.

PICS Bags were originally produced for cow peas storage but latter provide to be effective against pests of other crops including maize, beans sorghum, pigeon pea, peanuts and rice.

As one of our mandate is to link farmers to resources, that’s knowledge, finance and market, we linked Chibombo farmers to World Food Programme to be trained in u

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Are you interested to learn more about inclusive agribusiness, access to finance, value creation and innovations in farming? 

Register now for the FREE online inclusive agribusiness bootcamp organised by the #2SCALE program of IFDC and our members ICRA and the BoP Innovation Center, that starts in September.


The program will tackle the following topics:

  1. Value Creation: learn how to access local markets and create value for and with smallholder farmers and other business actors in the value chain;
  2. Innovations in Farming: learn how to strengthen your supply chains and increase returns to local farmers and SMEs by introducing innovations, based on needs assessment;
  3. Access to Finance: learn how to secure access to finance in your value chains by building innovative financing solutions at farmer and SME level;
  4. Agribusiness Clusters: learn how to effectively organise local farmers to ensure innovation and competitiveness, to maximize local value creati

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Agriterra is Hiring!

Vacancy – Business Advisor
(based in Eastern Province; Zambian nationals only)
Closing date: 18th August, 2017

Agriterra is an agri-agency founded by farmers’ organisations and cooperative

agribusinesses in The Netherlands. Agriterra’s mandate is to professionalise farmers’

organisations and cooperatives worldwide with advice from experts from the Dutch

agricultural sector. Agriterra’s agri-advice team supports farmer-led economic

development across Africa, Asia and Latin America, in the belief that strong farmers'

organisations and cooperatives lead to more participation, economic growth and a better

distribution of income.

See attached for full details.